Virginia is surrounded by Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

    In 1607, ships loaded down with supplies and 214 men arrived in what is known as Jamestowne, Virginia. The Virginia Company as they were known, named the land Virginia and their fort after the king who had granted them this opportunity, James I. This was the first permanent European settlement in America. The harsh winter of 1609 left only 60 still alive, but they persevered. Jamestown was the capital of Virginia until 1698.

    Upon arrival, the colonists learned how to grow tobacco, which they sent back to England to sell. The demand this crop created in Europe created a need for more labor. Anyone who brought over someone received land in exchange. At first, black laborers from Africa were imported to the colony as indentured servants. After a set amount of time, the servant would receive the land they had farmed. However, the need for labor continued to abound.

    The need for more tobacco led the more adventurous to travel west. They were searching for new lands that they could plant. They battled tribes. They battled loneliness and the other challenges that arise from the unknown.

    The capital was moved to Williamsburg in 1699 following the founding of the College of William and Mary. During the events leading to the American Revolution, the capital was moved to Richmond, because the colonists feared that Williamsburg would be too vulnerable on the coast.

    State Symbols:

    State Motto: Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus Always to Tyrants)
    State Mammal: Virginia Big-Eared Bat
    State Beverage: Milk
    State Boat: Chesapeake Bay Deadrise
    State Bird: Cardinal
    State Dance: Square Dancing
    State Dog: American Foxhound
    State Freshwater Fish: Brook Trout
    State Saltwater Fish: Striped Bass
    State Flower/Tree: Dogwood
    State Fossil: Chesapecten Jeffersonius
    State Insect: Tiger Swallowtail
    State Nickname: The Old Dominion
    State Shell: Eastern Oyster
    State Slogan: Virginia is for Lovers
    State Tartan: Virginia Quadricentennial
    State Song Emeritus: Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

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