Notable Virginians

IndividualsDates LivedRenowned For
Ashe, Arthur1943 - 1993tennis player
Austin, Stephen F1793 - 1836First Secretary of State, Republic of Texas
Bacon, Nathaniel1647 - 1676led "Bacon's Rebellion
Barton, Samuel1749 - 1810pioneer, explorer, early settler Nashville, Tenn
Bethea, Rainey1909 - 1936last person publically executed in the US
Carter, Robert "King"1663 - 1732wealthy colonist, businessman
Carter, Sara1898 - 1979country music singer
Cash, June Carter1929 - 2003singer, songwriter, actress, second wife of Johnny Cash
Clark, George Rogers1752 - 1818Revolutionary War military leader
Clark, William1770 - 1838explorer (Lewis & Clark)
Clay, Henry1777 - 185219th-century American statesman
Clemons, Clarence1942 - 2011saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band
Cline, Patsy1932 - 1963country singer
Cotten, Joseph1905 - 1994actor
Edwards, Elizabethattorney, author, wife of John Edwards
Ellis, Perry1940 - 1986fashion designer
Ely, Brother Claude1922 - 1978singer, songwriter, Pentecostal Holiness preacher
Falwell, Jerry1933 - 2007minister, televangelist
Faulkner, William1897 - 1962writer-in-residence at the University of Virginia, 1957 - death
Fitzgerald, Ella1917 - 1996jazz singer
Harrison, Benjamin US President
Harrison, Benjamin V signer of Declaration of Independence
Harrison, William Henry1773 - 18419th US President
Harvey, Bryand 2006musician, murdered with his family 2006
Henry, Patrick1736 - 1799American Revolution statesman, first Governor of Virginia after American Revolution
Houston, Sam1793 - 1863Governor Tennessee 1827-1829, 1st & 3rd President Republic of Texas, Governor of Texas, US Senator from Texas
Jackson, Thomas "Stonewall"1824 - 1863Confederate military leader
Jefferson, Thomas1743 - 18263rd US President, author Declaration of Independence, founder University of Virginia
Jordan, Henry1935 - 1977professional football player, Football Hall of Fame
Jordan, Samueld 1621leader at Jamestowne Settlement
Kley, Chaney1972 - 2007actor
Leach, Wilford1929 - 1988film/theatre director, screenwriter
Lee, Light Horse Harry1756 - 1818Revolutionary War military leader
Lee, Richard Henry1732 - 1794member Continental Congress 1776
Lee, Robert E1807 - 1870Confederate States of America military leader
Lewis, Meriwether1774 - 1809explorer (Lewis & Clark)
Long, Hyman Isaacb 18th Centuryfreemason
MacArthur, Douglas1880 - 1964military leader -- considered Norfolk his home, although born in Arkansas
Madison, James1751 - 18364th US President, co-author Federalist Papers
Mahone, William1826 - 1895Confederate States of America general, founder Norfolk & Western Railroad (nor Norfolk Southern)
Marshall, George1880 - 1959WWII military leader, Secretary of Defense, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Mason, George1725 - 1792statesman, author Virginia Declaration of Rights
Maury, Matthew Fontaine1806 - 1873US Naval officer, astronomer, historian, oceanographer, etcMcGuffey, William Holmes1800 - 1873creator of McGuffey Readers, professer at University of Virginia
Meek, Joseph1810 - 1875explorer, fur trader
Monroe, James1758 - 18315th US President
Moon, Lottie1840 - 1912Christian missionary to China
Morrison, Jim1943 - 1971singer/songwriter for The Doors
Mosby, John Singleton1833 - 1916"The Gray Ghost", Confederate calvary commander
Myers, Lon1858 - 1899sprinter
Nelson, Thomas JrGovernor of Virginia, signer Declaration of Independence
Omohundro, Texas Jack1846 - 1880frontier scout, actor, cowboy
Osborne, Uncle Charlie1890 - 1992musician
Parker, Aceb 1912Hall of Fame quarterback
Patton, George S1885 - 1945WWII military leader
Phillips, John1935 - 2001musician, member of The Mamas & the Papas
Pocahontas1595 - 1617princess of Powhatan tribe
Poe, Edgar Allen author
Chief Powhatan1547 - 1618leader of the tribe in Eastern Virginia at the time Jamestowne was founded
Quaintance, George1902 - 1957artist
Randolph, Edmund1753 - 1813Governor of Virginia, US Attorney General, US Secretary of State
Randolph, Peytond 1775president, Continental Congress
Robinson, Bill "Bojangles"1878 - 1949dancer
Rolfe, John1585 - 1622settler at Jamestowne, initiator tobacco crop
Scott, George Cactor
Scott, Wendell1921 - 1990first African-American to race in NASCAR
Scott, Willardb 1934original Ronald McDonald
Scott, Winfield1786 - 1866Army general
Smith, John1580 - 1631leader at Jamestowne
Smith, Kate1909 - 1986singer
Stethem, Robert1961 - 1985Navy Seabee diver killed durin hijacking TWA Flight 847
Stuart, J E B1833 - 1864Confederate military leader
Styron, William1925 - 2006novelist
Sullavan, Margaret1909 - 1960actress
Taylor, Peter1917 - 1994writer
Taylor, Zachary1784 - 185012th US President
Taylor, Edmund Dick1804 - 1891"Father of the Greenback"
Temple, Lewis escaped slave who invented a harpoon "Temple's Toggle"
Turner, Nat1800 - 1831leader of slave rebellion
Twombly, Cy1928 - 2011artist
Tyler, John1790 - 186210th US President
Vincent, Gene1935 - 1971musician
Washington, Booker T1856 - 1915educator, founder Tuskegee Institute
Washington, George1732 - 17991st US President
Wellstone, Paul1944 - 2002US Senator from Minnesota
Wiley, Jenny1760 - 1831pioneer, Native American captive
Wilson, Woodrow1856 - 192428th US President
Wood, Robert J1905 - 1986Army four-star general
Woodson, Carter G1875 - 1950African-American historian, author
Wythe, George1726 - 1806first professor of law in American college, College of William and Mary

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