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Vermont was the home to several Algonquian tribes, particularly the Abenaki. Sometime between 1500 and 1600, the Iroquois began moving into the area and pushed many of the smaller tribes out. They used the area as their hunting grounds and continued warring with the Abenaki.

After the French and Indian War, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York all claimed the area now known as Vermont. Although these were disputed lands, New Hampshire's governor, Benning Wentworth, issued land grants for towns in Vermont. At the same time, New York was issuing patents for these same lands. In 1764, King George III, decreed that New York held title to the lands and those who had received their grants from New Hampshire were required to re-buy their lands from New York, which some did, but at inflated prices. In 1770, in an effort to protect their lands, Ethan Allen, with his brothers Ira and Levi and Seth Warner, created and led an informal militia known as the Green Mountain Boys. On 15 Jan 1777, the Green Mountain Boys declared their independence from the colonies with the name of the Republic of New Connecticut.

On 2 Jun 1777, a delegation met and changed the name to the Republic of Vermont. The first constitition was adopted on 8 Jul and provided for support of public schools, abolished slavery and gave all men the right to vote regardless of land ownership. For fourteen years, this republic functioned.

After the end of the Revolutionary War, most Vermonters realized that they needed to be a part of a stronger, larger federal government. Overtures were first made with the British government at Quebec, but ultimately, Vermont became the fourteenth state on 4 Mar 1791.

Vermont is bordered by the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. It's northern border is shared with Quebec, Canada. It was named by the French for the Green Mountains. Montpelier is the state capital.

State Nickname - Green Mountain State
State Song – These Green Mountains
Unofficial State Song – Moonlight in Vermont
State Bird - Hermit Thrush
State Beverage – Milk
State Pie – Apple Pie
State Fruit – Apple
State Flower – Red Clover
State Mammal – Morgan Horse
State Insect - Honeybee
State rock – Granite, Marble and Slate
State Tree – Sugar Maple
State butterfly – Monarch Butterfly
State fish cold water – Brook Trout
State fish warm water – Walleye Pike
State Fossil – White Whale

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