Addison County Army & Air Force World War II Casualties

ServicemanRankCause of Death
Adams, Willard RiLTDied of Wounds
Bean, William ASGTDied, non-battle
Bishop, John MPVTKilled in Action
Bostwick, Clinton EPFCKilled in Action
Bush, William TTEC5Died, non-battle
Carpenter, Alva LSGTKilled in Action
Clark, Kenneth WPVTDied, non-battle
Clough, Theron HSSGKilled in Action
Cormier, Howard LPVTKilled in Action
Davis, Wilfred H2LTKilled in Action
DeLong, Harold CCPLKilled in Action
Deyette, Walton LPFCKilled in Action
Dushaney, Walter ETEC5Killed in Action
Eddy, Frederick L1LTDied, non-battle
Fernett, Willard JTEC5Killed in Action
Flanagan, Raymond BPVTDied, non-battle
Flint, Harry ACOLDied of Wounds
Gerow, Harold J2LTDied, non-battle
Gibault, Maurice RPFCKilled in Action
Hall, Lawrence HPVTKilled in Action
Hallock, Edward RSSGFinding of Death
Halnon, Howard J1LTFinding of Death
Hanmer, Donald RPVTKilled in Action
Hanna, John MPFCKilled in Action
Hurlburt, Erwin KPFCKilled in Action
Ladeau, Herman A1LTDied, non-battle
Lane, Walter HPFCKilled in Action
Latterell, Kenneth LPFCDied, non-battle
Leonard, Daniel PTEC5Died, non-battle
Loya, Robert JTEC5Died, non-battle
Manning, Orris CPVTDied of Wounds
McEntee, Ralph EPFCFinding of Death
Merchant, Robert PPFCDied, non-battle
Ming, Donald MPVTKilled in Action
Murray, William E1LTKilled in Action
Needham, Charles R JrPFCDied, non-battle
Nisun, Harold LSGTDied, non-battle
Novak, Grant WPFCKilled in Action
Oney, William RPVTKilled in Action
Palmer, Paris JPVTKilled in Action
Palmer, Maurice EPVTKilled in Action
Peck, Morris CCPLKilled in Action
Pierce, Robert E2LTKilled in Action
Quenneville, Aldeo JPVTKilled in Action
Randall, Richard L2LTKilled in Action
Rollins, Durward WPVTKilled in Action
Sears, Lloyd ASSGDied of Wounds
Slack, Arden TPFCKilled in Action
Stone, Archie EPVTDied of Wounds
Tobin, Willard HPVTKilled in Action
Weaver, Ernest ESSGFinding of Death
Wickenden, Alfred A JrPFCKilled in Action
Wimett, Theron SSSGFinding of Death

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