Attorney Generals

The Attorney General is one of three elected state offices (the other two are governor and lieutenant governor). An Attorney General is elected for four years. If the attorney general should be running for office, he or she is expected to resign as attorney general.

This list includes those who filled the position in the House of Burgesses and early colonial governments.

Attorney GeneralTook OfficeLeft OfficeNotes
Richard Lee1643 
George Jordan16701670 
Peter Jenings16701671 
William Sherwood1677  
Edward Hill1679  
Edmund Jenings16801691 
Edward Chilton1692  
William Randolph16961696 
Bartholomew Fowler1699  
Benjamin Harrison16971702 
Stevens Thomson17041714 
John Clayton17141737 
Edward Barradall17371743 
William Bowden17431748 
Peyton Randolph17481766 
John Randolph17661776 
Abram Penn StaplesMar 1934Oct 1947resigned to become judge of the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
Harvey Black AppersonOct 1947Feb 1948appointed by governor to replace Staples; died in office
James Lindsay AlmondFeb 1948Sep 1957resigned to run for governor
Kenneth Cartwright PattySep 1957Jan 1958appointed by governor to replace Almond
Albertis Sydney HarrisonJan 1958Apr 1961resigned to run for governor
Frederick Thomas GrayMay 1961Jan 1962appointed by governor to replace Harrison
Robert Young ButtonJan 1962Jan 1970 
Andrew Pickens MillerJan 1970Jan 1977resigned to run for governor
Anthony Francis TroyJan 1977Jan 1978replaced Miller
J Marshall ColemanJan 1978Jan 1982 
Gerald BalilesJan 198230 Jun 1985resigned to run for governor
William Broaddus19851986replaced Gerald Baliles
Mary Sue Terry1986Jan 1993resigned to run for governor
Stephen D Rosenthal19931994replaced Terry
James S Gilmore III199411 Jun 1997resigned to run for governor
Richard Cullen11 Jun 199717 Jan 1998replaced Gilmore
Mark Earley17 Jan 19984 Jun 2001resigned to run for governor
Randolph A Beales11 Jul 200112 Jan 2002replaced Earley
Jerry W Kilgore12 Jan 20021 Feb 2005resigned to run for governor
Judith Jagdmann1 Feb 200514 Jan 2006replaced Kilgore
Robert F McDonnell14 Jan 200620 Feb 2009resigned to run for governor
Bill Mims20 Feb 200916 Jan 2010replaced McDonnell
Ken Cuccinelli16 Jan 2010present 

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