North Carolina in the Vietnam

Casualties Not Assigned to a Specific County

ServicemanBranchRankBirthdateHomeDate of Death
Brooks, Christopher EugeneArmyPrivate First Class4 Oct 1947Kings Mountain3 Jul 1966
Chriscoe, Charles RichardArmySpecialist 415 Dec 1946Randolph25 Oct 1967
Dellinger, Robert LarryArmySergeant12 Mar 1946Kings Mountain27 Oct 1968
Ellison, Charlie MelvinNavyPetty Officer Second Class16 Nov 1943Kings Mountain27 Feb 1969
Graham, Michael AllanArmyCorporal12 Jul 1950Kings Mountain7 Oct 1970
Hardy, Phillip DeanArmyCorporal29 Sep 1950Mt Olive11 Jun 1969
Hargrove, Joseph NMarine CorpsLance Corporal15 May 1951Mt Olive15 May 1975
Hughes, Dudley Carroll JrNavySeaman31 Oct 1946Kings Mountain23 Dec 1967
Jones, Wilbert EarlArmySpecialist 422 Dec 1949Mt Olive17 Oct 1970
Lambert, Eldon EugeneMarine CorpsLance Corporal15 Sep 1946Mt Pleasant14 May 1967
Leigh, Joel MillerArmySpecialist 427 Aug 1945Chapel Hill9 Dec 1968
Pearsall, Herbert JrArmySergeant30 Jun 1935Mt Olive21 Nov 1966
Phillips, Robert BArmySpecialist 46 Aug 1945 24 Mar 1967
Pigford, Phillip WayneArmySergeant7 Feb 1947Mt Olive6 Mar 1968
Power, George PatrickMarine CorpsLance Corporal29 Feb 1948Mt Olive16 Jun 1968
Ritchie, Glenn Garland JrArmyPrivate First Class28 Sep 1950Mt Pleasant20 Sep 1970
Stepp, Paul Robert JrArmyCorporal6 Jan 1949Flat Rock29 Mar 1970
Thomas, Gregory WayneMarine CorpsCorporal28 Aug 1947Kings Mountain21 May 1968

North Carolina Korean Casualties Buried Overseas

ServicemanBranchUnitBirthdateHomeDate of DeathBurial
Avery, Robert DouglasMarine CorpsCaptainMarine All Weather Attack Squad 53318 Dec 1941Morganton3 May 1968Honolulu Memorial
Belknap, Harry JohnNavyEnsignFighter Squad 1516 Oct 1949Jonas Ridge23 Jun 1966Honolulu Memorial
Borden, Murray LymanAir ForceMajor480th Tact Fighter Squad2 Jan 1941Goldsboro13 Oct 1966Honolulu Memorial
Brice, Eric ParkerNavyLieutenantFighter Squad 336 Apr 1943Rocky Mount4 Jun 1968Honolulu Memorial
Brown, Earl CarlyleAir ForceCaptain41st Tact Air Lift Squad10 Jan 1943Stanley24 Nov 1969Honolulu Memorial
Brown, Edward Dean JrNavyLieutenant Junior GradeFighter Squad 19121 Mar 1940Charlotte29 Jul 1965Honolulu Memorial
Brown, Wilbur RonaldAir ForceMajor310th Air Commando Squad22 Jul 1936Wilmington3 Feb 1966Honolulu Memorial
Butler, James EdwardArmyChief Warrant Officer Second Class199th Aviation Co13 Jun 1936Buies Creek20 Mar 1970Honolulu Memorial
Canup, Franklin Harlee JrNavyElectrician's Mate Second ClassMine Squad 112 Jun 1928Concord14 Jan 1967Honolulu Memorial
Clarke, Fred LeeAir ForceCommand Master Sergeant606th Spec Ops Squad28 Jan 1932Troutman13 Dec 1968Honolulu Memorial
Clay, William CliftonMarine CorpsCaptainMarine Attack Squad 21129 Sep 1941Henderson12 Apr 1967Honolulu Memorial
Cook, Glenn RichardAir ForceCaptain21st Tact Air Spt Squad10 Sep 1945Charlotte21 Oct 1969Honolulu Memorial
Craven, Andrew JohnsonArmyStaff Sergeant1st Inf Reg, 23rd Div13 Apr 1947Wilmington12 May 1968Honolulu Memorial
Crews, John Hunter IIIAir ForceCaptain433rd Tact Fighter Squad31 Dec 1941Asheville22 May 1968Honolulu Memorial
Cristman, Frederick LewisArmyWarrant Officer First Class48th Aviation Co26 Nov 1949Salisbury19 Mar 1971Honolulu Memorial
Curlee, Robert Lee JrArmyStaff SergeantHqtrs, Military Assist Cmd, Vietnam26 Sep 1930Munroe10 Jun 1965Honolulu Memorial
Davis, Donald VanceNavyLieutenant CommanderAttack Squad 1638 Nov 1934Salisbury25 Jul 1967Honolulu Memorial
Davis, Edgar FeltonAir ForceLieutenant Colonel11th Tact Recon Squad15 Dec 1935Goldsboro17 Sep 1968Honolulu Memorial
Doughtie, Carl LouisNavyLieutenant Junior Grade  Tarboro10 Jun 1965Honolulu Memorial
Elkins, Frank CallihanNavyCommanderAttack Squad 16425 May 1939Bladenboro12 Oct 1966Honolulu Memorial
Gardner, James GarrettMarine CorpsMajorMarine Medium Helicopter Squad 16520 Jul 1940Hot Springs3 Jun 1967Honolulu Memorial
Gatwood, Robin Frederick JrAir ForceCaptain42nd Tact Fighter Squad5 Dec 1946Hickory2 Apr 1972Honolulu Memorial
Gore, Paul EdwinNavyMachinist's Mate First ClassUSS Constellation11 Nov 1939Faison2 Oct 1969Honolulu Memorial
Gravitte, Connie MackAir ForceCaptain390th Tact Fighter Squad12 Jul 1933Cavel17 Jun 1966Honolulu Memorial
Hall, Frederick MervynAir ForceCaptain390th Tact Fighter Squad6 Jun 1943Waynesville12 Apr 1969Honolulu Memorial
Hall, James ShreveAir ForceCommand Master Sergeant388th Combat Spt Group5 Oct 1935Greensboro29 Jul 1966Honolulu Memorial
Hargrove, Joseph NMarine CorpsCorporal2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Div15 May 1951Mt Olive15 May 1975Honolulu Memorial
Harris, Harold LeeArmyPrivate First Class5th Cav Reg, 5th Cav Div29 Nov 1946Durham22 Oct 1966Honolulu Memorial
Harrison, Larry GeneArmyStaff Sergeant9th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div3 Jan 1948Williamston26 Feb 1971Honolulu Memorial
Hatley, Joel ClintonArmySpecialist 4158th Battalion, 101 Airborne Div24 Oct 1948Albemarle5 Mar 1971Honolulu Memorial
Howard, Luther HarrisArmySpecialist 42nd Battalion, 35th Artillery Reg25 Sep 1947Hamlet30 Jun 1967Honolulu Memorial
Howell, Carter AveryAir ForceCaptain4th Tact Fighter Squad8 Apr 1947Fayetteville7 Mar 1972Honolulu Memorial
Huie, Litchfield PattersonNavyLieutenantHelicopter Sea Spt Squad 131 Oct 1939Warsaw27 Feb 1967Honolulu Memorial
Huneycutt, Charles Jerome JrAir ForceMajor389th Tact Fighter Squad20 Aug 1943Charlotte10 Nov 1967Honolulu Memorial
Jamerson, Larry CarlArmySpecialist 617th Aviation Co11 Feb 1943Rosman21 Apr 1968Honolulu Memorial
Johnson, William DArmyStaff Sergeant12th Inf Reg, 4th Inf Div24 Dec 1946Rocky Mount19 Jan 1968Honolulu Memorial
Lewis, Charlie GrayArmySergeant First Class16th Armored Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade20 Oct 1936Fayetteville17 May 1967Honolulu Memorial
Lewis, Larry GeneNavyLieutenantFighter Squad 2122 Sep 1945Asheville27 Feb 1971Honolulu Memorial
Luttrell, James MartinArmySergeant First Class 14 Dec 1935Fayetteville10 May 1971Honolulu Memorial
McDaniel, John LewisAir ForceMajor772nd Tact Airlift Squad8 Jul 1933Gibsonville26 Apr 1968Honolulu Memorial
Meadows, Eugene ThomasAir ForceCaptain480th Tact Fighter Squad4 Mar 1940Hiddenite13 Oct 1966Honolulu Memorial
Millard, Charles WorthArmyChief Warrant Officer Third Class478th Aviation Co8 Jun 1933Wilson19 Apr 1968Honolulu Memorial
Moore, Jerry LawrenceArmyStaff Sergeant12th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div8 Feb 1950Cleveland16 Feb 1969Honolulu Memorial
Morgan, Edwin EvertonAir ForceCommand Master Sergeant4th Air Commando Squad4 Sep 1927Salisbury13 Mar 1966Honolulu Memorial
Morrow, Larry KaneArmySergeantTroop H, 17th Cav Reg13 Jun 1951Lowell29 May 1972Honolulu Memorial
O'Melia, Dennis WilliamArmyChief Warrant Officer Second Class61st Aviation Co6 May 1941Smithfield3 Jan 1971Honolulu Memorial
Palmgren, Edwin DavidAir ForceColonel428th Tact Fighter Squad5 Jan 1927Winston-Salem22 Apr 1968Honolulu Memorial
Price, Bunyan Durant JrArmyStaff Sergeant34th Armored Battalion, 25th Inf Div9 Feb 1950Belmont2 May 1970Honolulu Memorial
Reno, Ralph JosephArmyMaster Sergeant5th Spec Forces Group3 Nov 1920Fayetteville3 Jul 1966Honolulu Memorial
Shue, Donald MonroeArmyStaff Sergeant5th Spec Forces Group29 Aug 1949Kannapolis3 Nov 1969Honolulu Memorial
Staton, Robert Milton JrArmySpecialist 4173rd Engineer Airborne Co, 173rd Airborne Brigade25 Nov 1947Jamesville11 Nov 1967Honolulu Memorial
Stewart, Donald DavidAir ForceStaff Sergeant309th Air Commando Squad22 Jan 1937Coats11 Dec 1965Honolulu Memorial
Stubberfield, Robert AustinAir ForceLieutenant Colonel45th Tact Recon Squad30 Nov 1929Richmond6 May 1965Honolulu Memorial
Sutton, William CarlAir ForceMaster Sergeant37th Air Rescue & Recovery Group5 May 1935Goldsboro28 Jan 1970Honolulu Memorial
Watson, Jimmy LeeArmyChief Warrant Officer Third Class9th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div28 Jul 1946Lucama13 Mar 1968Honolulu Memorial
Weaks, Melvin LeeArmyPrivate First ClassTroop F, 17th Cav Reg22 Apr 1950Concord18 Aug 1971Honolulu Memorial
Wellons, Phillip RogersonAir ForceMajor4th Tact Fighter Squad19 Feb 1932Raleigh17 Aug 1970Honolulu Memorial
Wilkins, George HenryNavyCommanderAttack Squad 15314 Jul 1931Goldsboro11 Jul 1966Honolulu Memorial
Williams, James RandallAir ForceSenior Master Sergeant314th Tact Airlift Wing28 Mar 1945Charlotte29 Dec 1967Honolulu Memorial
Wilson, Wayne VasterMarine CorpsStaff Sergeant1st Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Div4 Oct 1945Thomasville2 Jul 1967Honolulu Memorial
Wood, Walter SuttonNavyLieutenant CommanderAttack Squad 5514 Jun 1931Ft Bragg2 May 1966Honolulu Memorial

North Carolina had many sons and daughters sent to Asia in the 1960s. This is a list of the ones who didn't come home. This list may not be complete.

Vietnam Casualties

NameRankCommunity of Record
Abernathy, Jimmy EddSpecialist 5Sherrills Ford
Abernathy, Reginald JoePrivate First ClassMaiden
Abraham, Roosevelt JrCorporalWilmington
Acker, Odell Bernard PatePrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Adams, Erhard JimmieSergeantFayetteville
Adams, John LouisCorporalSelma
Adams, MerrittSergeantFayetteville
Adams, SteadmonPrivate First ClassCerro Gordo
Adams, Terry LeeCorporalBessemer
Adcox, Ronnie DarnellLance CorporalHenderson
Addis, Jerry LeroyStaff SergeantDallas
Adger, Willie HowardLance CorporalGreensboro
Albritton, Kenneth HoseaFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Alcock, Ronnie GilmanEngineman Second ClassGreenville
Alderman, WinfredPrivate First ClassBurgaw
Alexander, Roger DaleSpecialist 4Newton
Alford, UlyssesStaff SergeantAsheville
Allen, Jon AnthonySpecialist 4Asheville
Allen, Mark ErwinSpecialist 4Asheville
Allen, Sanford ThomasStaff SergeantSmithfield
Alexander, Roger DaleSpecialist 4Newton
Allison, Stephen HarrisCorporalStatesville
Allsbrook, William I JrPrivate First ClassTarboro
Alson, BenniePrivate First ClassCharlotte
Alston, Adell ArieSpecialist 4Pittsboro
Alston, Charles EdwardPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Alston, Ernest JrPrivate First ClassNashville
Alston, Mack ArthurSpecialist 4Whitakers
Alway, Harry LFirst LieutenantLumberton
Anderson, Billy RayStaff SergeantWinston-Salem
Anderson, Donnie WraySpecialist 5Shelby
Anderson, Julian RayeStaff SergeantCurrie
Anderson, William TheodoreStaff SergeantStatesville
Andrews, Michael WayneLance CorporalTimberlake
Anglin, George LarrySergeant First ClassCamp LeJeune
Annas, Robert BrucePrivate First ClassGranite Falls
Anthony, Asher AubreyPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Anthony, Bobby DeanPrivate First ClassCherryville
Anthony, Paul WayneAirman First ClassCharlotte
Antonitis, George FranklinCorporalSalisbury
Arbeit, Martin IrvingStaff SergeantFayetteville
Armstead, Louis EltonSpecialist 4Edenton
Armstrong, Eugenea GeraldChief Warrant OfficerWinston-Salem
Armstrong, Richard TedSecond LieutenantVale
Arnold, Donald RayPrivate First ClassGreenville
Artis, Herbert JStaff SergeantRose Hill
Ashecraft, James ArthurPrivate First ClassHamlet
Ashley, Eugene JrSergeant First ClassWilmington
Austin, William EugeneSergeantLenoir
Auten, Donald EugeneSergeant First ClassCramerton
Auton, Bobbie MaxsenSpecialist 4Taylorsville
Averill, Craig PhilipCorporalFayetteville
Avery, Robert DouglasCaptainMorganton
Baggett, Curtis FranklinStaff SergeantRaleigh
Bagnal, Luther Nettles IIICorporalWinston-Salem
Bailey, Carroll JamesPrivate First ClassMorganton
Bailey, Douglas GrantPrivate First ClassRutherfordton
Bailey, James DanielSergeantHendersonville
Baker, DavidPrivate First ClassMorganton
Baker, Everdene JrSpecialist 4Zebulon
Baker, Harvey WayneMaster SergeantElizabeth City
Ballance, Elbert AndrewCorporalLowland
Ballard, Edward HardingCorporalCharlotte
Ballree, Emmett EugeneSergeantMount Olive
Banks, Richard RooseveltStaff SergeantLexington
Barbee, Garry DwightCorporalConcord
Barbee, Wilbert RaySpecialist 4Kenly
Barber, Bobby LeePrivate First ClassKinston
Barber, LonnieP SergeantFayetteville
Barden, EdwardCorporalWhiteville
Barnes, Aaron Andre JrSergeantCharlotte
Barnes, Isiah JrCorporalZebulon
Barnes, William EdwardSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Barnette, Wallace WayneSpecialist 4Mooresville
Barr, James DavidCorporalCarthage
Barringer, Ardrey Watts JrPrivateStatesville
Basden, Dennis EarlPrivate First ClassBeulaville
Bass, David HarumPrivate First ClassDurham
Batchelor, Martin T JrSergeantBethel
Batson, Wayland JessSpecialist 4Hampstead
Batton, Curtis LeeLance CorporalBelmont
Baumgarner, Raymond ErvinStaff SergeantKannapolis
Baxley, BobbyPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Bazzle, David WaynePrivate First ClassWest Cramerton
Beach, Harold DeanCorporalBoone
Beacha, warren LeeCorporalWashington
Beddingfield, George ClydePrivate First ClassZirconia
Belfield, Andrew LeeLance CorporalWeldon
Belknap, Harry JohnEnginemanJonas Ridge
Bell, Christopher HiawathaPrivate First ClassClinton
Bell, Elvie JrCorporalMocksville
Bell, Marvin VincentSpecialist 4Charlotte
Bell, Reginald ConradSpecialist 4Fayetteville
Belton, RayPrivate First ClassWhitsett
Bennett, BentfordPrivate First ClassLilesville
Bennett, Charles HermanPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Bennett, George DeweySpecialist 5Grantsboro
Benton, Benjamin PerrySergeantSouth Mills
Benton, Charlie CorbettPrivateGoldsboro
Benton, Henry Edwin JrFirst LieutenantWilson
Benton, Joseph TatemSpecialist 4Hertford
Berg, John VernonMaster Gunnery SergeantKinston
Berrier, Kenneth ClayPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Bess, SamuelStaff SergeantSampson
Best, ArthurStaff SergeantKenansville
Best, Hugh Elroy IIIFirst LieutenantTarboro
Bethea, Charles DuncanSpecialist 4Fayetteville
Blackmond, Phillip CorneliusSpecialist 4Louisburg
Blalock, Harry LamarPrivate First ClassAlbemarle
Blevins, Howard CalvinSpecialist 4Burnsville
Billings, Kemper SwansonBoatswain's Mate First ClassBurlington
Bingham, Tony RaySpecialist 4High Point
Black, Perry GrayCorporalWinston-Salem
Blackwell, John WillieSpecialist 5Yanceyville
Blasko, Peter Paul JrBoatswain's Mate Third ClassSouthern Pines
Blue, James EarlSpecialist 4Fayetteville
Boado, Emil EdwardMajorWilmington
Bonds, Charles EdwardSpecialist 4Winston-Salem
Boney, Allen LewisStaff SergeantWarsaw
Bonham, Theodore Rexford JrSergeantWilmington
Booe, Gary MichaelCorporalHarrisburg
Boone, Dennis ClaytonSpecialist 4Burlington
Boone, Randolph ErnellSpecialist 4Roduco
Boone, William EdwardSergeant First ClassDurham
Borden, Murray LymanMajorGoldsboro
Borowski, Wayne RoyCorporalFayetteville
Borowsky, Charles GeorgeSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Boston, Harry JamesSpecialist 4Conover
Bowden, James LeeCorporalLouisburg
Bowden, John WestleySergeantCharlotte
Bowden, Lee AndrewSergeantLumberton
Bowers, Edgar LeeSpecialist 4Cooleemee
Bowers, James Richard JrSergeantLenoir
Boyd, JamesSergeantWinston-Salem
Bradley, Thomas ReubenSpecialist 4Tarboro
Bradley, Woodrow Wilson JrSergeantCharlotte
Bradshaw, Jesse JohnStaff SergeantWillard
Brame, Clarence RayPrivate First ClassHenderson
Brandon, Jesse LSpecialist 4Oxford
Brannock, Jerry WaynePrivate First ClassHickory
Braswell, Bobby McRaySergeantVilas
Braswell, James EarlCorporalWilson
Bray, Ronnie LeeLance CorporalWilson
Bray, William RobertSecond LieutenantBurlington
Breeden, Robert PortnerLance CorporalRaleigh
Breedlove, CurtisSecond LieutenantBryson City
Brewer, William GlennSergeantCharlotte
Brewington, Dannie JamesPrivate First ClassBroadway
Brewington, J Harvey JrPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Brice, Eric ParkerLieutenantRocky Mount
Brigman, Billy DeanPrivate First ClassBarnardsville
Britt, Dan MichaelSpecialist 4Fairmont
Britt, James LinwoodPrivate First ClassLumberton
Britt, Wyman GeneSpecialist 4Fairmont
Brittain, James HaroldStaff SergeantShelby
Broadnax, Willie LeePrivate First ClassJackson
Bronson, Thomas CarlPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Brooks, Ambrose H JrSpecialist 4Oxford
Brooks, Christopher EugenePrivate First ClassKings Mountain
Broom, Phillip WardMajorMonroe
Brown, Clarence F JrPrivate First ClassSeagrove
Brown, David ChappellFirst LieutenantWaynesville
Brown, DerrisSergeantBladenboro
Brown, Donnie WayneLance CorporalRobbins
Brown, Earl CarlyleCaptainStanley
Brown, Edward Dean JrLietuenant Junior GradeCharlotte
Brown, Ernest JamesEngineman FiremanWilmington
Brown, HanselPrivate First ClassCouncil
Brown, James LeRoyLance CorporalWashington
Brown, John Marshall IIIStaff SergeantDurham
Brown, Joseph Martin LeroySpecialist 5Fayetteville
Brown, Lonnie JrSergeant First ClassWilliamston
Brown, NathanielStaff SergeantCharlotte
Brown, Robert AllenSpecialist 5Rose Hill
Brown, Robert Maxwell JrPrivate First ClassSalisbury
Brown, Sylvester LewisRadioman Third ClassKinston
Brown, Thomas EdwardPrivate First ClassMurphy
Brown, Wilbur RonaldMajorWilmington
Bruton, Johnny LeePrivate First ClassAsheville
Bryant, James ClintonPrivate First ClassAndrews
Bryant, Samuel EdwardPrivate First ClassClinton
Bryson, Terry AdamPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Buck, William Andrew JrCorporalFayetteville
Buckner, Russell DonPrivate First ClassWeaverville
Bulla, Robert Franklin JrStaff SergeantAsheboro
Bullard, Allen Anthony JrSpecialist 4Wilmington
Bullin, Vernon TerryH NWalnut Cove
Bullock, Marvin A JLance CorporalElm City
Bullock, NathanielPrivate First ClassWarrenton
Bunch, Ivor EcarolPrivate First ClassHobbsville
Burch, David CarrollCaptainFaison
Burgess, JohnSergeantCherokee
Burke, John WalterCorporalMoncure
Burleson, Garney JrCorporalAsheville
Burlock, Kenneth George JrSpecialist 4Jacksonville
Burnett, Kenneth MauricePrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Burnette, Freddie LeeSpecialist 4Durham
Burr, Robert GlennPrivate First ClassWadesboro
Burrage, Wayne RSergeantDurham
Burris, Roy NeiilLance CorporalDallas
Burton, HaroldPrivate First ClassRural Hall
Bustle, Mack C JrSpecialist 4Statesville
Butler, James EdwardChief Warrant OfficerBuies Creek
Butler, William Sanford JrSpecialist 4Morganton
Byers, Easley Phillip JrSpecialist 4Greensboro
Byers, James Robert JrLance CorporalGastonia
Byrd, BillieSergeantFayetteville
Byrd, James EdwardPrivateDunn
Byrd, James ThomasLance CorporalWadesboro
Byrd, VinsonCorporalOrrum
Cahoon, Glynn ThomasSpecialist 4Columbia
Cahoon, Herman CurtisSergeant First ClassEast Lake
Cahoon, Morgan LanePrivate First ClassFairfield
Caldwell, Robert EdwardCorporalCharlotte
Callahan, Bill DSpecialist 5Boonville
Callahan, Marshall EugenePrivate First ClassCharlotte
Camby, Steve LewisCaptainSpindale
Campbell, Alexander JrSpecialist 4Fayetteville
Campbell, Coyte DavidPrivate First ClassHickory
Campbell, Donny RaePrivate First ClassCoats
Campbell, James ClydePrivate First ClassRaeford
Campbell, Jerry RayPrivateGraham
Campbell, Jerry WayneSergeantStatesville
Campbell, Robert MerrillPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Campbell, Warren DaneStaff SergeantCherryville
Campbell, WilsonCorporalLaurinburg
Cannon, George Elmer SrStaff SergeantTarboro
Canup, Franklin Harlee JrElectrician's Mate Second ClassConcord
Caplan, David LeonSecond LieutenantRaleigh
Capps, Walter RobertSergeantFayetteville
Carey, Jerry MichaelPrivate First ClassSampson
Carlyle, Archie MonroeSpecialist 4Charlotte
Carriker, Grady Isiaiah JrCaptainKittrell
Carroll, Baxter ColidgePlatoon SergeantTriplett
Carroll, Max EdwardSpecialist 4Gastonia
Carroll, Samuel T JrSergeantDrexel
Carter, Clyde Ray JrCorporalRaleigh
Carter, EugeneSergeantWarrenton
Carter, Jerry DonaldSergeantShelby
Carter, Jimmy EarlPrivate First ClassSmithfield
Carter, Robert Henry JrLieutenant ColonelMorganton
Cartrette, Harry KennethLance CorporalClarendon
Casey, Danny VannPrivate First ClassWilson
Cauthen, Frank ReginaldCorporalLincolnton
Cearnel, Harry LeeSergeantCreedmoor
Chadwick, Leon Gordon IIICaptainRaleigh
Chamblin, Donald Ray JrSergeantCharlotte
Chapman, Cecil LeroyAviation Machinist's Mate Reciprocating Engine Mechanic Second ClassFayetteville
Chapman, Robert LPrivateColerain
Chavis, Alphonzo LinwoodelFirst LieutenantSampson
Chavis, BradleySpecialist 4Pembroke
Cheek, Donald KirbySpecialist 4Robbins
Cheek, Roger DalePrivate First ClassGreensboro
Cherry, David Earl JrLance CorporalWoodland
Chrisco, EugenePrivate First ClassLaurel Hill
Chriscoe, Charles RichardSpecialist 4Randolph
Christenbury, Gary StevenPrivate First ClassConcord
Church, Alvin RaySpecialist 4Deep Gap
Clark, Eugene PaulCorporalAlbemarle
Clark, Rhonnie LeeSergeantMaxton
Clark, Terry DesmondCorporalWilmington
Clarke, Fred LeeChief Master SergeantTroutman
Clay, William Clifton IIICaptainHenderson
Clayton, CurvinSpecialist 4Durham
Clodfelter, Gary ReidSpecialist 4Thomasville
Coates, James RussellSpecialist 4Dudley
Coble, James ThomasSergeantAsheboro
Cochran, Roy BenjaminFirst LieutenantGrover
Cochran, Vernon TerrySpecialist 4Topton
Coggins, Larry FranklinCorporalTroy
Coleman, John LeePrivate First ClassCharlotte
Coleman, Lawrence Barber JrPrivate First ClassGibsonville
Colglazier, Donald RobertFirst LieutenantHavelock
Collier, James AllenPrivate First ClassCarthage
Collier, John StanfordPrivate First ClassFuquay-Varina
Collins, Charles AllenSpecialist 4Holly Springs
Collins, John CalvinPrivate First ClassMorehead City
Collins, Rodney DennisCaptainHubert
Collins, William AndersonSergeant First ClassPembroke
Congleton, Roy ElsworthMajorChadbourn
Conley, Sylvester E JrPrivate First ClassMaxton
Conley, Theodore Roosevelt JrLance CorporalLenoir
Connell, Edwin DouglasSergeantHickory
Connell, John AlexanderFirst LieutenantSouthport
Connor, John JrStaff SergeantWinston-Salem
Conway, Jasper RaySpecialist 4Ayden
Cook, Glenn RichardCaptainCharlotte
Cooper, Archie LeeLance CorporalWilson
Cooper, Napolen KellyPrivate First ClassRocky Mount
Cooper, Robert LeeSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Copeland, James AlanPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Copeland, Larry OdellStaff SergeantSwepsonville
Costin, Charles GreySpecialist 4Warsaw
Couch, Harold EugeneSergeantDurham
Couick, Roger LynnPrivate First ClassGastonia
Covington, Donald LincolnPrivate First ClassHamlet
Cox, Charles ClaybournSergeantHigh Point
Cox, Charles StanleyPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Cox, John Dennis IICorporalRoanoke Rapids
Cox, Jimmy RichardLance CorporalKannapolis
Cox, Nathaniel JrLance CorporalGoldsboro
Cranford, Charles RaySpecialist 4King
Cranford, Larry EdwardPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Craven, Andrew JohnsonSergeant First ClassWilmington
Crawford, Rembert JrStaff SergeantHigh Point
Crawford, William DonSergeant First ClassPikeville
Crawley, Lawrence ErwinPrivate First ClassMorganton
Crews, John Hunter IIICaptainAsheville
Crider, James WalterMaster SergeantHickory
Crisp, John David IIICorporalPinetops
Cristman, Frederick LewisChief Warrant OfficerSalisbury
Crocker, James Norrie JrCaptainHubert
Crooks, Ronald LeeCorporalHickory
Crosby, James EdwardPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Crosby, Roland ClemonSpecialist 4Shelby
Cross, Alvin EuclidChief Warrant OfficerGreensboro
Crow, Thomas MonroePrivate First ClassGreensboro
Culp, David JrPrivate First ClassPineville
Cumbo, Linwood RayPrivate First ClassJackson
Cunningham, Jacob H IIISpecialist 4Lexington
Curlee, Robert Lee JrStaff SergeantMonroe
Currin, Jerry WayneLance CorporalSampson
Cutrell, Nickey WadeSergeantEngelhard
Dale, Carol DeanSergeantMorganton
Dameron, Larry RayBoatswain's Mate Third ClassBurlington
Dancy, Arthur LeePrivate First ClassPinetops
Daniels, Donald EdwardSpecialist 4Goldsboro
Daniels, James RichardSergeantClinton
Daniels, JosephusSergeantWinterville
Daniels, Larry DeanSpecialist 4Ash
Daniels, Lunas JonasSpecialist 4Taylorsville
Daniels, Richard CarltonSpecialist 4Windsor
Daniels, Robert BlaineLance CorporalTaylorsville
Dantzler, Kenneth JamesSpecialist 4Durham
Darden, Paul L JrSergeantSnow Hill
Davenport, George C JrSpecialist 4Thomasville
Daves, Dennis LeeSergeantLincolnton
Davis, Albert LeePrivate First ClassBriscoe
Davis, Arthur LavelleSergeantCharlotte
Davis, Arthur LeroyCaptainBeaufort
Davis, Charles OwenPrivate First ClassLouisburg
Davis, Charlie AnthonyCorporalWinston-Salem
Davis, Daryl LeeAirman First ClassCharlotte
Davis, Donald VanceLieutenant CommanderSalisbury
Davis, Edgar FeltonLieutenant ColonelGoldsboro
Davis, George Lewis JrPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Davis, John B IIISpecialist 4Raleigh
Davis, Johnnie WalterSpecialist 5Cameron
Davis, Kinsey ArthurPrivate First ClassDover
Davis, Michael FrankSergeantWaynesville
Davis, Ronald LeeLance CorporalDallas
Davis, Samuel LutherStaff SergeantThomasville
Davis, Sherman PondexterCorporalFayetteville
Davis, Thomas WarrenPrivate First ClassGarner
Davis, William Edward JrSecond LieutenantRaleigh
Dawes, Daniel Lee SrCaptainSharpsburg
Dawkins, Benjamin TallySergeantRockingham
Dawson, Robert ClarkStaff SergeantGarner
Dayringer, Harold Vernon JrLance Corporal 
Deal, Terry WayneSeamanTaylorsville
Dean, ThomasStaff SergeantRed Springs
Debrew, James EdwardCorporalWhitakers
Deese, James Edward JrCorporalHickory
Dellinger, Charles AveryPrivate First ClassConover
Dellinger, Robert LarrySergeantKings Mountain
Deluca, Sebastian EdwardMaster SergeantFayetteville
Denning, Dwight ThomasPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Denning, Neal AlbertPrivate First ClassWillow Springs
Dennis, Bobbie JeffersonWarrant OfficerFayetteville
Dennis, Jerry AllenSpecialist 4Erwin
Dent, William LoranceFirst LieutenantHillsboro
DeVaney, James PriceCorporalGoldsboro
Dew, Edward EarlPrivate First ClassHallsboro
Dew, JamesSpecialist 4Wilson
Dew, Robert EarlSergeantRaeford
Dial, Robert LewisPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Dickens, OdellPrivate First ClassWhitakers
Dickens, Phil JacksonSecond LieutenantFayetteville
Dillard, James BryanSpecialist 4Cashiers
Dixon, Jesse JamesSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Dixon, Mikle EugenePrivate First ClassPilot Mountain
Dobbins, Freddie JuniorPrivate First ClassNorth Wilkesboro
Doby, Carl LeePrivate First ClassMocksville
Donald, Robert CyrillMaster SergeantFayetteville
Doughtie, Carl LouisLieutenant, Junior GradeTarboro
Douglas, Carl ScottSpecialist 4Sampson
Downing, Joseph Henry JrStaff SergeantWashington
Downing, Lester EarlPrivate First ClassRoper
Draemer, Charles EdwardLance CorporalBurlington
Draughon, Isaac RayLance CorporalDunn
DuBose, Larry DouglasPrivate First ClassRocky Mount
Dudley, Carl Douglas JrHospitalman Third ClassRocky Mount
Duncan, Joseph WillieSpecialist 4Millers Creek
Duncan, Ronnie MarshallPrivate First ClassWake Forest
Dunlap, John CorneliusLance CorporalKannapolis
Dunn, Wayland JrSergeantRaleigh
Dwiggins, Donald Homer JrCaptainRaleigh
Dyer, Glenn CharlesFirst LieutenantGreensboro
Eason, Douglas DukePrivate First ClassFayetteville
Eatmon, Eddie RaySergeant First ClassMicro
Eaton, Gary CliftonSpecialist 4Belews Creek
Ebron, Linwood EarlLance CorporalRaleigh
Edge, James HamptonSpecialist 4Greensboro
Edgerton, William T JrSergeantAsheville
Edmonds, James ThomasCorporalBurlington
Edwards, Ted WillisSecond LieutenantCharlotte
Elders, Ernest FranklinLance CorporalShelby
Elkins, Bruce ClintonSergeantSwannanoa
Elkins, Frank CallihanCommanderBladenboro
Eller, Charles LeroyPrivate First ClassWarrensville
Eller, Lawrence WilliamPrivate First ClassFerguson
Ellerbe, Jimmie LouisPrivate First ClassRockingham
Ellerbe, Lonnie JrLance CorporalHamlet
Elliott, James LeePrivate First ClassFayetteville
Ellis, Baxter HarrisonPrivate First ClassCa-vel
Ellis, Larry WayneSergeantRaleigh
Ellis, Maurice StephenSpecialist 4Asheville
Ellison, Charlie MelvinCommissaryman Second ClassKings Mountain
Ephland, Guy Bernard JrFirst LieutenantBurlington
Ervin, Donald FrankLance CorporalGreensboro
Eubanks, Dewey MaynardCorporalDurham
Eubanks, Joe WoffordCaptainConcord
Evans, Loney JrCorporalOxford
Evans, Michael ThomasPrivate First ClassWadesboro
Eyer, Kenneth Jones JrSpecialist 4Elizabeth City
Fallows, Robert LaneEngineman Third ClassCharlotte
Farmer, William Hoke JrFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Farmer, Willie JrSergeantPinetops
Farrar, James Edward JrPrivate First ClassDurham
Faulkner, James ThomasSergeantNew Bern
Fennell, Walter HenryPrivate First ClassDurham
Ferguson, John EdwardPrivate First ClassLenoir
Fewell, Chester DecaturPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Fesperman, Harold PhilipSergeantAlbemarle
Fielder, John LionelStaff SergeantWinston-Salem
Fields, Abraham LincolnStaff SergeantSpring Lake
Fields, Peter WhitmanAirman First ClassAberdeen
Fields, Sherman Robert JrCorporalDallas
Fipps, EugeneStaff SergeantWhiteville
Fleming, Charles RogerPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Fleming, Phillip HarrySpecialist 4Raleigh
Fletcher, Donald EdwardPrivate First ClassMount Airy
Flowers, Mmilton EugeneCorporalHigh Point
Floyd, James WalterPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Floyd, Kenneth WayneCorporalRaeford
Floyd, Robert WilsonFirst SergeantGastonia
Flynn, Billy WayneSecond LieutenantGreensboro
Flynt, James William IIISpecialist 4Pittsboro
Fogleman, James OlinPrivate First ClassGraham
Ford, Henry Harrison JrPrivate First ClassRutherfordton
Ford, Jackie LewisCorporalHigh Point
Ford, Jerry StevensonSpecialist 4Jonesville
Ford, WilliamSergeant First ClassLexington
Fore, James LarryStaff SergeantSampson
Forte, OllieStaff SergeantRaleigh
Foster, Larry AustinPrivate First ClassGastonia
Fowler, Larry EugeneLance CorporalHickory
Fox, LorenzoSpecialist 4Battleboro
Fox, Robert Lynn JrPrivate First ClassAsheboro
Foxe, GeorgeSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Foy, John CarlLance CorporalGreensboro
Frady, David WayneSpecialist 4Waynesville
Frank, Johnson FrancisStaff SergeantCharlotte
Franklin, Garry LynnSergeantGreensboro
Franks, Warren Gamaliel JrSergeantPollocksville
Frazelle, Donald JeromeFirst LieutenantRaleigh
Frazier, Barron AllenPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Frazier, Floyd MiltonTech SergeantWaynesville
Freeman, Charles LloydStaff SergeantStedman
Freeman, Ernest TaylorSpecialist 4Morganton
Freeman, GeneSpecialist 4Hickory
Freeman, Robert GlennPrivate First ClassFayetteville
French, Willie JrSpecialist 4Pittsboro
Fryar, Glasco JuniorSpecialist 4Sampson
Frye, Gary NelsonSergeantSouthern Pines
Funderburk, Rupert A JrWarrant OfficerMonroe
Furr, Donald MichaelCorporalCharlotte
Furr, James HenryLance CorporalConcord
Gaddie, David JrStaff SergeantHope Mills
Gadie, Bobby GlynnPrivate First ClassHope Mills
Gaines, Marvin JeromeSergeantStatesville
Gales, James LenardHospitalmanBynum
Galyan, Troy AlexanderSpecialist 4Concord
Gammons, Harlan Kenneth JrSpecialist 4Mount Airy
Gardner, Bobby RaySergeantAhoskie
Gardner, John GarrettCaptainHot Springs
Garner, William RogerSergeantBurlington
Garrett, Robert JuniorCorporalGrifton
Gaskins, Darrell FrederickStaff SergeantVanceboro
Gaskins, Wilbur CornellPrivate First ClassWilson
Gatwood, Robin Frederick JrCaptainHickory
Gay, Harold CornellSpecialist 4Wilson
Gee, Eugene PaulStaff SergeantOxford
Gentry, Leroy JamesPrivate First ClassAsheville
Gentry, Michael DalePrivate First ClassRoxboro
Genwright, McKenzie WCaptainWinnabow
Gerald, Raeford James JrPrivate First ClassRowland
Gerald, Wilson TrumanSergeantOrrum
Gibson, Harry HutchisonFirst LieutenantLumberton
Gibson, TerrellSergeant First ClassGarysburg
Gies, Marvin ArthurStaff SergeantLillington
Gill, Lewis BernardPrivate First ClassHigh Point
Gilliam, David LeePrivate First ClassGreensboro
Gilliand, Jerry WilliamSpecialist 4Marion
Gilmore, Michael DouglasCorporalWilmington
Gilmore, Robert ErvinLance CorporalSalisbury
Glenn, Randy JackLance CorporalDurham
Glover, Harold LeeCorporalSiler City
Godette, Michael SpencerPrivate First ClassBeaufort
Godfrey, Gaston DavidCorporalForest City
Godwin, James OliverSergeantRaleigh
Godwin, Kenneth RayPrivate First ClassChadbourn
Goebel, Rupert Watson JrSpecialist 4Gastonia
Gold, Eric StuartSergeantCharlotte
Golding, Jerry BoggieSpecialist 4Walkertown
Goldsmith, MiltonCorporalBrevard
Gore, James BenjaminPrivate First ClassClarendon
Gore, Kenneth AlricSergeantShallotte
Gore, Paul EdwinMachinist's Mate First ClassFaison
Gorham, RudolphPrivate First ClassGarysburg
Goss, James SpurgeonLance CorporalMocksville
Grace, William EdwardPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Graham, Annie RuthLieutenant ColonelEfland
Graham, GentrySpecialist 4Greensboro
Graham, Michael AllanCorporalKings Mountain
Grainger, John BSpecialist 4Thomasville
Grant, Gollie LeoHospital Corpsman Second ClassOld Fort
Grantham, Joseph MiltonPrivate First ClassGoldsboro
Graves, Carter LeeSergeantReidsville
Graves, James LeroySpecialist 4Burlington
Graves, William Ralph JrFirst LieutenantMurphy
Gravitte, Connie MackCaptainCa-vel
Gray, Carl AveryFirst LieutenantMorganton
Gray, Charles Howard JrSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Gray, CharlieSpecialist 4Fayetteville
Gray, James JuniusSergeant First ClassConcord
Gray, Richard KeyChief Warrant OfficerGreenville
Green, CaneySpecialist 4Lenoir
Green, Freddie WallaceSergeantCharlotte
Green, Jimmy CarrollCorporalGastonia
Green, Melvin JrSergeant First ClassOxford
Green, Phillip William JrSpecialist 4Tryon
Greene, Benny DoyceStaff SergeantClyde
Greene, Calvin ArthurFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Greene, Edward EugeneStaff SergeantLenoir
Greene, Jerry LaneSpecialist 5Marion
Greene, John MarvinSergeantCharlotte
Greene, Ronnie GeneCorporalNewland
Greene, Terry WillardPrivate First ClassNashville
Gregory, James Otto JrLance CorporalCatawba
Gribble, Robert MarshallFirst LieutenantCharlotte
Grieme, Richard JosephStaff SergeantRaleigh
Griffin, Fred Andrew JrPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Griffin, Harold DexterCorporalCanton
Griffin, Marion TracySpecialist 5Charlotte
Griffin, Ronald DevonePrivate First ClassCharlotte
Griffin, Roy Lee JrCaptainGreensboro
Griffin, Thomas DwainPrivate First ClassMayodan
Grimm, Michael JosephCorporalCarthage
Grimmett, Jon LeslieSergeantFayetteville
Grissette, PrelowPrivate First ClassShallotte
Grogan, Bryan EugeneSecond LieutenantSampson
Gross, Jimmy RaySpecialist 4Hickory
Grubbs, Gary EugeneSpecialist 4Winston-Salem
Guest, DanielBoatswain's MateSalisbury
Guin, Edgar JamesPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Gunnell, Dale AlanCorporalWinston-Salem
Guthrie, Harold LeeSpecialist 5Burlington
Haddock, Louis Edward JrPrivate First ClassPollocksville
Hadley, Thomas JosephLance CorporalPittsboro
Hager, Robert Lee JrCorporalKannapolis
Hailey, Mark StevenSpecialist 4High Point
Hall, Dennis LeePrivate First ClassBurlington
Hall, Frederick MervynAviation PilotWaynesville
Hall, James EugeneaCorporalDillsboro
Hall, James LutherCorporalBunnlevel
Hall, James ShreveChief Master SergeantGreensboro
Hall, Richard JamesCorporalHays
Ham, Woodrow Wilson JrStaff SergeantKinston
Hamrick, Donald RalphSpecialist 4Shelby
Hankerson, JimmiePrivateBattelboro
Harding, Everette EugeneaPrivate First ClassAsheville
Harding, John Charles JrPrivate First ClassMocksville
Hardison, OscarPrivate First ClassJacksonville
Hardy, Phillip DeanCorporalMount Olive
Hargrove, Joseph NelsonLance CorporalMount Olive
Harke, Ronald LynnSergeantMonroe
Harmon, Floyd StevenPrivate First ClassValdese
Hansard, John William IIICorporalSwannanoa
Harrell, Samuel MorganFirst SergeantIndian Trail
Harrelson, Oliver YatesPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Harrill, Randy AltonCorporalCharlotte
Harrington, Clifton WilliamStaff SergeantAberdeen
Harrington, John MiltonCaptainDurham
Harris, Curtis RaySpecialist 4Albemarle
Harris, EugenePrivate First ClassHickory
Harris, Harold LeePrivate First ClassDurham
Harris, Jerry BruceSpecialist 4Black Mountain
Harris, Johnnie DarrielPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Harrison, Larry GeneStaff SergeantWilliamston
Harrison, Robert AllenFirst LieutenantAsheville
Hassell, William RobertCorporalMaysville
Haithcox, Richard AllenCorporalStatesville
Hathcock, Larry CecilSpecialist 4Stanfield
Hatley, Joel ClintonSpecialist 4Albemarle
Haugen, Warren George JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Hawkins, Den JuniorPrivate First ClassGastonia
Hawkins, Robert CarrollPrivate First ClassClyde
Hawkins, Willie Howard JrPrivate First ClassJacksonville
Hayes, Billy CharlesPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Hayes, Earl MarshallPrivate First ClassSpindale
Hayes, Hilton JrPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Hayes, Robert GarySergeantHiddenite
Haynes, Dennis HaroldPrivate First ClassWilson
Hayward, ErnestMaster SergeantFayetteville
Heaggans, Thurston ConradCorporalTroutman
Heavner, Larry KeithLance CorporalCherryville
Hegwood, William DavidLance CorporalCharlotte
Helmstetler, Michael DavidFirst LieutenantHigh Point
Helton, Donald TerrySpecialist 4Gastonia
Hembree, Ronald GeneHospital Corpsman Third ClassAndrews
Henderson, Robert LeeSergeant First ClassSpring Lake
Hensley, Geter AlfredEquipment Operator Hauling Second ClassMarion
Herring, John HowardLance CorporalMaxton
Herring, PedroStaff SergeantCofield
Hester, Elvester JrPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Hester, Jimmy CarrollCorporalLexington
Hewett, Richard AlfredCorporalSupply
Hickman, Randall SherwoodSergeant First ClassCumberland
Hicks, Charles WayneSpecialist 4Butner
Hicks, Gary DalePrivate First ClassMount Airy
Hicks, John MitchellSpecialist 4Rutherfordton
Hicks, Kenneth WayneCorporalGreensboro
Higginbotham, William RSpecialist 4Greensboro
Hightower, Alfred JrSpecialist 4Waynesville
Hill, AlvesterStaff SergeantHalifax
Hill, Carl Lee JrSpecialist 4Kinston
Hill, Mickey WilliamCorporalAsheboro
Hill, Samuel TonyPrivate First ClassGastonia
Hill, William LeePrivate First ClassTillery
Hines, William CarrollSergeantCharlotte
Hinson, William RonaldCorporalMidland
Hocker, William EddieCaptainStatesville
Hodges, BernardCaptainParkton
Hodges, Carl Frederick JrCorporalWashington
Hodges, Gary StephenPrivate First ClassGreenville
Hodges, Terry AlanSergeantCharlotte
Holder, James EdwardStaff SergeantFayetteville
Holland, Wayne BizzleSergeantSalemburg
Holifield, Floyd JrFirst LieutenantAsheville
Hollifield, Forest HughyFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Hollifield, Harold DeanCorporalMarion
Hollifield, Samuel Frank JrPrivate First ClassLexington
Holliman, Ted Delane JrCorporalGreensboro
Holman, Clarence LeanealPrivate First ClassBurlington
Holmes, Linwood McCoySergeantErnul
Holt, David RodneyPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Holt, Johnny SamuelLance CorporalCharlotte
Honeycutt, Burlon TalmageSpecialist 4Clayton
Hoopaugh, Lonnie ElwoodEngineman Second ClassCandor
Hooper, Henry JamesCorporalReidsville
Hoover, Edward LeePrivate First ClassHuntersville
Hopkins, James EarlSpecialist 4Lucama
Hopkins, Joseph Lee JrSpecialist 5Raleigh
Hopper, James JrPrivate First ClassShelby
Horner, WilliamStaff SergeantFayetteville
Horton, StanleyPrivate First ClassCastalia
Hosler, Franklin EugeneSergeantLumberton
House, AltonPrivate First ClassWalstonburg
Houser, Charles MiltonMajorVale
Houston, Alex RayCorporalPink Hill
Howard, Luther HarrisSpecialist 4Hamlet
Howard, Rodger DalePrivate First ClassMocksville
Howe, Francis EdwardLance CorporalSalisbury
Howell, Carter AveryCaptainFayetteville
Howell, Casco DevaughnPrivateGoldsboro
Howell, Ernest RichardLieutenant ColonelGoldsboro
Howell, Kenneth RalphPrivate First ClassDraper
Howell, RalphStaff SergeantEureka
Howell, William GlennSpecialist 4Gastonia
Howie, Norman Perry JrPrivate First ClassConcord
Howie, Richard SPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Hoyle, Wayne RogerPrivate First ClassShelby
Hudson, James JrSpecialist 4Como
Hudson, NathanielSergeantRaleigh
Huggins, Richard VanCorporalMonroe
Hughes, Dudley Carroll JrSeamanKings Mountain
Hughes, Charles WaynePrivate First ClassEdenton
Huie, Litchfield PattersonLieutenantWarsaw
Hults, Jeffrey AndrewFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Huneycutt, Charles Jerome JrMajorCharlotte
Hunter, Billy CharlesSpecialist 4Charlotte
Hurst, Ronald LynnPrivate First ClassSwannanoa
Hussey, Billy RayPrivate First ClassSeagrove
Hussey, Sherman JuniorMaster SergeantCarthage
Hyatt, Jack EdwardPrivate First ClassSylva
Hyleman, Mausby EdwardSpecialist 4Gastonia
Imes, Henry Earl JrPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Ing, Herbert Edgar IIISecond LieutenantCamp LeJeune
Inman, James MackenziePrivate First ClassAsheville
Irby, William SamuelSergeantCharlotte
Isenhour, Ronald WaitselSergeantHickory
Ivey, Joel Stevens JrSpecialist 4Southern Pines
Ivey, Marshall PernellMaster SergeantGarysburg
Jackson, Benny CharlesPrivate First ClassWake Forest
Jackson, Clinnis HarrellPrivate First ClassSouthern Pines
Jackson, Edward JrSergeant First ClassDurham
Jackson, JohnnySpecialist 4Smithfield
Jackson, Johnny FranklinSergeantFayetteville
Jackson, Joseph EarlPrivate First ClassParkton
Jackson, Paul GraySergeant First ClassFayetteville
Jackson, Paul NashCaptainSt Pauls
Jackson, Roy LeePrivate First ClassCandor
Jackson, Wallace MichaelSpecialist 4Mebane
Jacobs, John EdwinPrivate First ClassLeland
Jamerson, Larry CarlSpecialist 6Rosman
James, Elvin JrPrivate First ClassMaple Hill
James, John MathasLance CorporalSpring Lake
James, JosephPrivate First ClassWilmington
James, Samuel Adams JrFirst LieutenantRaleigh
Jarrett, Phillip RonaldGunnery SergeantJacksonville
Jenkins, Dan LaverneLance CorporalGoldsboro
Jenkins, Gregory DaleHospital Corpsman Third ClassGraham
Jenkins, James AlexCorporalMarion
Jenkins, James EarlPrivate First ClassHigh Point
Jenkins, Roger WardellPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Jenkins, Roy LeePrivate First ClassAulander
Jenkins, Wayne DanielSpecialist 4Bryson City
Jennette, Leo MillerLance CorporalBuxton
Jennings, Charles WendellSergeantCullowhee
Jensen, Paul AndrewFirst LieutenantAsheville
Johnson, Albert LeeFirst SergeantAngier
Johnson, Danny WestPrivate First ClassFour Oaks
Johnson, Denning CiceroMaster SergeantDunn
Johnson, Furman LeeSergeantWillard
Johnson, Gary EugenePrivate First ClassGastonia
Johnson, Harrell WayneLance CorporalRoseboro
Johnson, Haywod JrStaff SergeantMonroe
Johnson, Jack DanielSergeantDover
Johnson, James JunaCorporalRose Hill
Johnson, James Walter JrSpecialist 4Roaring River
Johnson, Jimmy Leroy JrSergeantRutherford
Johnson, Marvin RayPrivate First ClassBurgaw
Johnson, McArthurSergeantWilmington
Johnson, Robert LamarSergeantHendersonville
Johnson, William AllenLieutenant Junior GradeCharlotte
Johnson, William CharlesSpecialist 4Leaksville
Johnson, William DarrellSergeant First ClassRocky Mount
Johnston, Jack Craven JrCorporalCharlotte
Jolly, Robert GeraldPrivate First ClassTaylorsville
Jones, Aaron Burr JrPrivateWilmington
Jones, Bobby EugeneSpecialist 4Tarboro
Jones, Bobby RayPrivate First ClassFairmont
Jones, Donald AlbertFirst LieutenantHigh Point
Jones, Doward Leroy Jones JrStaff SergeantGreensboro
Jones, James RawleyCaptainMount Airy
Jones, Joseph JohnSergeantScotland Neck
Jones, Joshua ThomasSergeantMoyock
Jones, Larry WilliamCaptainGreensboro
Jones, Loren CecilCorporalUnaka
Jones, Morris BlaineSergeantGraham
Jones, Reginald WilliamPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Jones, Robert LewisPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Jones, Stokely JamesSergeantGoldsboro
Jones, Tommy RoyPrivate First ClassNashville
Jones, Victor LawrencePrivate First ClassFairmont
Jones, Wilbert, EarlSpecialist 4Mount Olive
Jones, Wilbert EugeneSpecialist 4Eden
Jordan, David MackralLance CorporalMonroe
Jordan, Mack ArthurPrivate First ClassTyner
Jordan, Richard KennethCaptainWinston-Salem
Joyce, Roger LeeSergeantPilot Mountain
Joyner, Donald ArringtonLieutenant ColonelHenderson
Joyner, Paul LouisCorporalLouisburg
Keefe, Dennis MichaelCorporalGreensboro
Keel, John DavidSpecialist 4Robersonville
Keener, Lawton ArvilPrivate First ClassHighlands
Keener, Robert StevenPrivate First ClassGastonia
Keeter, Donald LarrySpecialist 4Charlotte
Keeter, Michael YatesPrivate First ClassGastonia
Keller, Roger PresbornPrivate First ClassConover
Kelly, Edmund JosephStaff SergeantWilson
Kelly, Ernest JrStaff SergeantBladenboro
Kelly, George Thomas IIIFirst LieutenantHigh Point
Kelly, Harry AllenPrivate First ClassHuntersville
Kennedy, Curtis LeeSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Kennington, Billy DonPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Kerley, Royd Steve JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Kerns, Glenn DirkPrivate First ClassLumberton
Kidd, Dennis CurtisMaster SergeantGraham
King, Charles LeeSpecialist 4Hendersonville
King, Johnny LeePrivate First ClassSampson
King, Joseph DewardPrivate First ClassCarrboro
King, Joseph Robert JrPrivate First ClassRaleigh
King, Launey ElworthSpecialist 5Fayetteville
Knox, David AllenSergeantCharlotte
Lail, Vernon Eugene JrSpecialist 4Conover
Lakey, James ErvinLance CorporalBryson City
Lamb, William HenrySergeantElizabeth City
Lambert, Eldon EugeneLance CorporalMount Pleasant
Lambert, Fred DonaldFirst SergeantAyden
Lambert Larry RaymondPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Lambert, William DavidPrivate First ClassAlbemarle
Lamm, Cecil DwightCorporalLucama
Lance, Larry GaySpecialist 4Horse Shoe
Lane, Bobby RayPrivateGoldsboro
Laney, Jerry WaynePrivate First ClassMonroe
Lang, Benjamin GainesFirst LieutenantGreensboro
Lanier, Dayton WayneChief Warrant OfficerWilmington
Lanier, Franklin MonroePrivate First ClassWinnabow
Lanier, Jammie JayPrivate First ClassMagnolia
Lanier, Lee RoySergeantMorganton
Lawing, James MackSergeantCharlotte
Lawing, Paul Henderson JrSergeantLincolnton
Lawler, Daniel HSpecialist 5Kinston
Lawrence, James Loyd JrCorporalSylva
Laws, Lonnie CharlesCorporalStatesville
Leary, Gary HoytPrivate First ClassWashington
Leazer, Abbie EugenePrivate First ClassHuntersville
Ledford, DannyPrivate First ClassBelmont
Ledford, Ray DouglasPrivate First ClassOld Fort
Lee, Adren AndrewPrivate First ClassBelmont
Lee, Douglas WayneCorporalWinston-Salem
Lee, Jerry TyrusFirst LieutenantRocky Mount
Lee, John RobertPrivate First ClassFour Oaks
Lee, Kenneth MacPrivate First ClassDunn
Lee, Nathan LarrySpecialist 4Riegelwood
Lee, Ronald WayneStaff SergeantBenson
Lee, Roy RonaldSpecialist 4Dunn
Leggett, Albert GraySpecialist 4Ayden
Leggett, Franklin O'NeilCorporalFayetteville
LeGrand, Milton HarrisSpecialist 4Badin
Leigh, Joel MillerSpecialist 4Chapel Hill
Lemmond, Walter Vann IIICaptainLumberton
Leonard, Henry ThomasSergeantHenderson
Leonard, Jerry SmithYeoman First ClassGreensboro
Leonard, Olin JennesCorporalRandleman
Leonard, Ronald FredSpecialist 4Lexington
Lewis, Charlie GraySergeant First ClassFayetteville
Lewis, Harvey LeDrewStaff SergeantAhoskie
Lewis, Larry GeneLieutenantAsheville
Lewis, Thomas LeeSergeant First ClassRockingham
Lindsay, Wash JrPrivate First ClassLaurinburg
Lineberry, Jerry EugeneStaff SergeantWadesboro
Lineberry, Richard BryanLieutenantHorse Shoe
Link, Frederick BeardLance CorporalNewton
Linville, Samuel SwannCorporalGreensboro
Lipe, Jimmy RussellCorporalAsheville
Lively, Bobby DeanSergeantEast Flat Rock
Lloyd, DouglasMaster SergeantCornelius
Locklear, Eddie LeePrivate First ClassWhiteville
Locklear, FosterSpecialist 4Shannon
Locklear, GlenMaster SergeantPembroke
Locklear, JimmySpecialist 4Maxton
Logan, ClarenceStaff SergeantFayetteville
Love, Anthony RayPrivateGastonia
Love, Harry William JrPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Love, RobertSpecialist 4Thomasville
Lovelace, Charles KennedyMajorNew Bern
Lovett, Ronald CraigPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Lovette, Samuel DCorporalNorth Wilkesboro
Lowder, Clarence EdwardFirst SergeantClemmons
Lowder, Ricky NormanPrivate First ClassChina Grove
Lowe, Frederick Molee JrPrivate First ClassWilmington
Lowery, Steve EdwinCorporalForest City
Lowry, William AllisonSpecialist 4Asheville
Lunsford, Lemmie DeeSpecialist 4Timberlake
Luttrell, James MartinSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Lutz, Donald ThomasSergeant First ClassSouthern Pines
Lutz, William LeeSpecialist 4Whitnell
Lyerly, Ronald WaynePrivate First ClassSalisbury
Lyman, Charles LeePrivate First ClassMount Holly
Lynch, Justin MarshallPrivate First ClassFort Bragg
Lynch, Reginald WaynePrivate First ClassBrevard
Lyne, Michael WilliamSergeantFayetteville
Mabe, Ronald LeePrivate First ClassHigh Point
Mabe, Tommy DarrellSergeantWinston-Salem
Mabery, David MichaelSpecialist 4Asheville
MacNutt, Roger ThomasCorporalSpring Lake
Macon, JosephPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Maness, Alan CarsonWarrant OfficerNewport
Mann, Harold Van JrPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Manring, Curtis JohnsonCorporalPinnacle
Markham, Marshall ThomasSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Marsh, Harold CliftonStaff SergeantLaurinburg
Martin, Charles MichaelHospitalmanCharlotte
Martin, Frederick LPrivate First ClassNew Bern
Martin, James MichaelSpecialist 4Tuckasegee
Martin, Ray ThomasSergeant First ClassWinston-Salem
Mashburn, Raymond TSergeantAndrews
Maske, William JamesSergeantAlbemarle
Massey, Scottie ShelvenSergeantRandleman
Mason, Gary RichardWarrant OfficerHendersonville
Mason, Richard FloydPrivate First ClassErwin
Matier, Curtis OwensSpecialist 4Greensboro
Matthews, Charles CrockettSergeantClyde
Matthews, George DennisCorporalCurrituck
Matthews, Henry RobertSpecialist 4Cameron
Matthews, James WashingtonSpecialist 5Nashville
Matthews, Robert JrPrivate First ClassCarthage
Maultsby, Thomas Henry JrSergeant First ClassRocky Mount
Mauney, Ricky DavidSpecialist 4Dallas
Maxwell, Elbert HenryPrivate First ClassStatesville
Mayo, JohnSpecialist 4Charlotte
Mayo, Johnnie MurrayPrivate First ClassBeaufort
McAlister, John UlmerStaff SergeantHigh Point
McArthur, Henry LeeCorporalFuquay-Varina
McBee, Carl EdwardLance CorporalAsheville
McBynum, Jimmie LloydStaff SergeantKinston
McCall, Victor GarnettEngineman Second ClassBrevard
McCarn, Harold DanielCaptainLexington
McCarthy, Whilton AnthonyLance CorporalCharlotte
McCaslin, Gary EugenePrivate First ClassVale
McClamb, Herman LeePrivate First ClassFour Oaks
McClure, Billie JackPrivateMarble
McCollough, GaryCorporalCharlotte
McCorkle, Craig EricSpecialist 4Mount Holly
McCormick, Jerome LomacPrivate First ClassRaeford
McCormick, Luther O'NeilStaff SergeantCumberland
McCormick, William Livingston,/td>Hospital Corpsman Second ClassGreensboro
McCoy, Hildra JrStaff SergeantWilmington
McCoy, Ronald JayPrivate First ClassStatesville
McCray, Gary DeanCorporalClaremont
McCray, ThomasCorporalKenly
McCrimmon, Ernest Clarence JrPrivate First ClassRaleigh
McCrimmon, Henry ThurmanSergeantGreensboro
McCuiston, Harvey RichardPrivate First ClassAdvance
McDaniel, Cary ElzievanCorporalMcLeansville
McDaniel, John LewisMajorGibsonville
McDonald, Harold WayneSergeantFayetteville
McDonald, Phill GenePrivate First ClassGreensboro
McDuffie, James JrCorporalLauringburg
McEachern, LeoStaff SergeantSt Pauls
McGee, George FranklinCorporalLenoir
McGee, Robert JuniorPrivate First ClassWhitnell
McGee, William James IVLance CorporalRaleigh
McGill, Joe Louis LockhartLance CorporalShelby
McGuire, Mitchell LeeSpecialist 4Fayetteville
McInnis, John TerryPrivate First ClassKannapolis
McKeel, Billy WStaff SergeantWayne
McKenzie, Donald FrankStaff SergeantLumberton
McKenzie, PaulFirst LieutenantAsheville
McKinney, Dallas Ervin JrSpecialist 4Magnolia
McKinney, Jerry LaynePrivate First ClassLeaksville
McKoy, Larry DCorporalCoats
McKoy, William OthelloPrivate First ClassWilmington
McLain, Johnie WaynePrivate First ClassStatesville
McLaughlinLarry HolmesSergeantRaleigh
McLaurin, Charles LonnellPrivate First ClassClinton
McLawhorn, Curtis RaySergeantKinston
McMahan, John EdwardPrivate First ClassMarion
McMillian, Robert DavidSergeantDunn
McNeil, Freddie LeeCorporalFayetteville
McNeill, Clarence LeonSergeantWarsaw
McNeill, Daniel DixonH N Asheville
McNeill, Lonnie EarlPrivateDunn
McPeters, Michael EdgarSpecialist 4Nebo
McPherson, David MichaelSpecialist 5Clyde
McPherson, James EdwardPrivate First ClassRockingham
McRae, Charles EdwardSpecialist 4Lumberton
Meadows, Eugene ThomasCaptainHiddenite
Meares, Cecil AbnerSergeant First ClassLumberton
Meeks, Johnny LeeSergeantDallas
Meeks, Ricky LeeLance CorporalMebane
Mehaffey, Keith DalePrivate First ClassWaynesville
Melton, James Arthur JrCorporalHamilton
Melton, Robert Franklin JrSpecialist 4Lexington
Melton, Robert lee JrSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Melton, Wesley EugenePrivate First ClassBlack Mountain
Melvin, BenjaminPrivate First ClassRoseboro
Menscer, William DavidSergeantStatesville
Menton, Charles Russell JeromeLance CorporalCharlotte
Mercer, Carl SinatraSpecialist 4Belcross
Merrill, Weldon BernardSergeant First ClassPenrose
Midgette, Willis LeandrewSpecialist 4Alliance
Miles, John CalvinCorporalBurlington
Miles, Robert WakeSpecialist 4Hays
Millard, Charles WorthChief Warrant OfficerWilson
Miller, Gurney, LenLance CorporalWilkesboro
Miller, JeffSpecialist 4Todd
Miller, JohnnieSpecialist 4Kinston
Miller, Vernell Henry JrPrivate First ClassKinston
Miller, William JrPrivate First ClassDurham
Mills, Louis TrentPrivate First ClassAsheville
Millsap, Thomas IIISpecialist 4Parkton
Mitchell, Clyde UlandCorporalWinston-Salem
Mitchell, David HenrySpecialist 4Concord
Mitchell, James RayLance CorporalWilson
Mitchell, RalphStaff SergeantBlanch
Mobley, Clarence VernonCorporalWinnabow
Mobley, Jenies IsaacSergeantGrimesland
Mobley, LawrencePrivate First ClassClinton
Mobley, Sutton JrSpecialist 4Wilmington
Monroe, Sammy FranklinLance CorporalMount Gilead
Moody, Fred AllenSpecialist 4Waynesville
Moody, John Ernest JrSpecialist 4Norlina
Mooney, Dwight EdgarSergeantMarion
Moore, Douglas EugeneSergeantRaleigh
Moore, Huriel LeePrivate First ClassPlymouth
Moore, James MinickStaff SergeantDurham
Moore, Jerry LawrenceStaff SergeantCleveland
Moore, Lee Arthur JrSpecialist 4Raleigh
Moore, Lloyd WhitfieldHospitalmanWilmington
Moore, William Charles JrPrivateFayetteville
Moore, William RooseveltCorporalScotland Neck
Morden, Robert NelsonPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Morgan, David ElmerEngineman Second ClassCandler
Morgan, Edwin EvertonChief Master SergeantSalisbury
Morgan, Henry LoranzeSergeantBenson
Morgan, James PierpontSergeantSaluda
Morgan, Otis ClevelandMajorCandler
Morningstar, George LeeLieutenantBurlington
Morris, Bedford Mark JrSpecialist 4Carthage
Morris, Billy VanceSpecialist 4Bryson City
Morris, Clarence LutherSpecialist 4Spencer
Morrison, Jimmy KeithPrivate First ClassShelby
Morrison, Sammy RaySergeantGrover
Morrow, Larry KaneSergeantLowell
Morse, Ansel WendellCorporalCharlotte
Morton, Mitchel ThomasPrivate First ClassStanley
Moseley, Murray SimsSpecialist 4Statesville
Moses, William JoshuaLance CorporalCharlotte
Moss, Roy ThomasCorporalDurham
Moss, Wiley BarrySpecialist 4Charlotte
Motte, George DSergeant First ClassWilmington
Motsinger, Jerry WilliamStaff SergeantKernersville
Mounce, Gerold LeeSergeantState Road
Moye, Robert DouglasCorporalGreenville
Mulkey, Ralph Buddy JrPrivate First ClassGastonia
Mullinax, Ronald ErnestCorporalShelby
Mullis, John BelkSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Mummel, Michael JerryStaff SergeantReidsville
Mundy, Reginald AllanFirst LieutenantConover
Munn, Alton BernardPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Mussn, Walter EarlLance CorporalWinston-Salem
Murphy, Daniel OwenPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Murray, LarrySergeantFayetteville
Murrell, Aaron CrusoePrivate First ClassTrenton
Mustin, Larry StevenSpecialist 5Belews Creek
Myers, George LaxleySergeantStatesville
Nance, LewisSpecialist 4Charlotte
Nance, Paul Marion JrSergeantWashington
Naney, Reid McDonaldPrivate First ClassBessemer City
Navarrete, Job JrSergeantFayetteville
Neal, James RichardPrivate First ClassTopton
Nelms, William Gray JrPrivate First ClassOxford
Nelson, Hugh Reavis JrCaptainRocky Mount
Nesbitt, Hasker Lee JrPrivate First ClassHigh Point
Newcombe, Andrew JacksonCorporalLexington
Newkirk, Arthur RSpecialist 5Elizabethtown
Newkirk, Michael ACorporalWatha
Nichols, McArthurSpecialist 4Durham
Niles, Ronald EdwardCorporalCharlotte
Nixon, Mason JrPrivate First ClassHertford
Noel, Douglas RayPrivate First ClassSalisbury
Norman, Thomas Wiley JrCaptainRoper
Norman, William WilsonCorporalCharlotte
Norris, David LeePrivate First ClassThomasville
Norton, Kenneth BradleyCorporalLaurel Hill
Nugent, Henry Floyd JrSergeant First ClassRaeford
Nunn, Rodolph Lee JrLieutenant ColonelKinston
Oates, Henry EathenLance CorporalWinston-Salem
Odom, Chester Randy IIIPrivateWinston-Salem
Ogle, Johnny WayneSergeantBurnsville
Oglesby, Loomis IIISpecialist 4Charlotte
O'Ham, Rocky PearsonSpecialist 4Kinston
O'Melia, Dennis WilliamChief Warrant OfficerSmithfield
Oocumma, John EdwardPrivate First ClassCherokee
Orr, Raymond SamuelCorporalMatthews
Orr, Thomas Barclay JrCaptainDurham
Osborne, John WoodrowStaff SergeantTraphill
Osborne, Thomas YorkFirst LieutenantHarrisburg
Overcash, William TurnerSpecialist 4Troutman
Ovsak, George WilliamSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Owens, Carl EugeneSpecialist 4Lincolnton
Owens, Charles EdwardCorporalGastonia
Owens, ElwoodLance CorporalWindsor
Oxendine, Charles HedricSpecialist 4Pembroke
Oxendine, HughieStaff SergeantLumberton
Oxendine, Willie French IIIPrivate First ClassFairmont
Oxley, James EdwardFirst LieutenantRaleigh
Oxx, Lawrence McFie JrFirst LieutenantElizabeth City
Paige, EzekielSergeantSiler City
Palmgren, Edwin DavidColonelWinston-Salem
Panarese, Roland JohnSpecialist 4Jacksonville
Parker, Charles ThomasSergeantAsheboro
Parker, James EarlSpecialist 4Oak City
Parker, James LesterSergeant First ClassDurham
Parker, James RonaldSpecialist 4Asheville
Parker, Lewis JefferyCorporalGates
Parnell, Kermitt ChevenePrivate First ClassFayetteville
Parnell, William BriceStaff SergeantCoats
Parris, Bobby JamesSpecialist 4Sylva
Parrish, Leonard MonroePrivate First ClassLillington
Parrish, Philip OwenPrivate First ClassHigh Point
Parrish, Rudolph StephenPrivate First ClassFremont
Parrott, Dempsey WoodrowSpecialist 4Kinston
Partee, Joh LeroySergeant First ClassConcord
Parton, Floyd EugeneLance CorporalAsheville
Pastula, Stephen JosephSpecialist 4Belmont
Pate, Robert Lee IIIPrivate First ClassBurlington
Patrick, Donald RaySpecialist 4Wilmington
Patrick, Stanley KayLance CorporalGrifton
Patterson, Timothy ColemanSergeantLumberton
Payne, Herman HowardSecond LieutenantMarshall
Payne, James TerryLance CorporalColumbia
Paysour, Donald BlairCorporalDallas
Payton, James EdwardSergeantAsheville
Pearsall, Herbert JrSergeantMount Olive
Pearson, James CliffordPrivate First ClassShelby
Peddle, Michael RayCorporalWinston-Salem
Peek, John ThomasPrivate First ClassConcord
Peele, ElvernonCaptainWilliamston
Penley, Charles Martin JrSergeant First ClassAsheville
Pennell, Michael HughPrivate First ClassLenoir
Pennington, Kenneth EdwardFirst LieutenantDurham
Peppers, Willie Jerome JrSergeantFairmont
Perkins, Danny FranklinPrivate First ClassMount Holly
Perry, Harmon WayneSpecialist 5Durham
Perry, Robert LeePrivate First ClassHenderson
Perry, Steven DaleSergeantAhoskie
Pettit, Robert HaroldCorporalCharlotte
Phillips, Charles EdwardSpecialist 4Lansing
Phillips, Gary ThomasSergeantWest Jefferson
Phillips, Gerald ArthurSpecialist 6Erwin
Phillips, Lionel Nesbit JrPrivate First ClassConcorn
Philyaw, Lawrence EdwardStaff SergeantBowdens
Phipps, Gene RaySergeantGreensboro
Phipps, Jimmy DoyleSergeantCrumpler
Pickard, Harry DavisSergeantGreenville
Pierce, Edward EarlCorporalNorth Wilkesboro
Pigford, Phillip WayneSergeantMount Olive
Pilkington, Edward PercyCorporalClayton
Pilot, Stanley George JrSeaman ApprenticeSalisbury
Pittard, David HunterMajorRaleigh
Pittman, Charles TerrellSpecialist 4Fairmont
Plattenburger, Sidney ESergeantCharlotte
Plemmons, Norman LeeSergeantMount Holly
Poll, Michael JohnSpecialist 5Spring Lake
Pope, George RichardSpecialist 4Turkey
Poteat, Dennis MichaelStaff SergeantMarion
Poteet, Glen ErvinSpecialist 4Morganton
Powell, Bryant RussellPrivate First ClassLake Waccamaw
Powell, Stephen RolleyCorporalValdese
Power, George PatrickLance CorporalMount Olive
Pratt, John MonroeSpecialist 4Raeford
Prentner, Jerry LeeSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Prestwood, Benny RayLance CorporalHudson
Pretty, Robert AltonCorporalRaleigh
Prince, Joseph David JrSpecialist 4Roanoke Rapids
Price, Alton DurhamPrivate First ClassZebulon
Price, Charles MitchellStaff SergeantMonroe
Price, Durant JrNavy AirmanBelmont
Price, George MichaelPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Price, Jack RayPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Price, James Whiteford JrSpecialist 4Monroe
Prince, Gary DavisCorporalGibsonville
Pritchett, Julius DonaldGunnery SergeantDurham
Proffit, John BernardSergeantTodd
Propst, Richard HughPrivate First ClassChina Grove
Pruitt, Carl DuanePrivate First ClassGastonia
Pullen, Claude DouglasPrivate First ClassStatesville
Pulliam, Robert Edward JrSergeantBurlington
Pyrant, Donald RayCorporalSampson
Ramey, Glenn WilliamPrivate First ClassGastonia
Ramos, Paul LajadaSergeantFort Bragg/td>
Ramsey, Thomas EarleCorporalAsheville
Rankins, Joseph McKinleyPrivate First ClassColerain
Rascoe, Willie Robert JrSergeant First ClassWindsor
Ratliff, Clarence CecilMajorRaleigh
Ray, Carl BrucePrivate First ClassWaynesville
Ray, Franklin DanielPrivate First ClassSmithfield
Ray, James LeonardCorporalSpruce Pine
Raymond, Fredrick Carol JrSpecialist 4Beaufort
Reagan, Dickie WalterSergeantLumberton
Reaves, Fred JrSergeantBurlington
Reece, Walter JamesSergeantMarshall
Reese, Dennis EdwardSpecialist 4Wilmington
Reid, Gene CalvinSpecialist 4Lenoir
Reno, Ralph JosephMaster SergeantFayetteville
Respass, Harmon ThurstonSpecialist 4Columbia
Revis, Charles JaySpecialist 4Old Fort
Revis, Hugh EdwardPrivate First ClassOld Fort
Reynolds, Garry LeeCorporalMaiden
Reynolds, WilliamSpecialist 4Kernersville
Rhash, Barry ArthurWarrant OfficerAsheville
Rhea, Scotty HenryPrivate First ClassGranite Falls>
Rhodes, Donald FrankPrivateRaleigh
Rhodes, Jimmy LinwoodSpecialist 4Orrum
Rhue, Myron EdwinCorporalNewport
Rice, Frank Latimer JrFirst LieutenantSunbury
Richards, James MichaelLance CorporalPelham
Richards, Stephen RyanCorporalBurlington
Richardson, Harold ReedPrivate First ClassKannapolis
Richardson, James AugustaPrivate First ClassDurham
Riddick, Sterling G WSpecialist 4Elizabeth City
Riggins, Billy GStaff SergeantGreensboro
Riggs, Richard VernonStaff SergeantGoldsboro
Ritch, Michael EugeneLance CorporalGastonia
Ritchie, Glenn Garland JrPrivate First ClassMount Pleasant
Rivers, William HowardEquipment Operator Hauling Third ClassRaleigh
Roach, Fred Leroy JrLance CorporalConcord
Robbins, Lester WayneSpecialist 4Laurinburg
Roberson, Larry MichaelCorporalBurlington
Roberson, Samuel AlbertWarrant OfficerWilson
Roberts, Alton ReeseSpecialist 5Gastonia
Roberts, Michael StephenPrivate First ClassApex
Roberts, William ClaudeLance CorporalBoone
Robertson, Robert MSergeantRaleigh
Robertson, Ronnie LeeSpecialist 4Old Fort
Robinson, James DelanoPrivate First ClassKannapolis
Robinson, James MarcusSergeantGreensboro
Robinson, Jerry AlvinPrivate First ClassBurnsville
Robinson, Marshall LeeStaff SergeantRaleigh
Robinson, Ronald EugeneSpecialist 4Mooresville
Rodgers, HaywoodSergeantSiler City
Rodgers, John CarlSpecialist 4Lumberton
Rodgers, MosesPrivateWilson
Rogers, Charles DavidCaptainMonroe
Rogers, Clark FranklinSpecialist 4Thomasville
Rogers, Horace PopeSergeantWilson
Rogers, James MarkSpecialist 4Waynesville
Rogers, Michael DeanPrivate First ClassAsheville
Rogers, William FrancisCaptainAsheville
Rose, Melville Brice IIIFirst LieutenantGreensboro
Rose, Norman Earl IIICorporalOxford
Ross, Ernest EdwardPrivate First ClassSouthern Pines
Ross, James LeeLance CorporalHickory
Ross, Phillip KFirst SergeantGreensboro
Ross, Robert JamesSergeantCharlotte
Roundtree, Willie JuniusPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Rowe, Oliver Gilman JrStaff SergeantBurgaw
Royster, Hubert JrSpecialist 4Oxford
Rudeen, Paul Edward JrFirst LieutenantHickory
Ruffin, James JuniusSpecialist 4Wilson
Rufty, Joe HearneLieutenantSalisbury
Rumble, Gerould McLean IIIWarrant OfficerCamp LeJeune
Rummage, James FelixCorporalAlbemarle
Rushing, Gary GrantPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Russ, Billie GroverCorporalEast Rockingham
Russ, Richard ArnoldPrivate First ClassWilmington
Russ, Thomas EdisonPrivate First ClassWhite Lake
Russ, William RPrivate First ClassElizabethtown
Russell, Charles E IIIPrivate First ClassGraham
Sadler, Robert LeeLance CorporalElizabeth Eith
Sain, Larry DeanPrivate First ClassCherryville
Sanders, Loyd HowardSergeant First ClassOriental
Sanders, Robert EarlPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Sands, Eddie BernardMaster SergeantFayetteville
Sargent, Edward RayCorporalKing
Sarvis, Richard LeeStaff SergeantDurham
Satterfield, Harry TrumanCorporalMadison
Sawyer, Donald SherwoodPrivate First ClassScranton
Saxon, JohnnyCorporalCharlotte
Scarboro, Thomas AllenFirst LieutenantAsheville
Scarborough, Griffin EliCaptainGreenville
Schachner, David BrennanSpecialist 4Charlotte
Scoggins, Franklin GrahamCorporalDurham
Scoggins, Tony EugeneSpecialist 4Graham
Scorson, Donald FloydSergeantAsheville
Scott, Kenneth DavidWarrant OfficerBear Creek
Scott, William BenfordSergeantJacksonville
Sells, Jimmy DwayneMajorGold Hill
Sessoms, Howard ArnoldStaff SergeantTarboro
Sexton, Clarence LeeMaster SergeantNew Bern
Sexton, Hugh Ames JrSergeantDenton
Sexton, Wayne EdwardSpecialist 4Waynesville
Shaffner, David WaynePrivate First ClassJonesville
Shang, Donald JWarrant OfficerHigh Point
Shearin, Dan RogersSergeantNorlina
Shearin, Joseph EarlFirst SergeantNashville
Shearin, William CliftonPrivate First ClassLouisburg
Sheff, James LewisPrivate First ClassRural Hall
Sheffield, Larry GeneSpecialist 4Sampson
Shelton, Dallas C JrSpecialist 4Lewisville
Shepherd, EdwardPlatoon SergeantRaleigh
Shepherd, Franklin SteveSpecialist 4North Wilkesboro
Sheppard, Garry DaymonWarrant OfficerSkyland
Sherrill, Vann DwainChief Warrant OfficerThomasville
Shipman, Willie FrazerPrivate First ClassBladenboro
Shirley, Carl DouglasFirst LieutenantHigh Point
Shue, Donald MonroeSergeant First ClassKannapolis
Shuler, Roger DalePrivate First ClassGastonia
Sickles, Richard LeeCorporalAlbemarle
Sigmon, William Spencer JrCorporalLincolnton
Siler, Jimmy LouisPrivate First ClassSiler City
Silver, Lee VernPrivate First ClassWhitakers
Simmons, Herolin ThadusStaff SergeantAhoskie
Simmons, Mack Daniel IIISpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Simmons, William Seaward JrPrivate First ClassManteo
Simpson, James RonaldWarrant OfficerSampson
Sizemore, Jack SrStaff SergeantBoonville
Slade, Billy RaySergeantHope Mills
Slade, WilliamCorporalGreensboro
Slaughter, Kenneth WesleyFirst LieutenantMurfreesboro
Sligh, Alvin CPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Smith, Bennie AllenSpecialist 4Raleigh
Smith, Charles EarlStaff SergeantDurham
Smith, Charles EverettSpecialist 4Monroe
Smith, Curtis DwaineCorporalBessemer City
Smith, David IISpecialist 4Elizabethtown
Smith, Donald GrayPrivate First ClassWalnut Cove
Smith, Douglas BaneSpecialist 4Durham
Smith, FrankSergeant First ClassGoldsboro
Smith, Henry FonzoSergeantAlbemarle
Smith, Hubert RayStaff SergeantWest End
Smith, Jimmy VanPrivate First ClassMarble
Smith, Josiah JrSpecialist 4Whiteville
Smith, Lowell VetterTech SergeantBanner Elk
Smith, Melton EdwardCorporalGrifton
Smith, Michael RayLance CorporalSpindale
Smith, Noah LelandPrivate First ClassHamlet
Smith, Perry MonroeStaff SergeantBurlington
Smith, Ralph NathanielStaff SergeantMorganton
Smith, Ralph RollinsWarrant OfficerLincolnton
Smith, Robert LindoPrivate First ClassSampson
Smith, Robert LouisCorporalAngier
Smith, Terry ClevelandPrivate First ClassTrinity
Smith, William Henry JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Smoot, Mont SteveSpecialist 4Mount Airy
Snipes, Billy LeePrivate First ClassPelham
Snipes, Jerry ArthurPrivate First ClassAlbemarle
Soldato, shane NunzioMajorFayetteville
Sommerhof, Earl ThomasSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Spach, Jimmy RussellPrivate First ClassRural Hall
Spainhour, Walter Judson JrCaptainLenoir
Speight, Franklin ElliottSecond LieutenantCurrituck
Speight, Jonnie Moses JrLance CorporalFarmville
Speight, William RufusSpecialist 4Stantonsburg
Speller, James RonaldPrivate First ClassWindsor
Spencer, Bobby LeeAviation Boatswain's Mate Launch & Recovery Equipment Third ClassWilmington
Spencer, Floyd TyroneSergeantHigh Point
Spencer, Kenneth GlennFirst LieutenantGastonia
Spencer, Paul MatthewLance CorporalSouthern Pines
Sprinkle, James LarryCorporalFranklin
Sprinkle, Roger DalePrivate First ClassStatesville
Sprinkle, Steven KennethSpecialist 4Winston-Salem
Spruill, James PolkCaptainPlymouth
Stackhouse, HubertPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Stafford, Forrest MontgomeryHospital CorpsmanSneads Ferry
Stalls, Elton StatonSpecialist 5Robersonville
Stanley, Vickey EarlPrivate First ClassHigh Point
Stansell, Gerrald AundreSergeantCharlotte
Starnes, James CecilStaff SergeantGastonia
Starnes, Keith Newton JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Staton, Robert Milton JrSpecialist 4Jamesville
Steele, William DavisStaff SergeantBelmont
Stephens, Donald HenryPrivate First ClassLilesville
Stephens, SonniePrivate First ClassWhite Oak
Stepp, Paul Robert JrCorporalFlat Rock
Stewart, Billy GrayPrivate First ClassSwannanoa
Stewart, Donald DavidStaff SergeantCoats
Stewart, RObert ColeCaptainCarthage
Stiles, Verrell DanielCorporalBrevard
Stockard, Robert FerrellCorporalGreensboro
Stokes, Odell JrPrivate First ClassNewton
Stone, Larry EvansSpecialist 5East Lauringburg
Story, Chesley AlexanderLance CorporalMount Gilead
Stout, Mitchell WilliamSergeantSampson
Stowe, RoySpecialist 4Gastonia
Street, Michael RaySpecialist 4Rutherfordton
Strickland, Billy LewisCorporalHendersonville
Strickland, Charlie Rufus JrSergeantRocy Mount
Strickland, Hiram DillardPrivate First ClassGraham
Strickland, Lessie KeithSergeantZebulon
Stroud, Abel Croom IIICorporalLaGrange
Stroud, Allen SheffieldCorporalGarner
Stubberfield, Robert AustinLieutenant ColonelRichmond
Sturm, Herman Victor JrSergeantMonroe
Sullivan, Donald sherrilSpecialist 4Princeton
Sullivan, Emery Capers IIICorporalCharlotte
Sullivan, William AndersonSergeantFayetteville
Summerlin, Steve MonroeLance CorporalHickory
Surber, Sammuel EdgarSpecialist 5Todd
Sutton, Douglas RollandSergeantBryson City
Sutton, Eugene Morgan JrSergeantStatesville
Sutton, Larest ClennonSergeantRiegelwood
Sutton, Ronald MartinCorporalCharlotte
Sutton, Terry WaynePrivate First ClassGreenville
Sutton, Victor BlakeStaff SergeantHertford
Sutton, William CarlMaster SergeantGoldsboro
Swann, Thomas Fredrick JrFirst LieutenantElizabethtown
Sykes, Dana MichaelSergeantWinston-Salem
Sykes, Don RichardSergeantDurham
Tabron, Bobby RayPrivate First ClassSpring Hope
Tallent, Garry GlennLance CorporalMorganton
Tannenbaum, Donald CharlesCaptainFayetteville
Tanner, Charles ElbertStaff SergeantClarendon
Taste, WadePrivate First ClassCerro Gordo
Tate, Richard LeeSergeantAsheville
Tate, Robert LeeCorporalGastonia
Taylor, Herbert GordanCorporalAhoskie
Taylor, James ErwinCorporalLaurinburg
Taylor, James WadeSpecialist 4Wilbar
Taylor, John FrancisPrivate First ClassWindsor
Taylor, Lee RoySpecialist 4Sampson
Taylor, Phillip earlSpecialist 4Henderson
Taylor, Richard BerryPrivate First ClassMidway Park
Taylor, Rodney EugeneSergeantMcGrady
Taylor, WendellSergeantEnfield
Taylor, William HenryCaptainWilson
Teeter, Roger LynnStaff SergeantSalisbury
Tensley, Clyde LeewisSpecialist 4Thomasville
Tesh, David MiltonSecond LieutenantWinston-Salem
Thackerson, McClurePrivate First ClassHickory
Tharrington, Roosevelt JrCorporalDurham
Thigpen, William HassellFirst LieutenantTarboro
Thomas, Michael JoneLance CorporalSampson
Thomas, Gregory WayneCorporalKings Mountain
Thomas, James ErnestSergeant First ClassGreensboro
Thomas, John WillieSergeantLouisburg
Thomas, Pearly JuniorStaff SergeantTabor City
Thomas, Stephen NeilPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Thompson, Alfred LPrivate First ClassDurham
Thompson, Charlie VancePrivate First ClassStantonsburg
Thompson, DavidSergeant First ClassLumberton
Thompson, Douglas GeraldPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Thompson, Troy Miller JrPrivate First ClassCharlotte
Thompson, William NathanielPrivate First ClassMebane
Thorne, Charles GordonCaptainSelma
Thornton, LeonSergeantOxford
Thorpe, Franklin RooseveltLance CorporalTarboro
Throckmorton, Gary GrayCorporalWinston-Salem
Till, Willard HaroldPrivate First ClassRaleigh
Tilley, Hubert Samuel JrStaff SergeantWinston-Salem
Tillman, John IIILance CorporalLilesville
Tilson, Lane AberhamPrivate First ClassBrevard
Tinsley, Frank DanielPrivate First ClassBrevard
Tippett, Albert AllenSpecialist 4Whitakers
Tisdale, LeonSpecialist 4Greensboro
Toler, Edmond RayPrivate First ClassGoldsboro
Toler, Stanley GrayPrivate First ClassErnul
Towery, Herman TurnerCaptainFort Bragg
Trantham, Raymond FarleyLance CorporalMurphy
Traylor, James DouglasCorporalDurham
trimnal, Gregory NeeseSergeantJamestown
Trivette, John ThomasPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Trogdon, Ronald GaleSpecialist 4Asheboro
Tuck, James William JrCorporalBryson City
Tucker, Alvin BernardPrivate First ClassNashville
Tucker, Donny LynnLance CorporalStanfield
Tucker, Willie JrLance CorporalGreenville
Turner, Larry BurnsSpecialist 4Oakboro
Turner, Robert JosephSergeantThomasville
Turner, William Irvin JrSergeantBowden
Turney, James FredPrivate First ClassPinnacle
Tyndall, John Harvey JrSpecialist 4New Bern
Tyner, Roger MartinSergeantCarthage
Underhill, David JosephSeaman ApprenticeFayetteville
Underwood, Billy LouisPrivate First ClassAsheboro
Underwood, Kenneth FrankPrivate First ClassBurlington
Upchurch, William Hardy JrSergeantDurham
Uszakow, JeanSergeant First ClassFayetteville
Vail, Walter WilberTech SergeantPlymouth
VanHoy, Kenneth EdwardAviation Electronics Technician Radio & Radio Navigation Equipment First ClassGoldsboro
Vernon, Broadus WaynePrivate First ClassAlexis
Bess, Lester StanleyPrivate First ClassOld Fort
Vessels, Charles RobertSergeant First ClassLivingston
Vick, Albert JrSpecialist 4Goldsboro
Vick, Roscoe LSpecialist 4Rocky Mount
Voorhees, Donald LeeSergeant First ClassRaleigh
Waddell, William ThomasStaff SergeantRockingham
Wade, Bickett Orlando JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Wade, Frankie DonSpecialist 4Burlington
Wade, Kenneth EarlSpecialist 4Yanceyville
Wade, LindbergSergeant First ClassRed Springs
Wagner, Jerry LouisSergeantMebane
Walker, Gary WayneSpecialist 4Winston-Salem
Walker, Howard LeslieSergeantBoomer
walker, Larry WayneLance CorporalGreensboro
Walker, Stephen ArchieSergeantCharlotte
Walker, Thomas JamesCorporalGastonia
walker, Willie CCorporalTrenton
Wall, Carl Horace JrLance CorporalGastonia
Wall, Donald LeeStaff SergeantGarner
Wall, James HowellSergeantCullowhee
Wall, Jerry LeeCorporalGreensboro
Wallace, Eugene KennethStaff SergeantFayetteville
Walston, Ruby KennethCorporalAyden
Walters, Jack JrLieutenant CommanderWhiteville
Walton, George SamuelSpecialist 4Roxobel
Walton, WilbertPrivateFayetteville
Ward, Donnie LeePrivate First ClassPollocksville
Ward, William James JrCorporalStantonsburg
Ware, Beverly CostnerSpecialist 4Mount Holly
Warlick, Sam DixonSecond LieutenantRaeford
Waters, ElijahPrivate First ClassSnow Hill
Waters, Samuel Edwin JrMajorMocksville
Watkins, Larry WayneSpecialist 4Kannapolis
Watkins, Reginald AlvinSergeantCharlotte
Watson, Amos CarltonSpecialist 4Wilson
Watson, ArthurSpecialist 4Smithfield
Watson, Jimmy LeeChief Warrant OfficerLucama
Watson, Lee ArthurPrivate First ClassSmithfield
Watson, Richard ColonPrivate First ClassLenoir
Watson, Richard WayneCaptainGoldsboro
Watson, William B JrStaff SergeantDurham
Waycaster, Richard LeeSergeantHorse Shoe
Weaks, Melvin LeePrivate First ClassConcord
Weaver, James OnleyCorporalSwannanoa
Webb, John FrielSpecialist 4Greensboro
Webb, Michael DeanPrivate First ClassMarion
Webb, Wilson Lewis JrPrivateCharlotte
Webster, John ThomasPrivate First ClassBurlington
Wehunt, Robert LeonardCaptainLincolnton
Welborne, Scott TerryPrivate First ClassSalisbury
Welch, Harold HughCorporalShelby
Wellman, Richard DouglasCorporalGastonia
Wellons, Phillip RogersonMajorRaleigh
Wells, Ralph NorwoodSergeantElm City
West, Alderman CarrowayStaff SergeantFayetteville
West, Howard CecilSpecialist 4Clinton
west, Jesse LeonardStaff SergeantFuquay-Varina
West, Roy RogersSpecialist 4Ahoskie
West, Seth Lee JrStaff SergeantKinston
Westmoreland, Bruce WayneSpecialist 4High Point
Westmoreland, Jimmy RogerPrivate First ClassKernersville
Whaley, Carson Leo JrSpecialist 4Richlands
Whelihan, Thomas MeakinSergeantWinterville
Whisenant, Stephen LeeCaptainCharlotte
Whitaker, RudolphPrivate First ClassWilson
White, Ernest BertieSpecialist 5Elizabeth City
White, Ronnie RudolphCorporalAsh
White, Tony Lee VanLance CorporalGastonia
Whitfield, Charles CurtisPrivateKinston
Whitfield, Cicero JrSpecialist 4Tarboro
Whitted, Boyd LeeStaff SergeantAsheville
Wicker, Eugene WesleyCorporalLillington
Wicker, Walter Guy JrCorporalSiler City
Wiglesworth, Ernest Woodrow JrBoatswain's Mate Third ClassGreensboro
Wilder, Bennett GayChief Warrant Officerspring Hope
Wilder, Luther TommySpecialist 4Spring Hope
Wiley, John DudleyCaptainCharlotte
Wilkerson, Willie WoodsonMaster SergeantWillow Springs
Wilkie, Arthur WayneSpecialist 4Hendersonville
Wilkins, George HenryCommanderGoldsboro
Wilkins, Harold EugeneSpecialist 4Vale
Willard, Charles R JrSpecialist 4Charlotte
Willhite, Howard K JrPrivate First ClassGreensboro
Williams, Bill Fred JrSpecialist 4Marion
Williams, Charles EdwardSergeantSmithfield
Williams, Dempsey Hinton IIIFirst LieutenantFayetteville
Williams, EddiePrivate First ClassWhitakers
Williams, Edgar W JrSpecialist 4Durham
Williams, Elbert ThomasPrivate First ClassClinton
williams, Fred AlbertWarrant OfficerRoseboro
Williams, Goler JuniorSergeantDurham
Williams, Harold DavidTech SergeantAberdeen
Williams, James RandallSenior Master SergeantCharlotte
Williams, Jimmy DarrellPrivate First ClassWilliamston
Williams, John Grady JrLance CorporalMount Holly
Williams, Johnny LeroyPrivate First ClassDurham
Williams, Kermit LouisSergeantClinton
Williams, Oscar BurdettStaff SergeantCharlotte
Williams, Remer GarthStaff SergeantRaleigh
Williams, Robert altonStaff SergeantSampson
Williams, Roy Colon JrCaptainEagle Springs
Williams, Terry CharlesSergeantGranite Falls
Williams, Walter AlexanderSpecialist 4Mocksville
Williams, William Smyly JrPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Williamson, AlbertisCorporalAbbottsburg
Williamson, Paul DouglasSpecialist 4Greensboro
Williamson, William NSpecialist 5Wendell
Williford, ElsworthStaff SergeantFayetteville
Willis, William SherrillLieutenant ColonelCoats
Wilson, Harold ThomasPrivate First ClassMebane
Wilson, James Henry JrSergeantJacksonville
Wilson, James MiltonPrivate First ClassMurfreesboro
Wilson, James RobertPrivate First ClassSampson
Wilson, Kenneth PeteSpecialist 4Clinton
Wilson, Richard HerbertSergeantMarble
Wilson, Robert Bruce IVLance CorporalWinston-Salem
Wilson, SylvesterSpecialist 4Roxboro
Wilson, Walter Lee JrSergeantGreenville
Wilson, Wayne VasterStaff SergeantThomasville
Wilson, WoodrowSergeant First ClassHavelock
Winborne, John HutchingsFirst LieutenantEdenton
Wingate, Richard EdwardPrivate First ClassBelmont
Wisham, Charles RichardPrivate First ClassFayetteville
Womble, David LeeCorporalBear Creek
Wood, Walter SuttonLieutenant CommanderFort Bragg
Woodard, John DouglasBoatswain's Mate Third ClassClyde
Woodard, Robert BraxtonPrivateHolly Springs
Woods, David EdwardPrivate First ClassWinston-Salem
Woods, James BakerCaptainDavidson
Woods, James ThomasSergeantFerguson
Worley, Michael GreggFirst LieutenantLeicester
Worley, RomSpecialist 6Walnut
Wray, Van ThomasSpecialist 4Stoneville
Wrenn, Fred MelvinSpecialist 4Charlotte
wrenn, Larry CurtisCorporalFayetteville
Wright, Donald WoodsonCaptainBlack Mountain
Wright, Franklin EarlGunners Mate Guns Second ClassCherryville
Wright, Harvey WayneSpecialist 4Laurinburg
Wright, Herbert Coleman JrLance CorporalBlack Mountain
Wright, Kay WilliamCorporalSalisbury
Wright, Willard GeraldPrivate First ClassLeaksville
Yarboro, Donald RayCorporalLaurinburg
York, Don JosephCaptainAsheville
York, William PratherLance CorporalLiberty
Young, Colon DavidSpecialist 4Hickory
Young, FredStaff SergeantGreensboro
Young, Richard ThomasStaff SergeantHildebran
Young, William Winifred JrPrivate First ClassAsheville
Zayas, Jose EnriqueSpecialist 5High Point

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