Over the course of more than 400 years, Virginia has executed more people than any other state. Before 1900, those convicted of rape, murder, horse rustling, arson, burglary and robby could be sentenced to death. Now, the crimes for which the penalty can be death are willful, deliberate and pre-meditated murder in the commission of a rape; of a minor; of a pregnant woman; of a law enforcement officer; of a judge, attorney or witness; while committing another crime; in an act of terrorism; when there's more than 3 people; by an inmate in a correctional facility; during drug trafficking activities; and contract killing. The law has also been expanded to include those who are actively participating in the crime and not just the "triggerman". Those who are mentally incompetent cannot be sentenced to death. Those under 18 at the time of the crime are also precluded from the sentence of death.

    Before 1909, Hanging was the method of choice, although three convicted of piracy in 1700 were gibbetted, four pirates were hanged in chains in 1720, and in 1737, a female slave was burned. After the execution of Joel Payne in 1909, the electric chair was solely used until 1994, when when lethal injection was made available. Now, convicts have the choice of the electric chair or lethal injection. When no choice is made, the default is lethal injection.

    Death Row is located at Sussex State Prison near Waverly. However, inmates awaiting the death penalty are housed at Greensville Correctional Center near Jarrat.

    GovernorCapital Murder16 Mar 1860
    Akers, Thomas Wayne01 Mar 2001Lethal InjectionCapital MurderWesley Brant SmithJim Gilmore
    Allen, Claud28 Mar 1913Electric ChairFirst Degree MurderWilliam McDonald Foster and Thornton Lemmon MassieWilliam Hodges Mann
    Allen, Floyd28 Mar 1913Electric ChairFirst Degree MurderWilliam McDonald FosterWilliam Hodges Mann
    Bailey, Mark Wesley22 Jul 2004Lethal InjectionCapital Murder Katherine and Nathan BaileyMark Warner
    Barnabei, Derek Rocco14 Sep 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderSarah WisnoskyJim Gilmore
    Barnes, Herman Charles13 Nov 1995Lethal InjectionCapital MurderClyde Jenkins and Mohammed AfifiGeorge Allen
    Beaver, Gregory Warren4 Dec 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderState Trooper Leo WhittGeorge Allen
    Beavers, Thomas H Jr11 Dec 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderMarguerite LoweryGeorge Allen
    Beck, Christopher James18 Oct 2001Lethal InjectionCapital MurderFlorence Marie Marks, David Kaplan, and William MillerJim Gilmore
    Bell, Edward Nathaniel19 Feb 2009Lethal InjectionCapital MurderWinchester Police Officer Ricky TimbrookTim Kaine
    Bennett, Ronald B21 Nov 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAnne Keller VadenGeorge Allen
    Boggs, Richard T19 Jul 1990Electric ChairCapital MurderTreeby ShawDouglas Wilder
    Bramblett, Earl Conrad9 Apr 2003Electric ChairCapital MurderWilliam, Teresa, Winter, and Anah HodgesMark Warner
    Breard, Angel Francisco14 Apr 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRuth DickieJim Gilmore
    Briley, James Dyral18 Apr 1985Electric ChairCapital MurderHarvy and Judy BartonChuck Robb
    Briley< Linwood Earl12 Oct 1984Electric ChairCapital MurderJohn GallaherChuck Robb
    Brown, John2 Dec 1859HangingTreasonRaid on Harper's FerryHenry A Wise
    Buchanan, Douglas McArthur Jr18 Mar 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderDouglas Sr, Donald, J J, and Geraldine BuchananJim Gilmore
    Bunch, Timothy Dale10 Dec 1992Electric ChairCapital MurderSu Cha ThomasDouglas Wilder
    Burket, Russell William30 Aug 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderKatherine and Ashley TafelskiJim Gilmore
    Cardwell, Kevin Wayne03 Dec 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAnthony BrownJim Gilmore
    Clanton, Earl Jr14 Apr 1988Electric ChairCapital MurderWilhemina SmithGerald Baliles
    Chabrol, Andrew J17 Jun 1993Electric ChairCapital MurderLisa HarringtonDouglas Wilder
    Chandler, Lance Antonio Jr20 Aug 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderBilly DixJim Gilmore
    Cherrix, Brian Lee18 Mar 2004Lethal InjectionCapital MurderTessa Van HartMark Warner
    Chichester, Carl Hamilton13 Apr 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderTimothy RigneyJim Gilmore
    Christian, Virginia16 Aug 1912Electric ChairMurderIda Virginia BeloteWilliam Hodges Mann
    Clagett, Michael David6 Jul 2000Electric ChairCapital MurderLam Van Son, Wendell G Parish Jr, Karen Sue Rounds, and Abdelaziz GrenJim Gilmore
    Clozza, Albert Jay24 Jul 1991Electric ChairCapital MurderPatricia Ann BoltonDouglas Wilder
    Coleman, Roger Keith20 May 1992Electric ChairCapital MurderWanda Fay McCoyDouglas Wilder
    Copeland, John Anthony16 Dec 1859HangingTreasonRaid on Harper's FerryHenry A Wise
    Coppock, Edwin16 Dec 1859HangingTreasonRaid on Harper's FerryHenry A Wise
    Coppola, Frank10 Aug 1982Electric ChairCapital MurderMuriel HatchellChuck Robb
    Correll, Walter Milton Jr4 Jan 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCharles W Bousman JrGeorge Allen
    Davidson, Mickey Wayne19 Oct 1995Lethal InjectionCapital MurderDoris Davidson, Mamie and Tammy ClatterbuckGeorge Allen
    DuBois, Johnile L31 Aug 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderPhilip CouncilJim Gilmore
    Eaton, Dennis Wayne18 Jun 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderState Trooper Jerry Hines, Walter Custer Jr, Ripley Marston Sr, and Judith MacDonaldJim Gilmore
    Edmonds, Dana Ray24 Jan 1995Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJohn ElliotGeorge Allen
    Elliott, Larry Bill17 Nov 2009Electric Chair
    Dana Thrall and Robert FinchTim Kaine
    Ellis, Percy13 Mar 1916Electric ChairMurder Henry Carter Stuart
    Emmett, Christopher Scott24 Jul 2008Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJohn Fenton LangleyTim Kaine
    Evans, Wilbert Lee17 Oct 1990Electric ChairCapital MurderSheriff Deputy William TruesdaleDouglas Wilder
    Fisher, David Lee25 Mar 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderDavid William WilkeyJim Gilmore
    Fitzgerald, Edward B Sr23 Jul 1992Electric ChairCapital MurderPatricia CubbageDouglas Wilder
    Fitzgerald, Ronald Lee21 Oct 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCoy H White and Hugh MorrisonJim Gilmore
    Fry, Tony Leslie4 Feb 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderLeland A JacobsJim Gilmore
    George, Michael Carl6 Feb 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAlexander SztankoGeorge Allen
    Goins, Christopher Cornelius6 Dec 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRobert, Nicole, David and Daphne Jones and James RandolphJim Gilmore
    Graham, Andre L9 Dec 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderSheryl Stack, Richard and Rebecca RosenbluthJim Gilmore
    Gray, Coleman Wayne26 Feb 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRichard McClellandGeorge Allen
    Green, Kevin27 May 2008Lethal InjectionCapital MurderPatricia L VaughanTim Kaine
    Green, Shields16 Dec 1859HangingTreasonRaid on Harper's FerryHenry A Wise
    Hedrick, Brandon Wayne20 Jul 2006Electric ChairCapital MurderLisa Yvonne CriderTim Kaine
    Hoke, Ronald Lee16 Dec 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderVirginia StellGeorge Allen
    Hudson, James Bryant18 Aug 2004Lethal InjectionCapital MurderStanley, Walter and Patsy ColeMark Warner
    Jackson, Kent Jermaine10 Jul 2008Lethal InjectionCapital MurderBeulah Mae KaiserTim Kaine
    Jenkins, Arthur Ray III20 Apr 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderFloyd Jenkins and Lee H BrinklowJim Gilmore
    Jones, Willie Leroy11 Sep 1992Electric ChairCapital MurderGraham and Myra AdkinsDouglas Wilder
    Joseph, Jason Matthew19 Oct 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJeffrey AndersonJim Gilmore
    Justus, Buddy Earl13 Dec 1990Electric ChairCapital MurderIda Mae MosesDouglas Wilder
    Kasi, Mir Aimal14 Nov 2002Lethal InjectionCapital MurderFrank Darling and Lansing BennettMark Warner
    Kendall, Capt George1608 TreasonSpying for Spain 
    King, Danny Lee23 Jul 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCarolyn RogersJim Gilmore
    Lenz, Michael William27 Jul 2006Lethal InjectionCapital MurderInmate Brent H ParkerTim Kaine
    Lewis, Teresa23 Sep 2010Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJulian Clifton and Charles J LewisBob McDonnell
    Mackall, Tony Albert10 Feb 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderMary Elizabeth DahnJim Gilmore
    Mason, Morris Odell25 Jun 1985Electric ChairCapital MurderMargaret HandChuck Robb
    Mickens, Walter Jr12 Jun 2002Lethal InjectionCapital MurderTimothy Jason HallMark Warner
    Mu'Min, Dawud Majid13 Nov 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderGladys NopwaskyGeorge Allen
    Mueller, Everett Lee16 Sep 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCharity PowersJim Gilmore
    Muhammad, John Allen10 Nov 2009Lethal InjectionCapital MurderDean Harold MeyersTim Kaine
    Murphy, Mario Benjamin17 Sep 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJames RadcliffGeorge Allen
    O'Dell, Joseph Roger III23 Jul 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderHelen SchartnerGeorge Allen
    Orbe, Dennis Mitchell31 Mar 2004Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRichard BurnettMark Warner
    Patterson, James Earl13 Mar 2002Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJoyce Snead AldridgeMark Warner
    Payne, Eric Christopher28 Apr 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRuth Parham and Sally FazioJim Gilmore
    Payne, Joel9 Apr 1909HangingMurderFather-in-lawClaude A Swanson
    Peterson, Derick Lynn22 Aug 1991Electric ChairCapital MurderHoward KauffmanDouglas Wilder
    Pope, Carlton Jerome19 Aug 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCynthia GrayGeorge Allen
    Powell, Paul Warner18 Mar 2010Electric ChairCapital MurderStacie ReedBob McDonnell
    Poyner, Syvasky L Poyner18 Mar 1993Electric ChairCapital MurderJoyce Baldwin, Louise Paulett, Chestine Brooks, Vicki Ripple and Carolyn HedrickDouglas Wilder
    Prosser, Gabriel10 Oct 1800HangingTreasonSlave RevoltJames Monroe
    Prosser, Martin10 Oct 1800HangingTreasonSlave RevoltJames Monroe
    Prosser, Solomon10 Oct 1800HangingTreasonSlave RevoltJames Monroe
    Pruett, David Mark16 Dec 1993Electric ChairCapital MurderWilma Harvey and Debra McInnisDouglas Wilder
    Quesinberry, George Adrian Jr9 Mar 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderThomas L HaynesJim Gilmore
    Ramdass, Bobby Lee10 Oct 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderMohammed KayaniJim Gilmore
    Reid, James Edward9 Sep 2004Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAnnie Mae LesterMark Warner
    Roach, Steve Edward13 Jan 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderMary Ann HughesJim Gilmore
    Royal, Thomas Lee Jr9 Nov 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderHampton Police Officer Kenny WallaceJim Gilmore
    Satcher, Michael Charles9 Dec 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAnn BorghesaniGeorge Allen
    Savino, Joseph John III17 Jul 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderThomas McWaltersGeorge Allen
    Schmitt, John Yancey9 Nov 2006Lethal InjectionCapital MurderEarl Shelton DunningTim Kaine
    Sheppard, Mark Arlo20 Jan 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRichard and Rebecca RosenbluthJim Gilmore
    Smith, Michael Marnell31 Jul 1986Electric ChairCapital MurderAudrey Jean WeilerGerald Baliles
    Smith, Roy Bruce17 Jul 1997Lethal InjectionCapital MurderManassas Police Officer John ConnerGeorge Allen
    Spencer, Timothy Wilson27 Apr 1994Electric ChairCapital MurderSusan Tucker, Debbie Davis, Susan Hellams and Diane ChoGeorge Allen
    Stamper, Charles Sylvester19 Jan 1993Electric ChairCapital MurderFranklin Cooley, Agnes Hicks and Stephen StaplesDouglas Wilder
    Stevens, Aaron DwightHangingRaid on Harper's FerryJohn Letcher
    Stewart, Kenneth Manual Jr23 Sep 1998Electric ChairCapital MurderCynthia and Jonathan StewartJim Gilmore
    Stockton, Dennis Wayne27 Sep 1995Lethal InjectionCapital MurderKenneth Arnde and Ronnie Lee TateGeorge Allen
    Stout, Larry Allen10 Dec 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJacqueline KooshianGeorge Allen
    Strickler, Tommy David21 Jul 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderLeann WhitlockJim Gilmore
    Swisher, Bobby Wayne22 Jul 2003Lethal InjectionCapital MurderDawn McNees SnyderMark Warner
    Thomas, Douglas Christopher10 Jan 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJames Baxter and Kathy J WisemanJim Gilmore
    Townes, Richard Jr23 Jan 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderVirginia GoebelGeorge Allen
    Tuggle, Lem Davis Jr12 Dec 1996Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJessie Geneva HavensGeorge Allen
    Turner, Nat11 Nov 1831HangingTreasonSlave RevoltJohn Floyd
    Turner, Willie Lloyd26 May 1995Lethal InjectionCapital MurderW Jack Smith JrGeorge Allen
    Vinson, Dexter Lee27 Apr 2006Lethal InjectionCapital MurderAngela FeltonTim Kaine
    Walker, Darick20 May 2010Lethal InjectionCapital MurderStanley Beale and Clarence Elwood ThreatBob McDonnell
    Watkins, Johnny Jr3 Mar 1994Electric ChairCapital MurderBetty Barker and Carl BuchananGeorge Allen
    Watkins, Ronald L25 Mar 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderWilliam McCauleyJim Gilmore
    Waye, Alton30 Aug 1989Electric ChairCapital MurderLaverne MarshallGerald Baliles
    Weeks, Lonnie Jr16 Mar 2000Lethal InjectionCapital MurderState Trooper Jose M CavazosJim Gilmore
    Whitley, Richard Lee6 Jul 1987Electric ChairCapital MurderPhoebe ParsonsGerald Baliles
    Williams, Marlon DeWayne17 Aug 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderHelen BedsoleJim Gilmore
    Wilson, Kenneth17 Nov 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderJacqueline StephensJim Gilmore
    Wise, Joe Louis Sr14 Sep 1993Electric ChairCapital MurderWilliam RicketsonDouglas Wilder
    Wright, Dwayne Allen14 Oct 1998Lethal InjectionCapital MurderSaba TekleJim Gilmore
    Yarbrough, Robert25 Jun 2008Lethal InjectionCapital MurderCyril Hugh HambyTim Kaine
    Yeatts, Ronald Dale29 Apr 1999Lethal InjectionCapital MurderRuby Meeks DodsonJim Gilmore
    Zirkle, Daniel Lee2 Apr 2002Lethal InjectionCapital MurderChristina Zirkle and Jessica ShiflettMark Warner

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