Vermont Lieutenant Governors

The Lieutenant Governor is elected separate from the Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is elected to a two-year term.

Lt GovernorTook OfficeLeft Office
Joseph Marsh17781779
Benjamin Carpenter17791781
Elisha Payne17811782
Paul Spooner17821787
Joseph Marsh17871790
Peter Olcott17901794
Paul Brigham17961813
William Chamberlain18131815
Paul Brigham18151820
William Cahoon18201822
Aaron Leland18221827
Henry Olin18271830
Mark Richards18301831
Lebbeus Egerton18311835
Silas H Jennison18351836
David M Camp18361841
Waitstill R Ranney18411843
Horace Eaton18431846
Leonard Sargeant18461848
Robert Pierpoint18481850
Julius Converse18501852
William C Kittredge18521853
Jefferson P Kidder18531854
Ryland Fletcher18541856
James M Slade18561858
Burnham Martin18581860
Levi Underwood18601862
Paul Dillingham18621865
Abraham B Gardner18651867
Stephen Thomas18671869
George W Hendee18691870
George N Dale18701872
Russell S Taft18721874
Lyman G Hinckley18741876
Redfield Proctor18761878
Eben Pomeroy Colton18781880
John L Barstow18801882
Samuel E Pingree18821884
Ebenezer J Ormsbee18841886
Levi K Fuller18861888
Urban A Woodbury18881890
Henry A Fletcher18901892
F Stewart Stranahan18921894
Zophar M Mansur18941896
Nelson W Fisk18961898
Henry C Bates18981900
Martin F Allen19001902
Zed S Stanton19021904
Charles H Stearns19041906
George H Prouty19061908
John A Mead19081910
Leighton P Slack19101912
Frank E Howe19121915
Hale K Darling19151917
Roger W Hulburd19171919
Mason S Stone19191921
Abram W Foote19211923
Franklin S Billings19231925
Walter K Farnsworth19251927
Hollister Jackson19271929
Stanley C Wilson19291931
Benjamin Williams19311933
Charles M Smith19331935
George D Aiken19351937
William H Wills19371941
Mortimer R Proctor19411945
Lee E Emerson19451949
Harold J Arthur19491950
Joseph B Johnson19511955
Consuelo N Bailey19551957
Robert T Stafford19571959
Robert S Babcock19591961
Ralph A Foote19611965
John J Daley19651969
Thomas L Hayes19691971
John S Burgess19711975
Brian D Burns19751977
T Garry Buckley19771979
Madeleine M Kunin19791983
Peter P Smith19831987
Howard B Dean19871991
Barbara W Snelling19931997
Douglas A Racine19972003
Brian E Dubie20032011
Phillip Scott2011Present

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