Spanish Attack on the Town of Beaufort

Early on the Spanish posed a threat to the nearly defenseless Carolina coastline. In 1741 and 1744 Spanish Privateers harrassed the coastline, especially off of Ocracoke Inlet. Then in 1747 they entered Beaufort Harbor threatening the town. Militia troops were hurriedly gathered under the command of Major Enoch Ward and held the Spanish until August 26th when they captured the town. However, Colonel Thomas Lovick and Captain Charles Cogdell gathered sufficient troops to force the Spanish from the town by early September. This was not the end to the Spanish forays along the coast, the next year they threatened the Lower Cape Fear. On 4 Sep 1748, two Spanish ships came ashore and attacked Brunswick. Help was called and William Dry gathered his militia. The 67-man force attacked the looters. The surprised sailors attempted to return to their ships. Many were killed or captured. In the ensuing battle, one of the ships exploded and sank. The other ship disengaged and left. Dry's forces and some other hired sailors took whatever property they could from vessel. They sold the valuables and slaves. The funds financed the construction of St Philip's Church in Brunswick and St James Church in Wilmington. The vulnerability exposed in the last attack was one of the reasons Brunswick was eventually abandoned.

The following are soldiers in Col Lovick's Regiment who responded to the alarms of attacks and expected attacks by the Spanish on the city of Beaufort and it's harbor.

June 14th, 1747 - Spanish ships lay in the bay, taking several ships.
Captain Cogdell, Charles  
Private Gibble, Dederick Rgt Clerk Read, George
Private Lewis, Peter Private Austin, Thomas Sr
Private Negus, Samuel Private Bell, Newell
Private Neithercott, George Private Cole, William
Private Rees, Daniel Private Dennis, William
Private Shepard, David Private Everett, Daniel

August 26, 1747 - Men on duty when Beaufort was taken.
Major Ward, Enoch  
Private Jones, Ambrose Lieutenant Fuller, Edward
Private McDowell, John Ensign Cogdell, Richard
Private Merryhew, Timothy Ensign Shackleford, John
Private Neithercott, George Rgt Clerk Read, George
Private Nelson, Elias Sergeant Bell, George
Private Nelson, John Sergeant Canaday, Thomas
Private Owen, William Sergeant Moriss, Joseph
Private Piver, Peter Private Adams, Andrew
Private Polk, Robert Private Arthur, John
Private Roberts, William Private Austin, Thomas Jr
Private Ross, Daniel Private Bell, John
Private Shackleford, John Private Bell, Newell
Private Shepard, Edward Private Bell, Ross
Private Simpson, Cornelius Private Bowen, William
Private Simpson, Edward Private Canaday, Cornel
Private Simpson, John Private Canaday, Richard
Private Simpson, Joshua Private Cole, William
Private Thompson, Richard Private Davis, Joseph
Private Waldron, Resolve Private Fulford, Joseph
Private Ward, Richard Private Fulford, Joseph Jr
Private Ward, Valentine Private Gabriel, Richard
Private Weeks, Jonas Private Gibble, Dederick
Private Welsh, Lewis Private Gillikin, Thomas
Private Whitehurst, Samuel Private Gillikin, Thomas Jr
Private Williamson, John Private Guthrie, Benjamin
Private Williamson, Richard Private Hancock, Benjamin
Private Williston, John Private Hancock, Nathaniel
Private Willistons, Thomas Private Howland, Samuel
Private Dennis, William  

September 1st, 1747
Major Ward, Enoch Captain, Cogdell, Charles
Private Dennis, William Private Fulford, Joseph Jr
Ensign Cogdell, Richard Private Gibble, Dederick
Rgt Clerk Read, George Private Merryhew, Timothy
Private Bell, John Private Neithercott, George
Private Bell, Newell Private Pacquinett, Nicholas
Private Burn, William Private Rees, Daniel
Private Cogdell, George Private Shepard, Edward
Private Cole, William Private Thompson, Richard

September 10th, 1747
Captain Cogdell, Charles  
Private Howland, Samuel Lieutenant Fuller, Edward
Private Jones, Ambrose Ensign Cogdell, Richard
Private Lewis, David Rgt Clerk Read, George
Private Love, Thomas Sergeant Canaday, Thomas
Private McDowell, John Sergeant Morris, Joseph
Private Meders, Jobe Sergeant Williston, John
Private Merryhew, Timothy Private Adams, Andrew
Private Nash, Joshua Private Austin, Thomas Sr
Private Negus, Samuel Private Austin, Thomas
Private Owen, William Private Bell, James Jr
Private Parker, Isaac Private Bell, John
Private Piver, Peter Private Bell, Newell
Private Potts, Robert Private Bell, Ross
Private Quin, Laughlin Private Beven, William
Private Rees, Daniel Private Brown, John
Private Roberts, John Private Canaday, Richard
Private Roberts, William Private Catholick, Daniel
Private Shepard, Edward Private Chadwick, Ephraim
Private Shepard, David Private Cogdell, George
Private Simpson, Cornelius Private Cogdell, John
Private Simpson, Edward Private Cole, William
Private Simpson, Joshua Private Davis, Joseph
Private Small, Benjamin and son Private Dennis, William
Private Taylor, William Private Everitt, Daniel
Private Thompson, Richard Private Fulford, Joseph
Private Ward, Richard Private Gabriel, Richard
Private Ward, Valentine Private Gibble, Dederick
Private Weeks, Jonas Private Gillikin, Thomas
Private Wharton, Maddock Private Gillikin, Thomas Jr
Private Whitehurst, Samuel Private Guthrie, Benjamin
Private Williamson, Richard Private Hancock, Benjamin
Private Williston, Thomas Private Hancock, Nathaniel
Private Woodland, James Private Hicks, David

New Hanover County - John Ashe's Company during the Spanish Alarm
Captain Ashe, John Howard, John
Lieutenant Ashe, Samuel Jameson, David
Ensign Merrick, Thomas Larcy, Cornelius
Ensign Scott, Richard Louber, Michael
Sergeant Alexander, Francis Louber, Michael Jr
Sergeant Dudley, Christian Mason, Caleb
Alexander, Ezekiel McClarney, John
Alexander, Joseph McClarney, Thomas
Batson, Peter Mitchel, William
Batson, Thomas Morgan, Morgan
Bowen, David Morris, James
Bowen, Luke Morris, Solomon
Bishop, Grier Morris, William
Bishop, Stokely Nichols, William
Cunningham, Thomas Nixon, Joshua
Costen, John Nixon, Morgan
Costen, Peter Nixon, Robert
Costen, Stephen Nixon, Thomas
Craven, Timothy Nixon, Thomas Jr
Crocker, Roland Player, Richard
Deiton, Thomas Preist, Richard
Dixon, Francis Price, Joseph
Dixon, Thomas Scibbo, Henry
Dixon, William Sill, Oswell
Doe, Ralph Stokely, Capewell
Doe, Samuel Stokely, Thomas
Earle, Richard Sudbury, James
Fabian, Andrew Sudbury, Woodmen
Faris, Isaac Swann, William
Fling, Daniel Townsend, Solomon
Griffith, Jeremiah Townsend, Thomas
Gurley, Benjamin Wharton, John
Hawkins, Stephen Wild, George
Henesey, John Williams, David

Currituck County - Capt William Bray's Company

A True List of all the Soldiers belonging to the Company under My Command Viz.

William Bray

Lieutent White, Joshua Ensign Legett, Absalom
Sergeant Halsted, Lamuel Corporal Etheridge, Willis
Sergeant Whitehurst, Gideon Corporal Ferebee, William
Sergeant Daudge, Benjamin Corporal Daudge, Willoughby
Drummer Simmons, John B--erd, Samuel Seignior
Glasgon, Caleb Gregory, Grifeth
Gregory, Cornelius Illegible, Caleb (smeared)
Morisset, Peter Illegible, William (smeared)
Hutchens, Junior Thomas Illegible, J (smeared)
Daudge, Peter (smeared)
Reeken, Solomon Illegible, Henry (smeared)
Whitehurst, Jonathan Illegible, John (smeared)
Varden, Silven Illegible, Samuel (smeared) Seignoir
Illegible, Jeremiah Tom(smeared) (smeared)
Lee, Josiah Illegible, John (smeared)
Illegible, John Ba(smeared) Illegible, Moses P(smeared)
Etheridge, John Illegible, James (smeared)
Lee, Samuel Junior Bigg, James
Etheridge, Solomon Etheridge, James
Poyner, Josyah Illegible, John Bar(smeared)
Heath, Robert Etheridge, Caleb
Havord, Thomas Bell, Caleb
Taylor, Joshua Lee, William
Simmons, Asa Perkins, Thomas
Ferebee, Thomas Brook, Robert
Lee, Malachi Muncrief, William
Ferebee, Peter Jones, Samuel
Barnard, Luke Fenton, Thomas
Ellis, John Glasgow, Thomas
Hughes, John Caps, Phillips
Muncrief, Willoughby Barnard, Samuel Junior

New Hanover County - William Dry's Company
Lieutenant Schenck, J MooreEnsign Moore, William
Sergeant Wingate, Edward  
Private Allen, Eleanor Private Moore, Berringer
Private Bell, James Private Moore, James
Private Bell, John Private Moore, John
Private Bell, Thomas Private Moore, Maurice Sr
Private Blake, John Private Morrison, Benjamin
Private Bosheer, Henry Private Nicholas, George
Private Cain, Christopher Private Ogden, Isaac
Private Cowen, Duncan Private Ogden, Solomon
Private Daniels, John Private Pemberton, Edward
Private Davis, Thomas Private Porter, Edward
Private Davis, William Private Rhodes, Francis
Private Davis, John Jr Private Richardson, George
Private Fletcher, Thomas Private Shaw, Henry
Private Galloway, James Private Simmons, Henry
Private Gibbes, George Private Simmons, Jacob
Private Gibbes, John Private Simmons, John
Private Grady, William Private Simpson, Edward
Private Grange, John Private Simpson, William Sr
Private Hall, John Private Sulivant, John
Private Harnett, Cornelius Private Thomas, Francis
Private Hasell, James Jr Private Watters, John
Private Howard, Simon Private Watters, Joseph
Private Jane, John Private Watters, William
Private Jarvis, Samuel Private White, Burgess
Private Leay, John Private White, Thomas
Private Lewis, Harrison Private Willis, Hope
Private Lewis, James Private Wingate, John
Private Lewis, Joseph Private Wingate, Edward Jr
Private Lewis, William Private Wooldrick, John
Private Lord, Peter Private Wright, John
Private Lucas, John  

Martin County - 1748

Volunteers and Draftees


Isaac Boyt Bentley Manning
Needom Bryan Edward Mizell
David Carraway Ezekial Moore
Jonathan Cherry Jacob Morris
Benjamin Cippin James Mosely
Joseph Cooper Stephen Outbridge
Lorton Cooper John Parker
Ephraim Coward William Purvis
Simon Daniel Joseph Reading
John Davies John Redditt Jr
William Dew Ebenezer Slade
David Everitt Jesse Staten
John Garrett John Summit
Benjamin Hardison Joseph Taylor
David Hinson Thomas Watson
Christopher Hynds Thomas Williams
Abraham Johnston Jonas Wood
Martin Joyce
Joseph Lee
Marium Manning
John Manning


Henry Bate James Robeson
John Bonner Samuel Smithwick
James Brumfiled William Sumner
John Cross Daniel Swain
George Ethingham William Turlington
John Harrel Joseph Hinson Warren
Joshua Hodges William Whitfield
Samuel Moore Samuel Willard
Elijah Price

Northhampton County - 1748

Regimental Officers

Colonel Dawson, John
Lt Col Edwards, John
Major Manney, James
Captain Moore, John
Lt Bradford, Thomas
Ensign Avent, William
Captain Cottin, Samuel
Lt Cottin, Arthur
Ensign Cottin, Thomas
Captain Short, William
Lt Barrett, Thomas
Ensign Short, John
Captain Bennett, William
Lt Boddie, William
Ensign Bennett, William
Captain Deberry, John
Lt Facen, James
Ensign Deberry, _____
Captain Dew, John
Lt Sherard, Arthur
Ensign Tyner, William
Captain Battle, William
Lt Brett, Joseph
Ensign Darden, Elisha

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