North Carolina State Supreme Court

The North Carolina Supreme Court was established as a separate entity in 1818. The first judges were John Louis Taylor, Leonard Henderson, and John Hall and appointed by state legislature. The three judges were allowed to choose their own chief and they chose Taylor. In 1868, with the adoption of the state constitution, the judges, including the chief justice, have been elected by a non-partisan popular vote for an eight-year term with no term limits.

North Carolina Supreme Court Justices

JusticeTook OfficeLeft Office
Adams, William J19211934
Allen, William Reynolds19031926
Ashe, Thomas Samuel18781887
Avery, Alphonso C18891897
Barnhill, Maurice Victor19371956
Battle, William Horn1848
Beasley, Cheri2013Present
Billings, Rhoda19851986
Bobbitt, William H19541974
Boyden, Nathaniel18721873
Brady, Edward Thomas20032010
Branch, Joseph19661986
Britt, David M19781982
Brock, Walter E19791980
Brogden, W J19261935
Brown, George H19051920
Burwell, Armistead18921894
Butterfield, G K20012002
Bynum, William P18731909
Carlton, J Phil19791983
Clark, Walter18891924
Clarkson, Heriot19231942
Connor, Henry G19031909
Connor, George Whitfield19031909
Cooke, Charles A19011903
Copeland, J William19751985
Daniel, Joseph J18321848
Davis, Joseph J18871892
Denny, Emery B19421966
Devin, William A19351954
Dick, Robert P18681872
Dillard, John H18781881
Douglas, Robert M18961904
Edmunds, Robert H Jr2001Present
Ervin, Sam19481954
Ervin, Sam J IV2015Present
Exum, James G19741995
Faircloth, William T18951901
Freeman, Franklin20002000
Frye, Henry19832001
Furches, David M18941903
Gaston, William18331844
Hall, John18191832
Henderson, Leonard18181833
Higgins, Carlisle19541974
Hoke, William A19041925
Hudson, Robin H2007Present
Hunter, Robert N Jr20142014
Huskins, J Frank19681982
Jackson, Barbara2011Present
Johnson, Jefferson D Jr19501960
Lake, I Beverly1985
Lake, I Beverly Sr19651978
MacRae, James C18921895
Manly, Matthias Evans18601865
Manning, James S19091911
Martin, Harry C19821992
Martin, Mark1999Present
Merrimon, Augustus Summerfield18831892
Meyer, Louis B19811994
Mitchell, Burley19821999
Montgomery, Walter A18941905
Moore, Dan K19691978
Nash, Frederick18441858
Newby, Paul Martin2004 
Orr, Robert F19942004
Parker, R Hunt19521969
Parker, Sarah19932014
Pearson, Richmond Mumford18481878
Reade, Edwin Godwin18681879
Rodman, William B18681879
Rodman, William B Jr19561965
Ruffin, Thomas1829
Ruffin, Thomas Jr18811883
Schenck, Michael19341948
Seawell, Aaron A F19381950
Settle, Thomas18681871
Sharp, Susie19621979
Shepherd, James E18881895
Smith, William Nathan Harrell18781889
Stacy, Walter P19251951
Taylor, John Louis18181829
Timmons-Goodson, Patricia20062011
Toomer, John D18291829
Valentine, Itimous T Sr19511952
Varser, Lycurgus R19851985
Vaughn, Earl W19851985
Wainwright, George L Jr19982006
Walker, Platt D19031926
Webb, John19861998
Whichard, Willis19861998
Winborne, J Wallace19371962
Wynn, James A Jr19981998

Chief Justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Chief JusticeBecame ChiefEnded as Chief
Taylor, John Louis18181829
Henderson, Leonard18291833
Ruffin, Thomas18331852
Nash, Frederick18521858
Pearson, Richmond Mumford18581878
Smith, William Nathan Harrell18781889
Merrimon, Augustus Summerfield18891892
Shepherd, James E18931895
Faircloth, William T18951901
Furches, David M19011903
Clark, Walter19031924
Hoke, William A19241925
Stacy, Walter P19251951
Devin, William A19511954
Barnhill, M V19541956
Winborne, J Wallace19561962
Denny, Emery B19621966
Parker, R Hunt19661969
Bobbitt, William H19691974
Sharp, Susie19751979
Branch, Joseph19791986
Billings, Rhoda19861986
Exum, James G19861995
Mitchell, Burley19951999
Frye, Henry19992001
Lake, I Beverly Jr20012006
Parker, Sarah20062014
Martin, Mark2014Present

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