North Carolina State Treasurers

State Treasurers were appointed by the lower house beginning in 1715. In 1735, the office was divided into two districts, Northern and Southern. In 1779, the office was divided in to six districts, Edenton, Halifax, Hillsboro, New Bern, Salisbury and Wilmington. A seventh district, Morgan, was created in 1782. In 1784, the office was combined and one individual was appointed by both houses as treasurer. In 1868, the office was an elected position according to the state constitution. There is a gap in this listing for this office from 1775 to 1777, possibly due to the change from Colonial Government to self-government.

TreasurerTook OfficeLeft Office
Moseley, Edward17151735
Smith, William17351735
Downing, William (Northern District)17351739
Moseley, Edward (Southern District)17351749
Smith, William (Northern District)17391740
Hodgson, John (Northern District)17401748
Barker, Thomas (Northern District)17481752
Allen, Eleazer (Southern District)17491750
Starkey, John (Southern District)17501765
Haywood, John (Northern District)17521754
Barker, Thomas (Northern District)17541764
Montfort, Joseph (Northern District)17641775
Swann, Samuel (Southern District)17651766
Ashe, John (Southern District)17661773
Caswell, Richard (Southern District)17731775
Johnston, Samuel (Northern District17751775
Ashe, John (Southern District, then Wilmington District)17771781
Skinner, William (Northern District, then Edenton District)17771784
Hill, Green (Halifax District)17791784
Cogdell, Richard (New Bern District)17791784
Cathey, William (Salisbury District)17791781
Jones, Matthew (Hillsboro District)17791782
Bloodworth, Timothy (Wilmington District)17811784
Lanier, Robert (Salisbury District)17821784
Hunt, Memucan (Hillsboro District)17821784
Brown, John (Morgan District)17821784
Exum, Benjamin (New Bern District)17821784
Hunt, Memucan17841787
Haywood, John17871827
Robards, William S18271830
Mhoon, William S18311835
Patterson, Samuel F18351837
Courts, Daniel W18371839
Hinton, Charles L18391843
Wheeler, John H18431845
Hinton, Charles L18451851
Courts, Daniel W18511863
Worth, Jonathan18631865
Sloan, William18651866
Battle, Kemp P18661868
Jenkins, David A18681876
Worth, John M18761885
Bain, Donald W18851892
Tate, Samuel McDowell18921895
Worth, William H18951901
Lacy, Benjamin R19011929
O'Berry, Nathan19291932
Stedman, John P19321932
Johnson, Charles M19331949
Hodges, Brandon P19491953
Gill, Edwin M19531977
Boyles, Harlan E19772001
Moore, Richard H20012009
Cowell, Janet2009Present

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