Lynchings in Virgina

Anderson, Owen8 Nov 1889Leesburg
Anderson, William9 Jul 1892Louisa Court House
Anthony, Abner1 Mar 1893Hot Springs
Bailey, Scott23 Apr 1889Halifax
Bird, Raymond15 Aug 1926Wytheville
Bishop, Scott23 Feb 1891Blackstone
Bland, Robert23 Nov 1889Petersburg
Brandon, Isaac9 Apr 1892Charles City
Bromley, H22 Dec 1955Heathsville
Carter, James6 Apr 1902Amherst
Carter, Unknown13 Oct 1923Unknown Location
Clark, Walter1 Oct 1917Danville
Clement, William14 Mar 1897Lynchburg
Colton, Walter14 Mar 1900Emporia
Craven, Charles31 Jul 1902Leesburg
Dudley, Andrew4 Aug 1904Greenfield
Dye, Joseph18 Mar 1892Farquhar Co
Fletcher, Magruder14 Mar 1889Tasley
Forbes, John11 Jun 1889Petersburg
Gam, Wiley6 Jun 1902Toms Brook
Garner, Samuel16 Sep 1889Bluefield
Henderson, Henry20 Feb 1905Ingram
Henrip, Unknown2 Dec 1895Fairfax Court House
Heplin, Lee18 Mar 1892Farquhar Co
James, John12 Jul 1898Charlottesville
Lavender, William12 Feb 1892Roanoke
Long, Daniel8 Dec 1900Wythe Co
Kemp, Isaac8 Jun 1894Cape Charles
Mann, Rev Joseph29 May 1951Norfolk
McCoy, Joseph2 Apr 1897Alexandria
McFadden, George2 Oct 1893Moore's Cross Roads
Moseley, Elmer14 Jan 1904Sussex Co
Neal, Mach30 Nov 1910Warren
O'Grady, Brandt14 Mar 1900Emporia
Page, William17 Aug 1917Lilian
Peters, John22 Apr 1900Tazewell
Poss, Unknown2 Dec 1895Fairfax Court House
Redmond, Abraham1 Nov 1893Charlotte Co
Robinson, James27 Apr 1894Manassas
Roland, Martin3 Apr 1889Abington
Scott, James17 Oct 1891Clifton Forge
Shorter, William13 Jun 1893Winchester
Thompson, Allie24 Nov 1918Culpeper Co
Thompson, Benjamin8 Aug 1899Alexandria
Thompson, Shadrick,/td>15 Sep 1932Linden
Unknown10 Jul 1890Lebanon
Unknown (five)24 Dec 1890Mecklenburg
Unknown (four)1 Feb 1893Richmond
Unknown12 May 1893Wytheville
Unknown (three)4 Nov 1893Lynchburg
Unknown5 Apr 1900Southampton Co
Unknown19 Sep 1900Arlington
Unknown11 Jun 1902Newport News
Unknown8 Aug 1912Richmond
Unknown9 Dec 1915Hopeful
Unknown3 Aug 1921Lawrenceville
Unknown20 Mar 1925Waverly
Walker, Unknown1 Jul 1901Lawrenceville
Wall, Henry6 Sep 1897Friends Mission
White, Benjamin27 Apr 1894Manassas
Whitehead, Unknown19 May 1904Unknown Location
Wingfield, Wesley10 Sep 1895Lunenburg
Wood, Samuel17 May 1894Gate City
Woods, Unknown30 Nov 1927Kentucky Border
Younger, Lawrence10 Nov 1894Lloyds

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