Scouting in North Carolina

    Scouting has a very rich tradition in North Carolina. The first Boy Scout Troop was started in Greensboro in 1910. The Greensboro Area Council was formed in 1918. The Lone Scout Program began for boys in rural areas. In 1924, the Lone Scout Program was incorporated into the Boy Scouts. In Winston-Salem, the first scout troop was chartered at the Fairview Moravian Church in 1911. With the formation of sixteen troops in the area, the Winston-Salem Council was organized in 1918. In 1928, six counties joined the council. The Winston-Salem Council changed its name in 1941 to Old Hickory.
    While segregation was in operation in southern states, scouting was no exception. One district in each council was assigned for black troops. Black camps were operated. However, funding for the black troops and black camps were disproportional to white troops and camps. When desegregation occurred, the troops and camps were also desegregated. One of the first black troops was formed in Elizabeth City in 1911.
    Cub Scouting in North Carolina began the same time as the rest of the country, 1930. Since then, scouting has flourished.

    Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts:


    CouncilOffice LocationDate Council Organized
    Cape Fear CouncilWilmington1930
    Central North Carolina CouncilAlbemarle1937
    Greensboro Area CouncilGreensboro1918
    Cherokee CouncilReidsville
    merged into Old North State Council in 1990s
    Daniel Boone CouncilAsheville1925
    East Carolina CouncilKinston1932
    General Greene CouncilGreensboro
    merged into Old North State Council in 1990s
    Mecklenburg County CouncilCharlotte1915
    Occoneechee CouncilRaleigh1929
    Old Hickory CouncilWinston-Salem1942
    Old North State Council 
    Piedmont CouncilGastonia1924
    Tidewater CouncilVirginia Beach, Va1935
    Tuscarora CouncilGoldsboro1923
    Uwharrie CouncilHigh Point
    merged into Old North State Council in 1990s


    Beck Scout Camp
    Previously known as Clear Creek Scout Camp
    MidlandMecklenburg County1987
    Camp Bob HardinSaludaPalmetto Council (SC) 
    Camp BowersWhite OakCape Fear1981
    Camp Bud SchieleRutherfordtonPiedmont1982
    Camp Boddie
    AKA Camp Herbart C Bonner
    Blounts CreekEast Carolina1969
    Camp CabarrusCabarrus CountyCentral NC 
    Camp CampbellKerr LakeOcconeechee 
    Camp CherokeeYanceyvilleCherokee1924
    Cherokee Scout ReservationYanceyvilleOld North State1968
    Cherokee Scout ReservationWentworthCherokee
    moved to present location in 1968
    Camp Daniel BooneCantonDaniel Boone 
    Camp DurantCarthageOcconeechee1980
    Camp GrimesNeboMecklenburg County Council1976
    H Clay Hemrick Scout ReservationKerr Lake, VirginiaOld North State 
    Hagan Sea BaseHigh Rock LakeOld North State 
    Camp John J BarnhardtStanly CountyCentral NC1966
    Pamlico Sea Base East Carolina 
    Raven Knob Scout ReservationMt AiryOld Hickory1954
    Camp ReevesCarthageOcconeechee 
    Camp TuscaroraFour OaksTuscarora1923
    Woodfield Scout ReservationRandolph CountyOld North State1989

    Eagle Scouts:

    Eagle ScoutCouncil EarnedDate AwardedOther Info
    Abbott, ChrisEast Carolina1981 
    Abbott, KeithEast Carolina1956 
    Abrams, Jimmy PaulCape Fear1980 
    Absher, Hugh PrestonOcconeechee2006 
    Absher, Robert ThomasOcconeechee2000 
    Adams, James HCentral NC1988 
    Alden, Roger DavidGeneral Greene1962 
    Allen, JamesCherokee1993 
    Aman, Charles DavidCherokee1984 
    Anderson, Bruce EEast Carolina1973 
    Apsitis, Joshua StephenMecklenburg County2010 
    Arrowood, Shane DonovanPiedmont1999 
    Asbill, SethOcconeechee2001 
    Ashby, Jonathan MMecklenburg County2009 
    Ashby, Kristopher GMecklenburg County2012 
    Atherton, Michael AllanPiedmont1999 
    Atkinson, Thomas EDaniel Boone1955 
    Ayers, Hudson RandalOcconeechee2012 
    Badgett, KenOld Hickory1981 
    Banks, Alan CMecklenburg County1979 
    Badgett, PhilOld Hickory1983 
    Barbe, Steven MichaelEast Carolina2008 
    Barbee, Ben C IVCherokee1995 
    Barker, Jesse JeromeEast Carolina2001 
    Barker, StephenPiedmont1999 
    Barksdale, David PUwharrie1979 
    Barnhardt, Jason RCentral NC2011 
    Barnhardt, Troy WayneCentral NC1961 
    Barnhardt, WillMecklenburg County1968 
    Barnhardt, William O JrCentral NC1956 
    Barnhardt, William O IIICentral NC1984 
    Barnhill, William GrayOcconeechee2012 
    Batten, Anthony PaulTuscarora1976 
    Batten, HunterTuscarora2003 
    Beare, BobbyTuscarora2011 
    Bedwell, Stephen JayOcconeechee2012 
    Bell, Jimmy B JrOcconeechee1987 
    Bell, Thomas Frederick IIOld Hickory1995 
    Benson, Shane ThomasCentral NC2012 
    Bernath, Nicholas AntonOcconeechee2011 
    Betka, Robert StevenGeneral Greene1990 
    Bingler, Benjamin WMecklenburg County2012 
    Bizzell, Greg AGeneral Greene1977 
    Blackwood, Austin ThomasOcconeechee2012 
    Blake, Lewis deVeaux IVOcconeechee2004 
    Blake, William HOcconeechee2006 
    Blakemore, Charles CorbinOcconeechee2005 
    Blankenship, Andrew LeeCentral NC2012 
    Blankenship, Edwin LeeCentral NC1977 
    Blankenship, Robert WayneCentral NC2007 
    Blizzard, Orion Rolf IIITuscaroro1990 
    Blue, Tony LynnGeneral Greene1978 
    Blum, AdamOcconeechee2012 
    Bode, Richard Henry IIIEast Carolina1973 
    Bolick, Christopher WilliamDaniel Boone2011 
    Bolick, Troy DanielPiedmont2011 
    Bouldin, SteveUwharrie1978 
    Bowles, Paul Edward JrUwharrie1957 
    Boyd, Richard JamesCherokee1980 
    Boyette, James StatonMecklenburg County1989 
    Boyette, Joseph EricTuscarora1989 
    Bost, JeremyCentral NC1994 
    Brandon, LawrenceUwharrie1969 
    Brewer, William IIIOld Hickory1976 
    Brians, Tyler AveryMecklenburg County2011 
    Bright, MatthewPiedmont2012 
    Britt, MatthewOcconeechee2002 
    Britt, Ralph MichaelCentral NC1985 
    Broadwell, Daniel JrOcconeechee1988 
    Brooks, James DennisOcconeechee1970 
    Brown, KennethEast Carolina1984 
    Brown, Nathan DavidEast Carolina1992 
    Brown, Robert Allen JrTuscarora2012 
    Brown, Zachary RyanOld Hickory2012 
    Brubaker, David KeithOcconeechee1969 
    Brumble, MikeCherokee1973 
    Bryan, Alex CainEast Carolina2008 
    Bryan, Ian LukeEast Carolina2005 
    Buchanan, Tyler BMecklenburg County2011 
    Bullard, SamOld North State1987 
    Bunch, Jesse LafayetteEast Carolina1987 
    Burch, Michael PatrickCape Fear1980 
    Burns, KeithCape Fear1984 
    Burns, William GeorgeCentral NC1986 
    Burton, William RogerEast Carolina1968 
    Butler, Daniel KennethOcconeechee2006 
    Byrd, William Earle JrMecklenburg County1987 
    Cabiness, CalebOld North State2012 
    Campbell, Timothy RobertCentral NC2002 
    Carpenter, WilliamOcconeechee1996 
    Casey, John AllenOcconeechee1975 
    Casey, John AllenOcconeechee2008 
    Caskey, Scott LeePiedmont1991 
    Chambers, Daryl JamesOld Hickory1981 
    Chandler, Robert M JrEast Carolina1950 
    Chandler, Robert M IIIEast Carolina1998 
    Chandler, TedCherokee1975 
    Cherry, Morris Lynwood JrOcconeechee1964 
    Church, Jonathan WesleyOld Hickory2008 
    Cline, Andrew CalebPiedmont2011 
    Cloninger, Jacob LPiedmont2005 
    Cloud, MitchellMecklenburg County2008 
    Coats, BennyTuscarora1972 
    Coats, Patrick IIOcconeechee2012 
    Cobb, Arnold Gene JrEast Carolina1972 
    Cobb, GeorgeOcconeechee1971 
    Coble, ChadCherokee1983 
    Coble, StephenCherokee1985 
    Colby, Aaron LeePiedmont2010 
    Coleman, Robert Edwin IIIOcconeechee2000 
    Collette, James StephenPiedmont2010 
    Collier, Samuel LoganEast Carolina2011 
    Collins, JohnMecklenburg County1988 
    Collins, Randy LeeOld Hickory1980 
    Comerford, CharlesCentral NC2006 
    Conklin, Baron LeeOcconeechee1963 
    Conley, TyPiedmont2010 
    Cooper, Brian QuincyPiedmont1984 
    Cooper, JacobPiedmont2010 
    Corcoran, William RobertOld Hickory2012 
    Cornelius, Charles WadeOld Hickory1981 
    Cornett, Douglas RPiedmont1982 
    Costner, BertPiedmont1992 
    Costner, James ChristopherPiedmont2000 
    Costner, StevePiedmont1960 
    Cottrill, Wesley KMecklenburg County2012 
    Cox, James CabotMecklenburg County2011 
    Cox, MattOcconeechee2001 
    Craft, John ROcconeechee1967 
    Craven, Adam ChristopherOcconeechee2005 
    Craven, Christopher FletcherOld North State1976 
    Creede, Brandon DonaldOcconeechee2011 
    Cremer, Alexander QuentinDaniel Boone2007 
    Crockett, David MarkMecklenburg County1994 
    Croom, Robert Henry IIIOcconeechee1950 
    Crosby, Robert DouglasPiedmont1972 
    Crouse, Gregory LeeOld Hickory1995 
    Crowder, Thomas GarrettOcconeechee1971 
    Crump, Joshua TaylorMecklenburg County2012 
    Cunningham, Tony Fitzgerald SrTuscarora1981 
    Curry, Jonathan FaizonPiedmont2008 
    Dall, Jeffrey AsaEast Carolina1978 
    Dall, Wesley BryantEast Carolina1981 
    Dancy, Aaron MitchellOld Hickory2008 
    Daughtridge, William Gray JrEast Carolina1970 
    Davidson, Christopher BrianMecklenburg County1988 
    Davis, J Spencer JrOld Hickory1991 
    Diamont, Donald LaneOld Hickory1966 
    Dick, Aaron GranseurCentral NC1999 
    Dickerson, James MarshallPiedmont1980 
    Disaro, DevonPiedmont2009 
    Dolejs, Ian FosterOcconeechee2011 
    Douglas, Robert Dick JrGreensboro1926 
    Drake, Phillip BrianMecklenburg County1988 
    Duckett, James RyanDaniel Boone2008 
    Duncan, Richard DavidEast Carolina1982 
    Dusenbury, David PhillipOcconeechee1981 
    Dwiggins, Clayton JamesOld North State2007 
    Eagles, Benjamin LoganEast Carolina1988 
    Eaton, ChrisPiedmont2009 
    Earnhardt, Tommy KayeCentral NC1974 
    Eckholdt, DavidOld Hickory1993 
    Edmiston, GanttCentral NC1973 
    Eggers, JustinOld Hickory2012 
    Elks, Michael LawrenceEast Carolina1980 
    Elliott, Jeremiah DavidEast Carolina2008 
    Ellis, Brazion CraigTuscarora1955 
    Ellis, Daniel SolomonMecklenburg County2011 
    Esterly, ChipOcconeechee1981 
    Estridge, DavidCentral NC1988 
    Everett, Simon TurnerOcconeechee1999 
    Faltisco, Kyle MaxwellOcconeechee2010 
    Farrar, Wayne PhillipOcconeechee1978 
    Faulkner, David FOld North State1985 
    Fearrington, Joseph LukeCentral NC2012 
    Fender, ErrettEast Carolina1985 
    Fields, Eugene WarrenTuscarora1994 
    Fink, Jackson MarkCentral NC2012 
    Fisher, RobCape Fear1987 
    Fitzgerald, Jeremy HunterMecklenburg County2011 
    Flay, Charles James IIIOld Hickory2012 
    Fleming, William McKay JrOcconeechee1980 
    Fleming, William McKay IIIOcconeechee2010 
    Fletcher, John WesleyOld Hickory2012 
    Fogleman, DanielPiedmont2011 
    Forbes, WestleyPiedmont2009 
    Forrest, AlanOcconeechee1984 
    Foster, Fred EdwardOld Hickory2012 
    Fox, Sean PatrickMecklenburg County2010 
    Fox, Steven Randall JrOcconeechee2010 
    Fralix, Michael TEast Carolina1971 
    Fuller, StevenOcconeechee1981 
    Fussell, Andrew NathanTuscarora2008 
    Gallimore, KimUwharrie1970 
    Gantt, Don WilliamMecklenburg County1978 
    Garges, FrederickMecklenburg County1961 
    Garner, Kurt John-CharlesTuscarora1998 
    Garwood, Charles AndersonUwharrie1967 
    Garwood, John JosephOld North State1999 
    Gault, Boyce Haywood IIIMecklenburg County1977 
    Gay, Alexander JamesOcconeechee2010 
    Gay, Samuel StephenOcconeechee2012 
    Gay, W R JrEast Carolina1978 
    Gaylord, William TimothyTidewater1962 
    Gibson, Scott DavidOcconeechee1988 
    Gilchrist, Peter Spence IIIMecklenburg County1953 
    Gilliland, Roy LewisOcconeechee1979 
    Glass, Paul EdwardGeneral Greene1957 
    Glass, Stephen FredGeneral Greene1955 
    Glover, Johnny WayneOcconeechee1967 
    Goettge, KevinDaniel Boone2011 
    Goodnight, Mark CalebCentral NC1973 
    Goulding, Joseph BrettCape Fear2000 
    Grady, AdamTuscarora2000 
    Grady, Charles Edward IIIOcconeechee1997 
    Grady, John David IIITuscarora1957 
    Gramley, JoeOld Hickory2008 
    Graves, James DouglasOcconeechee2011 
    Greene, Lester Maxwell IIIEast Carolina1968 
    Greene, SethCentral NC2011 
    Greene, Tony EdwardCentral NC1980 
    Greeson, BenCentral NC2012 
    Griffin, Mark StevenOld Hickory1979 
    Griffiths, Allan DanielCentral NC2009 
    Grimes, Greg ThomasTuscarora1973 
    Grinder, Dan FrederickOcconeechee2000 
    Griggs, Camden MitchellMecklenburg County2011 
    Grummert, CoryEast Carolina1996 
    Gualteros, MichaelOcconeechee2012 
    Gunter, AlexanderMecklenburg County1997 
    Haas, David AllenCentral NC2008 
    Hackney, James Acra IIIEast Carolina1954 
    Hadley, William WrennOld Hickory1976 
    Hagarty, Dennis EDaniel Boone1970 
    Hagler, MontyMecklenburg County1983 
    Halligan, JamesOcconeechee2012 
    Hamby, John DuncanOcconeechee2010 
    Hamlin, BlakeOcconeechee2002 
    Hampson, MatthewOcconeechee2007 
    Hansen, Matthew AllenPiedmont2012 
    Harden, Holmes PlexicoGeneral Greene1972 
    Harling, David HTuscarora1963 
    Harmon, Charles AndersonOld Hickory1980 
    Harper, Tim DEast Carolina1974 
    Harris, Andre MarcelOcconeechee2007 
    Harris, Daniel MOcconeechee2005 
    Harris, Timothy BolterOcconeechee2010 
    Harrison, Reginald WoodrowEast Carolina1956 
    Hartman, Gregory MarkCentral NC2009 
    Hasenauer, David MannOcconeechee2010 
    Heathcote, SamuelOcconeechee2002 
    Hedrick, Charles CameronCentral NC1977 
    Heffner, Trevor James AlexanderMecklenburg County2012 
    Heil, JosephOcconeechee2004 
    Heiser, Richard WayneOcconeechee1967 
    Helbig, David NOcconeechee2008 
    Helm, Cody AaronOcconeechee2012 
    Helms, Jerry WayneCentral NC1971 
    Henderson, Stephen DOcconeechee1998 
    Henkel, Taylor ReecePiedmont2010 
    Hensley, David AnthonyDaniel Boone2009 
    Hensley, Jeff LDaniel Boone1979 
    Henson, Alex Francis PooleyTuscarora2007 
    Henson, Bradley JamesTuscarora2012 
    Henson, Perry Cleveland JrGeneral Greene1969 
    Herring, Geddie Maxwell IIOcconeechee1999 
    Hester, Jerry LooperUwharrie1947 
    Hicks, Tyson HUwharrie1990 
    Hinson, Bradley RyanCentral NC2011 
    Hinson, Richard MerrillCentral NC1967 
    Hinson, Thomas ChristopherCentral NC1993 
    Hobgood, Lacy ChadwickOcconeechee1990 
    Holderness, CharlieOld North State2001 
    Hollar, Dale EdwinPiedmont1962 
    Hollyfield, RobbieOld Hickory2000 
    Holtzclaw, Charles WinfordCentral NC1962 
    Honeycutt, Michael AOcconeechee1989 
    Hooper, Mark Clark JrDaniel Boone1991 
    Horne, Matthew AnthonyOld North State2010 
    Horne, Richard EOcconeechee1971 
    Horstman, Marc ThomasOcconeechee2003 
    Horton, Joe CPiedmont1977 
    Horton, PaulMecklenburg County2010 
    Hoskins, James Dickason IVOld North State2012 
    Houser, Michael JasonPiedmont1988 
    Howard, JoshuaOcconeechee2001 
    Howe, John RPiedmont1980 
    Howell, Robert WOld Hickory1981 
    Hule, David OliverOcconeechee2010 
    Hull, Christopher OOld Hickory1988 
    Hullander, Daniel MichaelEast Carolina2010 
    Humphreys, William CodyEast Carolina2011 
    Huntley, DanCentral NC2011 
    Hurlman, Christopher SeanOcconeechee2011 
    Hutchins, Wesley DeanOld Hickory1973 
    Inman, James WayneCape Fear Council1965 
    Ivarrson, Carl Gustaf JrGeneral Greene1978 
    Ivarrson, Carl Gustaf IIIOcconeechee2007 
    Jaimes, FabianOcconeechee2012 
    Jeremiah, Keith AdamOcconeechee2001 
    Jernigan, Edward JrTuscarora1967 
    Jernigan, Edward Williams IIIOcconeechee2002 
    Jernigan, JordanOcconeechee2007 
    Jerome, William Bruce JrGeneral Greene1962 
    Jiles, KendallOcconeechee2007 
    Johnson, BrentOcconeechee1991 
    Johnson, Bryan SidneyOcconeechee1987 
    Johnson, Bryon NOcconeechee1987 
    Johnson, ChandlerCentral NC2007 
    Johnson, Daniel SnipesOcconeechee1972 
    Johnson, Ethan CodyPiedmont2011 
    Johnson, Johnny ChampOcconeechee1992 
    Johnson, Jonathan ShannonOcconeechee1987 
    Jones, Michael LawrenceOcconeechee1961 
    Jones, Nollie Edmon IIIEast Carolina1993 
    Jones, Stuart WCentral NC1976 
    Jordan, Walter AnthonyOld Hickory1977 
    Joyner, David Lowell JrEast Carolina1995 
    Judge, Cameron JosephPiedmont2004 
    Judge, James QuentinPiedmont2004 
    Justice, Mark KevinEast Carolina1983 
    Kabadi, Neel VinayakOld North State2009 
    Kang, Matthew Sun KooCape Fear2011 
    Kayne, David BDaniel Boone1988 
    Kearns, Amos Ragan JrUwharrie1950 
    Kearns, Charles KevinCentral NC1996 
    Keen, Mark John JrOcconeechee2003 
    Kehoe, RyanMecklenburg County1996 
    Keith, Matthew JosephOcconeechee2009 
    Kendrick, Richard ThomasPiedmont1985 
    Kenney, Paul ThomasOcconeechee2012 
    Kerr, James EdwardEast Carolina1973 
    King, KevinOcconeechee1973 
    Kinney, Jeffrey MichaelMecklenburg County1991 
    Kinney, John BaxleyCherokee1955 
    Kirkman, Kevin COcconeechee1977 
    Kling, TroyMecklenburg County2009 
    Kluttz, Jason LeeOld North State2009 
    Kluttz, Mickey LeeCherokee1977 
    Knifflin, ParkerTuscarora2012 
    Knight, Richard Brettlee WayneOcconeechee2011 
    Kollmeyer, MarkOld Hickory2004 
    Kornegay, Lemuel Weyher IIIEast Carolina1975 
    LaDue, Jonathan TOcconeechee2008 
    Lairson, MichaelCherokee1997 
    Lairson, Michael DCherokee1978 
    Lancaster, Brent WilliamOcconeechee1991 
    Lane, Arman W IIIPiedmont1973 
    Lankford, Wayne McKinleyOld Hickory1970 
    Larsen, Will AlanEast Carolina2003 
    Laskis, AnthonyOld North State1997 
    Lasley, BenjaminOld North State2011 
    Lasley, BrianOld Hickory1980 
    Lasley, JohnOld North State2011 
    Lasley, Timothy JohnOld Hickory1977 
    Lathan, Darren SCentral NC1984 
    Lawson, BrendanMecklenburg County2008 
    Lawson, DennisOcconeechee2007 
    Leonard, William JasonTuscarora1994 
    Lewis, Robert MMecklenburg County1971 
    Lindley, Tom JrCherokee1972 
    Lindsey, Jonathan AOld North State1999 
    Littrell, Robert GarrettEast Carolina1975 
    Long, Paul AEast Carolina1980 
    Lopp, Roy GaryUwharrie1953 
    Loseke, PhillipOcconeechee1973 
    Luke, TyewhanMecklenburg County2006 
    Lynthacum, William PaulCentral NC1969 
    Markus, Daniel JamesOld North State2012 
    Marsh, DavidMecklenburg County2011 
    Martin, Russell JrOcconeechee2012 
    Martin, Vernon GrayOld Hickory1966 
    Martin, ZachMecklenburg County2012 
    Martinez, Thomas OceanEast Carolina2012 
    Martini, David RobertMecklenburg County1989 
    Matzinger, Michael DouglasOcconeechee1976 
    May, Richard EricEast Carolina1985 
    McAteer, KendalMecklenburg County1996 
    McCachren, William TerryCentral NC1964 
    McCanless, ChuckCentral NC1983 
    McCaskill, TaylorOld North State2002 
    McCaskill, Thomas GrayCape Fear1970 
    McCrary, KirbyUwharrie1973 
    McCray, William CharlesDaniel Boone2011 
    McDonald, BenOld Hickory1974 
    McDonald, Claude Havis JrPiedmont1956 
    McDonald, RodneyOcconeechee1968 
    McFarland, J EdgarPiedmont1959 
    McGannon, Kyle AndrewOcconeechee2011 
    McGarry, Dereck DMecklenburg County1995 
    McHuire, Casey MichaelMecklenburg County2011 
    McIntyre, David MMecklenburg County2012 
    McKemey, BillyEast Carolina1981 
    McKemie, Thomas ETuscarora1977 
    McKenzie, David CMecklenburg County1981 
    McKenzie, John ErwinOld North State2010 
    McKinley, David RyanPiedmont2010 
    McKinney, JayPiedmont2003 
    McKnight, H BrentMecklenburg County2012 
    McMichael, ZachOcconeechee2006 
    McNamara, Brian ThomasMecklenburg County2003 
    McPhail, John PhilsonEast Carolina1964 
    McRae, Joshua DMecklenburg County2012 
    Meehan, Joseph ArthurMecklenburg County2011 
    Melvin, Jonathan AlanEast Carolina1984 
    Mickey, John ConradMecklenburg County2005 
    Migliara, Blake MCape Fear2010 
    Miller, Andrew ElliottCape Fear2012 
    Miller, Gregory DeWittTuscarora1973 
    Miller, Jeffrey LynCherokee1983 
    Miller, Nathan TaborCape Fear2009 
    Miller, Taylor RandolphTuscarora2011 
    Mills, Bryan TillmanOld Hickory1983 
    Mills, Ryan ChristopherCentral NC1998 
    Milton, John Michael EllisMecklenburg County2012 
    Mitchell, Billy PenderCape Fear1946 
    Mixion, JeffOcconeechee1988 
    Mock, Linnaeus Foster IIIOld Hickory2007 
    Moncrief, John ScottPiedmont1978 
    Monroe, GregUwharrie1986 
    Moore, Mack AllenCentral NC1977 
    Moore, Roger Byron JrCentral NC1976 
    Moore, W StephenTuscarora1976 
    Morgan, Richard E JrCape Fear1973 
    Morrison, Denver HuntOld North State2006 
    Moser, Joel LittlePiedmont1956 
    Mothershead, Charles Ivan IVMecklenburg County2000 
    Mothershead, Parker TullMecklenburg County2005 
    Mottesheard, Andrew DarrenMecklenburg County1977 
    Mountcastle, Brian StuartOcconeechee1994 
    Muncy, BrandonDaniel Boone2011 
    Murgas, CodyCentral NC2007 
    Murgas, JeffreyOld Hickory1971 
    Murgas, KevinCentral NC2011 
    Naulty, Alexander POld Hickory2011 
    Nelson, Justin LeeOld North State2012 
    Neuens, StephenOld Hickory2002 
    Newbold, Marvin Rondall JrEast Carolina1982 
    Newby, John ParksUwharrie1966 
    Newby, Paul MartinUwharrie1969 
    Newby, Peter MartinOcconeechee2007 
    Noble, Michael AlbertEast Carolina1984 
    Nunally, DeanOcconeechee1988 
    O'Brien, Wesley FrazierOld Hickory1974 
    O'Connell, Albert HOcconeechee1978 
    O'Keefe, Ryan MichaelOcconeechee2005 
    O'Quinn, Ryan PatrickOcconeechee1997 
    Olmsted, Matthew JohnOld North State1995 
    Orefice, AnthonyCentral NC2011 
    Owen, Paul K IIOcconeechee2012 
    Ownbey, Forest AlanPiedmont2010 
    Pace, Brian StephenMecklenburg County1986 
    Padgette, Bryan ChristopherOcconeechee1997 
    Parda, John Joseph JrOcconeechee1987 
    Parda, Joseph HunterOcconeechee2011 
    Parks, Derek ScottPiedmont2002 
    Parrish, DoyleEast Carolina1971 
    Parrish, Jonas McLuinOcconeechee2002 
    Parrish, Joshua HenryOcconeechee2001 
    Parrish, Simon BartholomewOcconeechee2004 
    Patel, SmitPiedmont2008 
    Patrick, Russell AlfredEast Carolina1975 
    Patterson, Frederick A JrOld Hickory1973 
    Patterson, Jamie LaMontCape Fear1995 
    Patterson, MackOld Hickory1969 
    Payseur, DanielPiedmont2003 
    Pearson, Blain MitchellPiedmont2008 
    Pearson, Jeems CortezMecklenburg County2012 
    Pecor, John LukeOld North State2008 
    Pendleton, Gray EllisOcconeechee2000 
    Penegar, Michael WareCentral NC1970 
    Perry, David DeltonEast Carolina1967 
    Perry, Kenneth WayneGeneral Greene1988 
    Peterson, ChristopherOcconeechee2011 
    Peterson, RandyPiedmont1987 
    Phifer, Alexander JulianMecklenburg County2010 
    Phipps, RogerOcconeechee1990 
    Piratzky, Andrew DouglasOcconeechee2008 
    Plummer, Stephen RayUwharrie1969 
    Plyler, Cody JCentral NC2012 
    Pohlman, Adam RichardOld North State2006 
    Polli, Joseph RyanOcconeechee2006 
    Pope, Ryan TimothyOcconeechee2002 
    Portaro, Jacob DOcconeechee1994 
    Poston, EricOcconeechee1996 
    Powell, Johnny LeePiedmont2003 
    Powell, Kyle EdwardPiedmont2007 
    Power, Robert Shawn JrOld Hickory2007 
    Prescott, DavidOcconeechee1998 
    Priddy, Zachary COld North State1997 
    Pridgen, Melbourne HEast Carolina1950 
    Prince, MichaelPiedmont1985 
    Propst, TommyCentral NC1976 
    Purvis, John MOld Hickory1977 
    Quan, Dennis DamianMecklenburg County1982 
    Queen, AaronPiedmont2010 
    Queen, MikeOld Hickory1991 
    Rankin, Alexander Martin IVPiedmont1967 
    Ray, NicholasMecklenburg County2005 
    Raymond, AustinOcconeechee2008 
    Reams, David JasonEast Carolina2012 
    Reese, Jentri RayCentral NC2011 
    Reeves, TaylorDaniel Boone2010 
    Rhodes, Thomas HaywoodTuscarora1997 
    Rhodes, Thomas J JrEast Carolina1989 
    Rhyne, BillCherokee1982 
    Richardson, James DeanOld North State1994 
    Riley, ShawnOcconeechee2010 
    Rippy, Robert SCherokee6 Nov 1966Nominated for Distinguished Eagle 7 Jun 2014
    Roberson, Bradford FosterEast Carolina1999 
    Robertson, MacCherokee1953 
    Robinson, Charles RobertOld Hickory1970 
    Robinson, FredOcconeechee1965 
    Robinson, John ScottCentral NC1972 
    Robinson, Joshua WestlyOcconeechee1998 
    Robinson, LorenOcconeechee1998 
    Rogers, John CliftonOcconeechee1974 
    Ross, TommyMecklenburg County1986 
    Ross, Stephen MilesCherokee1967 
    Rosser, JohnOcconeechee1964 
    Roux, RobertMecklenburg County2012 
    Roye, Alan BoboEast Carolina1985 
    Royster, Joshua BryanOld Hickory1991 
    Royster, Robert BryanOcconeechee2000 
    Russell, Phillip HenryOld Hickory2008 
    Ruth, TripCape Fear1973 
    Ryan, DannyMecklenburg County2008 
    Sale, Arvil RobertOld Hickory1966 
    Sanders, Brian KeithEast Carolina1985 
    Sanders, WillOld North State2010 
    Sanford, James TerryCape Fear30 Jul 1932Nominated for Distinguished Eagle 13 Nov 1975
    Saunders, George ThomasOcconeechee1966 
    Saunders, James WinburnOcconeechee1986 
    Saunders, TommyOcconeechee1966 
    Schachner, J AMecklenburg County1980 
    Schmidt, Joel GregoryOcconeechee2011 
    Schweitzer, Chris ScottOcconeechee2011 
    Scott, Dennis James JrOcconeechee2002 
    Scott, John LeslieOld North State2011 
    Scott, NelsonOcconeechee1986 
    Scott, Watson GuerrantOcconeechee1984 
    Scott, William AOld North State2009 
    Scronce, Donald TimothyPiedmont1975 
    Seegars, Neal WestonTuscarora1968 
    Segen, Larry ACentral NC2008 
    Shanahan, Kennerson DavidOcconeechee2004 
    Shanahan, Kevin Charles IIOcconeechee2012 
    Sharpe, ChristopherOld North State2007 
    Shaw, Robert WardEast Carolina1994 
    Sherrill, CurtOcconeechee1990 
    Sherrill, Joseph Karl JrPiedmont1991 
    Sherrill, Joseph Karl SrPiedmont1960 
    Shipman, EddyOcconeechee1987 
    Shore, Zachary TOcconeechee2011 
    Shrum, Michael YatesPiedmont1985 
    Sigmon, Forrest ScottPiedmont2011 
    Simpson, BlakeCentral NC2009 
    Simpson, Josh WilburnCentrL NC2012 
    Simpson, Kevin AndersonMecklenburg County1990 
    Simpson, LouisCentral NC1976 
    Simpson, NolanPiedmont2010 
    Sims, DallasMecklenburg County2010 
    Sink, Woodruff Franklin JrOld Hickory1983 
    Slifer, Joseph F IIIOcconeechee1984 
    Sloan, David LeeOld Hickory1993 
    Sloan, Orris Temple JrOcconeechee1953 
    Smith, BrianPiedmont1996 
    Smith, Charles WesleyOcconeechee2009 
    Smith, Joseph LeeCentral NC1973 
    Smith, Michael GarrickDaniel Boone1987 
    Smith, R WMecklenburg County1981 
    Smith, Samuel LewisEast Carolina1987 
    Smith, Terry L JrGeneral Greene1992 
    Smith, Tony LynnOcconeechee1968 
    Snider, Christopher JamesOcconeechee2000 
    Snowdon, Warren MMecklenburg County1987 
    Somers, Johnny Elmont JrCherokee1968 
    Sossaman, Benjamin ScottOcconeechee2007 
    Southards, Joseph MPiedmont1964 
    Spaugh, Patrick GraysonOld Hickory2008 
    Speight, George Randolph JrEast Carolina1965 
    Spence, Ronald WayneEast Carolina1977 
    Sprague, Ian BroughtonEast Carolina2011 
    Squires, Wesley Odell JrEast Carolina1974 
    Stacey, Joshua EdwardMecklenburg County2012 
    Stancil, William CraigEast Carolina1960 
    Stanfield, Milton LarryGeneral Greene1968 
    Stark, Jacob LouisMecklenburg County2010 
    Stark, Thomas HaywoodTuscarora1971 
    Staton, BillMecklenburg County1960 
    Steele, AlanGeneral Greene1991 
    Steele, Charles Thomas JrCherokee1977 
    Steele, Robert AllenOcconeechee1983 
    Steele, William Thomas IIOld North State2010 
    Steigerwalt, Ryan ThomasCentral NC2010 
    Stevens, Edward FranklinDaniel Boone2012 
    Stewart, David ChristopherMecklenburg County2011 
    Stone, Chris WarrenOcconeechee2004 
    Stone, Tracy AlexanderOcconeechee2011 
    Strickland, Edward GlennOcconeechee1984 
    Strohminger, Stephen AndrewMecklenburg County2007 
    Stroup, Howell Wilfred JrPiedmont1964 
    Strum, Charles BDaniel Boone1986 
    Summers, Michael RaymondOcconeechee1994 
    Sutton, Robert Holt JrCherokee1975 
    Sutton, Wesley AaronOcconeechee2011 
    Sykes, Setlar HoldenMecklenburg County2005 
    Synowiez, Raymond POcconeechee1993 
    Taft, Todd DOcconeechee1991 
    Taylor, JohnOcconeechee2000 
    Taylor, Lowell GodwinEast Carolina1979 
    Teeter, Donald Ray JrOcconeechee1998 
    Teeter, Jonathan StevenCentral NC1999 
    Teeter, WilliamOcconeechee2000 
    Templeman, JoshuaOcconeechee2005 
    Templeton, Timothy BradyMecklenburg County1980 
    Thiem, James EOcconeechee1966 
    Theobald, CameronOcconeechee2010 
    Thomas, Alexander HouseCentral NC2011 
    Thomas, JustinPiedmont2006 
    Thomas, Mark StantonGeneral Greene1970 
    Thomas, William BryantCentral NC2010 
    Thompson, Cody LoganCentral NC2012 
    Thompson, Dominick ChristopherMecklenburg County1996 
    Thompson, Lucas MichaelOcconeechee2012 
    Thornburg, L StevePiedmont1969 
    Thornburg, Michael TPiedmont2010 
    Tipirneni, Sai NaveenOcconeechee2012 
    Totten, Jerron DOld North State2007 
    Towery, Jonathan LawrencePiedmont1991 
    Trainor, Sean ThomasMecklenburg County2011 
    Travis, Thomas LarryCherokee1961 
    Traylor, GlennOcconeechee1974 
    Troxler, John BOld North State1964 
    Turlington, Austin ReedOcconeechee2011 
    Turner, GraysonOld Hickory2010 
    Turner, WilliamMecklenburg County2010 
    Waddell, Sanford JamesTuscarora1989 
    Waddell, Stephen BurtonTuscarora1989 
    Wagner, Connor BlaineOcconeechee2012 
    Wagner, ScottOld Hickory1994 
    Waits, Joshua DanielCentral NC2012 
    Walker, Jason ScottPiedmont1992 
    Walker, Johnny JosephPiedmont2002 
    Walker, Lee ThomasPiedmont2010 
    Wallen, Chris WarrenPiedmont2009 
    Walston, John McDonald JrEast Carolina1980 
    Walter, StephenEast Carolina1991 
    Walters, Joel VincentCentral NC1973 
    Walton, Robert O JrEagle Rock25 Oct 1954Nominated for Distinguished Eagle 10 Jan 2000
    Warner, MikeOld Hickory1985 
    Warren, James GordonPiedmont1976 
    Watkins, Nicholas RobertMecklenburg County2012 
    Watson, Thomas FOld Hickory2000 
    Webb, Camden ROcconeechee1988 
    Webster, Bryant DeleronOcconeechee1985 
    Wells, Eric DouglasPiedmont1980 
    Wells, Joe JackDaniel Boone1945 
    West, Stephen ThomasOcconeechee2010 
    Westmoreland, Thomas Matthew IIIOld Hickory1996 
    Whalen, Andrew JosephMecklenburg County1993 
    Whisnant, Dylan TylerPiedmont2008 
    White, Robert JamesPiedmont1996 
    Whitehead, Anthony MauriceEast Carolina2010 
    Whitehead, Joshua AlanEast Carolina2012 
    Whitesell, Thomas Jeffreys IIOcconeechee2012 
    Wicker, ThomasOcconeechee1986 
    Wilkie, Edward AndrewOcconeechee2007 
    Willett, JeffOcconeechee1978 
    Williams, David MichaelDaniel Boone2012 
    Williams, Michael AndrewOld North State2005 
    Williams, Jarvis LaronMecklenburg County2011 
    Williams, Robert VanEthanOcconeechee1970 
    Williamson, Bryan AndrewOcconeechee1998 
    Williamson, David AndrewOcconeechee1967 
    Wilson, John CunninghamGeneral Greene1976 
    Wilson, Robert MortonMecklenburg County1984 
    Winkler, Corey AllenOld Hickory2012 
    Wittum, Elijah JarredCentral NC2006 
    Womack, Jeffery BrentMecklenburg County1998 
    Womack, William TerryDaniel Boone1963 
    Wood, Calvin ZacharyOld North State2012 
    Wood, Ira David IIIEast Carolina1963 
    Wood, Robert Dale JrGeneral Greene1973 
    Wood, Tycho HOld Hickory1967 
    Woodruff, William Walter IIIUwharrie1970 
    Woods, Michael RyanOcconeechee1995 
    Woody, ChristopherOld North State1994 
    Worrell, Steven WoodrowEast Carolina1979 
    Worthington, ScottOld Hickory1979 
    Wright, DonOld Hickory1984 
    Wyatt, Frank B SrCentral NC1949 
    Wyatt, Frank BurkheadCentral NC1949 
    Wyche, MichaelMecklenburg County1985 
    Wyse, Mitchell LewisMecklenburg County2011 
    Yahnker, ChrisTuscarora1990 
    Yarnell, Thomas Adam JacobOcconeechee2011 
    Yates, David WayneOld Hickory1979 
    Yates, Mason ThomasCentral NC2012 
    Yoh, Jeffrey JrMecklenburg County2012 
    Yount, Andrew DallasPiedmont2012 
    Zimmer, LandonCape Fear1999 
    Zink, BillyDaniel Boone1985 

    Silver Antelope:

    Bowers, Lawrence R1975Cape Fear CouncilWhiteville
    Maultsby, Josiah A1951Cape Fear CouncilWhiteville
    Rainey, Dr William T1943Cape Fear CouncilFayetteville
    Sandlin, Joseph E1979Cape Fear CouncilLumberton
    Walton, Robert O Jr1990Cape Fear CouncilCastle Hayne

    Silver Beaver:

    Abbott, David G Sr1997Occoneechee
    Abbott, M Thomas1991Occoneechee
    Abner, Leroy Sr2001Occoneechee
    Absher, Marianne2003Occoneechee
    Adams, John1964Occoneechee
    Alexander, Robert C1981Occoneechee
    Alfred, Roy1995Occoneechee
    Allen, Irvin Sr1969Occoneechee
    Allen, Theodore1974Occoneechee
    Alphin, Earnest1998Occoneechee
    Anderson, Ray2002Occoneechee
    Andrew, William A1966Occoneechee
    Archer, Thomas2008Occoneechee
    Armstrong, Roy1953Occoneechee
    Asbill, James2005Occoneechee
    Aull, Elbert1984Occoneechee
    Aylsworth, Seldon B1982Occoneechee
    Baker, Jack2011Occoneechee
    Baker, W Prentiss1932Occoneechee
    Banner, W T1960Occoneechee
    Barbee, Peggy1992Occoneechee
    Barber, Jesse1990Occoneechee
    Barker, Gail2000Occoneechee
    Barndt, Harold1990Occoneechee
    Barnette, Thomas J1972Occoneechee
    Beard, R Barry1958Occoneechee
    Beasley, W Earle1992Occoneechee
    Bedford, Edward2004Occoneechee
    Bell, Col R R1964Occoneechee
    Belyeu, Stanley2008Occoneechee
    Benfield, Kimberly2011Occoneechee
    Benner, Clyde H1967Occoneechee
    Bennett, Noah H Jr1964Occoneechee
    Betts, John Hugh1956Occoneechee
    Bibb, Dr William R1963Occoneechee
    Biegert, Keith2009Occoneechee
    Black, Ken1967Occoneechee
    Blackwell, Harry1984Occoneechee
    Blackwood, Kevin2014Occoneechee
    Blake, Robert L1970Occoneechee
    Blanchard, Steven2006Occoneechee
    Bland, William2008Occoneechee
    Blinsmon, Terry Lee1976Occoneechee
    Boggs, Linda2009Occoneechee
    Boling, Vernon Ray Jr1986Occoneechee
    Boling, William Frank1964Occoneechee
    Boney, James Finley1969Occoneechee
    Boone, Harold D1967Occoneechee
    Bost, Blair2008Occoneechee
    Bowers, Gen Claude T1951Occoneechee
    Bowzer, Charles E1986Occoneechee
    Boyles, Lewis S1991Occoneechee
    Brady, William D1977Occoneechee
    Branson, Doug2010Occoneechee
    Brickhouse, Dallas Jr1985Occoneechee
    Briggs, Giesla2002Occoneechee
    Broadway, Olin H1953Occoneechee
    Brogden, Fupha Odis Jr1971Occoneechee
    Brooks, David1997Occoneechee
    Brooks, Mason Earl1986Occoneechee
    Brothers, Walter L1987Occoneechee
    Browder, William H1995Occoneechee
    Brown, Coy1980Occoneechee
    Brown, Dr James2003Occoneechee
    Brown, James E Jr1990Occoneechee
    Brown, James W Jr1978Occoneechee
    Brown, Ronald2007Occoneechee
    Brown, Therrell1964Occoneechee
    Brown, W G1947Occoneechee
    Brown, W Lamont1953Occoneechee
    Browning, William W1992Occoneechee
    Brooks, Mrs James B1973Occoneechee
    Brooks, Dr L M1953Occoneechee
    Brower, E N1951Occoneechee
    Brown, Neil Archie1958Occoneechee
    Bryant, R Kelly Jr1951Occoneechee
    Bryant, William B1954Occoneechee
    Bryson, Dan2005Occoneechee
    Buck, William A Sr1964Occoneechee
    Buckner, Dalton R1961Occoneechee
    Bullis, L D1983Occoneechee
    Bunch, Bill2003Occoneechee
    Burch, James S1949Occoneechee
    Burkhead, Claude L Jr1983Occoneechee
    Burney, A L1949Occoneechee
    Butler, Paul1946Occoneechee
    Byrd, Dr Charles W1965Occoneechee
    Caldwell, Arthur J1960Occoneechee
    Caldwell, Dr John T1966Occoneechee
    Calhoun, Larry2000Occoneechee
    Callcut, Albert H1975Occoneechee
    Campbell, Charles H1954Occoneechee
    Campbell, W D1948Occoneechee
    Cannady, Armstrong F1957Occoneechee
    Carmichael, A O Sr1967Occoneechee
    Carmichael, Rena1974Occoneechee
    Carmichael, William D Jr1956Occoneechee
    Carpenter, Charles W1981Occoneechee
    Carper, William H1957Occoneechee
    Carr, Gabriel Paul1964Occoneechee
    Carrier, Carleen C1972Occoneechee
    Carrier, SFC William D1968Occoneechee
    Carrington, James W1961Occoneechee
    Carroll, W B1963Occoneechee
    Carter, Douglas T1980Occoneechee
    Carter, Roy M1965Occoneechee
    Carver, Marcia B1979Occoneechee
    Carville, Bernard1989Occoneechee
    Carville, Nancy S1992Occoneechee
    Cash, Rev H J1943Occoneechee
    Cassidy, Theodore V1980Occoneechee
    Chalfant, Ella1981Occoneechee
    Chapman, Larry2004Occoneechee
    Chappel, Fred C1956Occoneechee
    Chavis, Thomas E1961Occoneechee
    Cheek, Nathaniel A1957Occoneechee
    Cheek, Robert1984Occoneechee
    Cherry, S Thad1956Occoneechee
    Church, John T1957Occoneechee
    Church, Tom2005Occoneechee
    Clayton, Jack Jr1997Occoneechee
    Clayton, V Edward Jr1982Occoneechee
    Cleko, Janet G1992Occoneechee
    Clement, A J Howard III1981Occoneechee
    Clement, E A1947Occoneechee
    Clement, Thomas D Jr1992Occoneechee
    Clement, William A1966Occoneechee
    Clos, John P1976Occoneechee
    Cobbs, Freddie1998Occoneechee
    Cobbs, Gertrude2012Occoneechee
    Coiner, James M1980Occoneechee
    Cole, Paul1972Occoneechee
    Coleman, James E1971Occoneechee
    Coman, James H1948Occoneechee
    Coman, William T1966Occoneechee
    Connelly, Kathy C1994Occoneechee
    Connelly, Richard1989Occoneechee
    Conway, Thomas E1959Occoneechee
    Cooke, John B1964Occoneechee
    Cooke, Keith2002Occoneechee
    Corey, Maj Jim1962Occoneechee
    Cortese, John1997Occoneechee
    Cottingham, W T III1980Occoneechee
    Council, Herb2010Occoneechee
    Covert, Carolyn2014Occoneechee
    Covert, Robin2013Occoneechee
    Cox, Bob1987Occoneechee
    Cox, Thomas2001Occoneechee
    Crane, David B1971Occoneechee
    Craven, Chris2007Occoneechee
    Culver, Josephine1988Occoneechee
    Cummings, Lee Winfred1984Occoneechee
    Curry, Berlindo1976Occoneechee
    Dadetto, Wayne A1995Occoneechee
    Daller, Raymond Sr1994Occoneechee
    Dalton, Reginald Waldo1970Occoneechee
    Daniel, Dr Crowell T1971Occoneechee
    Daniel, Dr Robert P1941Occoneechee
    David, Archie Royal1971Occoneechee
    Davis, Douglas1966Occoneechee
    Davis, Dr Glenn1999Occoneechee
    Davis, Harry T1933Occoneechee
    Davis, Malcolm H1972Occoneechee
    Davis, Richard Emerson1960Occoneechee
    Davis, Dr Robert G S Jr1956Occoneechee
    Davis, Tarleton1977Occoneechee
    Day, Elizabeth M1987Occoneechee
    Day, Dr Frank B1978Occoneechee
    Dean, Iley L1961Occoneechee
    Delbridge, W K1967Occoneechee
    Denmark, L Polk1938Occoneechee
    Derr, Harry L Jr1991Occoneechee
    Dixon, Fred1933Occoneechee
    Dixon, Roger2006Occoneechee
    Dodson, Gregg2008Occoneechee
    Doligalski, Thomas2004Occoneechee
    Draughn, Charles M Jr1981Occoneechee
    Drexel, David A1960Occoneechee
    Duke, Dr Kenneth L1959Occoneechee
    Dunning, Evan R1980Occoneechee
    Dusenbury, David P1995Occoneechee
    Edmiston, Gantt2012Occoneechee
    Edris, Theodore1971Occoneechee
    Elam, Edward Tom1986Occoneechee
    Ellis, Golda2006Occoneechee
    Ellis, Richard E1994Occoneechee
    Ellis, Rudolph C1963Occoneechee
    Ellis, Todd2012Occoneechee
    Ellis, Zack1946Occoneechee
    Elrod, Robert V1992Occoneechee
    Ennis, Jo2007Occoneechee
    Etheridge, Bobby R1986Occoneechee
    Evans, Monroe E1954Occoneechee
    Everett, Kelden2011Occoneechee
    Faircloth, Ann1995Occoneechee
    Fairhurst, Bill2004Occoneechee
    Farmer, C F1998Occoneechee
    Farrar, Wayne2004Occoneechee
    Faulkenbury, John1985Occoneechee
    Fenske, Charles2000Occoneechee
    Ferguson, Art1998Occoneechee
    Fetner, Anne1978Occoneechee
    Fickling, Albert M1973Occoneechee
    Finch, Chris1988Occoneechee
    Fitzgerald, Earl1960Occoneechee
    Flaherty, Dr Edward1967Occoneechee
    Flannery, Daryl D1967Occoneechee
    Fletcher, Dusty2001Occoneechee
    Fletcher, John E Jr1980Occoneechee
    Fletcher, Richard Jr2000Occoneechee
    Flowers, Diane1996Occoneechee
    Flowers, Ricky1996Occoneechee
    Flynn, Col Allan S1976Occoneechee
    Forrest, Maj John B1975Occoneechee
    Foster, Rev Robert C1970Occoneechee
    Fowler, Horace1957Occoneechee
    Fox, Steven F Sr2012Occoneechee
    Frankel, Rod2008Occoneechee
    Freeman, Ben2014Occoneechee
    Frinak, John2009Occoneechee
    Futrell, Archie III1995Occoneechee
    Gambel, Robert L1967Occoneechee
    Gamble, Robert2005Occoneechee
    Garcia, Antonio2014Occoneechee
    Gardener, David2014Occoneechee
    Gardner, E N1948Occoneechee
    Gardner, Monroe E1972Occoneechee
    Gathy, Steven2002Occoneechee
    Gentry, Harry E1980Occoneechee
    George, Thomas J2001Occoneechee
    Gephart, David1999Occoneechee
    Gettier, G Lawrence2004Occoneechee
    Gilliard, Florence1996Occoneechee
    Gillmer, Don1978Occoneechee
    Glasgow, MSGT Lee1968Occoneechee
    Glass, Martha D1986Occoneechee
    Glover, Ralph C1977Occoneechee
    Godwin, Derwood H1969Occoneechee
    Godwin, O W Jr1965Occoneechee
    Goling, Lindsay1976Occoneechee
    Good, Charles2003Occoneechee
    Goodman, Randall1995Occoneechee
    Goodwin, L C1947Occoneechee
    Gordan, Randell1996Occoneechee
    Gorham, Robert1994Occoneechee
    Gorski, Dan2013Occoneechee
    Gracie, Larry W1991Occoneechee
    Grady, Linda2007Occoneechee
    Graham, Maj W A1949Occoneechee
    Grantham, Joseph Jr2002Occoneechee
    Grau, Cynthia2003Occoneechee
    Grau, Robert1999Occoneechee
    Graves, Alexander1969Occoneechee
    Gray, James M1994Occoneechee
    Greathouse, Frank Lee1965Occoneechee
    Greenwell, Charles W1989Occoneechee
    Greger, Fred A1978Occoneechee
    Gregory, Nat A1966Occoneechee
    Grier, Dr J C1954Occoneechee
    Griffin, D Mack1962Occoneechee
    Griffin, Mary2003Occoneechee
    Guidez, Roland1976Occoneechee
    Guirlinger, Rick2003Occoneechee
    Gupton, J Cabot2002Occoneechee
    Hackett, Jan2007Occoneechee
    Hackett, Terry2009Occoneechee
    Hackler, Dr W C1965Occoneechee
    Hagy, Roger1984Occoneechee
    Hale, Dean M1965Occoneechee
    Hall, Arthur1962Occoneechee
    Hamilton, Henry H1958Occoneechee
    Hamilton, Ruth1980Occoneechee
    Hamlet, Chris C1950Occoneechee
    Hammer, Douglas I2012Occoneechee
    Hammitt, Claire1995Occoneechee
    Hammitt, Edward W1993Occoneechee
    Hampson, Mary2008Occoneechee
    Hanemann, Louis L1993Occoneechee
    Harris, Carl A1955Occoneechee
    Harris, Edward M Jr1968Occoneechee
    Harrison, David L1973Occoneechee
    Harrison, Perry W1977Occoneechee
    Harton, Carolyn C1985Occoneechee
    Hartsell, Sam1976Occoneechee
    Harvey, Boyce L1979Occoneechee
    Hassett, Karen2012Occoneechee
    Hatsell, Earnest J1975Occoneechee
    Hawes, Ralph2004Occoneechee
    Hayes, Arthur C1967Occoneechee
    Headen, Ned1988Occoneechee
    Hearne, David1997Occoneechee
    Heater, R O1963Occoneechee
    Heib, Lt Col George1970Occoneechee
    Henderson, William R1961Occoneechee
    Hendley, Eddie L1994Occoneechee
    Hendrix, Anne J2001Occoneechee
    Hendrix, Jackson W Jr1990Occoneechee
    Hensdale, John W1966Occoneechee
    Hensley, Lawrence S1970Occoneechee
    Herndon, E M1955Occoneechee
    Herring, Rufus H1980Occoneechee
    Herring, Susan2005Occoneechee
    Heydweiller, Ronald M1999Occoneechee
    Hibbins, Richard P1981Occoneechee
    Higrchings, Horace E Jr1981Occoneechee
    Hill, M C1948Occoneechee
    Hilmo, O Robert Jr1997Occoneechee
    Hinrichs, Ralph1997Occoneechee
    Hodges, Hon Luther H1956Occoneechee
    Hodgkins, N L Sr1947Occoneechee
    Hoffman, Dr J V1941Occoneechee
    Hoke, George C1966Occoneechee
    Holleman, Carl P1963Occoneechee
    Holleman, R B Sr1969Occoneechee
    Holloman, Robert D1962Occoneechee
    Holloway, O C2002Occoneechee
    Holmes, Malcolm L1967Occoneechee
    Holoway, J Mills1971Occoneechee
    Holsten, Dr John R1966Occoneechee
    Holton, Dr Samuel M1966Occoneechee
    Honeycutt, Walter L2011Occoneechee
    Hood, A C1953Occoneechee
    Horner, Tom V1980Occoneechee
    Horton, W T1961Occoneechee
    Hoster, Warren Sr1974Occoneechee
    Howe, John2004Occoneechee
    Howe, Standish1971Occoneechee
    Hubbard, Rev Charles1955Occoneechee
    Huber, Ronald M1989Occoneechee
    Hudson, Karl G Jr1969Occoneechee
    Hughes, Dr John T1979Occoneechee
    Humber, John L1981Occoneechee
    Humphreys, Robert1991Occoneechee
    Hunter, John F1952Occoneechee
    Huskeith, S J1944Occoneechee
    Iskyan, Haig G1957Occoneechee
    Isley, Hugh G1947Occoneechee
    Ives, Dr J D1948Occoneechee
    Jackson, Frank2005Occoneechee
    Jackson, Sadie1977Occoneechee
    Jacobs, Frank Sr1982Occoneechee
    James, William J1981Occoneechee
    Jeffries, John Hayles1983Occoneechee
    Jenson, Harry M Jr1980Occoneechee
    Jernigan, Dr Jerry O1970Occoneechee
    Jester, Jerry2006Occoneechee
    Johnson, James C1994Occoneechee
    Johnson, James R1964Occoneechee
    Johnson, Col Jodie1972Occoneechee
    Johnson, Joe1962Occoneechee
    Johnson, Kim2011Occoneechee
    Johnson, Kirk2010Occoneechee
    Johnson, Robert Lloyd1971Occoneechee
    Johnson, Stanley1974Occoneechee
    Johnson, Terry1964Occoneechee
    Johnstone, William M1969Occoneechee
    Jones, David1974Occoneechee
    Jones, Laureen G1995Occoneechee
    Judd, Billy D1977Occoneechee
    Julian, I B1958Occoneechee
    Julian, William E1966Occoneechee
    Kaduck, William W1973Occoneechee
    Kassulke, Otto1936Occoneechee
    Kearney, Ervin L1960Occoneechee
    Keith, Bryant1979Occoneechee
    Kelly, Dr Myron W1983Occoneechee
    Kelly, Paul1982Occoneechee
    Kelly, Vernella1973Occoneechee
    Kelly, Wilton1974Occoneechee
    Kennedy, Gen J T1944Occoneechee
    Kennedy, Margaret2006Occoneechee
    Kennedy, Melvin2006Occoneechee
    Kennedy, Thomas R1986Occoneechee
    Kermer, Renny1985Occoneechee
    Kerr, Charly2009Occoneechee
    Kidd, Powell1974Occoneechee
    Kilsheimer, Joseph E1993Occoneechee
    King, Lonnie Dewitt1964Occoneechee
    Kistler, Charles E1959Occoneechee
    Knight, Buck1979Occoneechee
    Koch, Paul2003Occoneechee
    Koon, J Jr1977Occoneechee
    Kurz, Bonnie N1979Occoneechee
    Lackey, Forrest Jr1978Occoneechee
    Lancaster, Tryon D1966Occoneechee
    Lane, Herman William1971Occoneechee
    Latta, Thomas C1968Occoneechee
    Laton, Steven James1982Occoneechee
    Lawrence, W W1978Occoneechee
    Lawson, Dewey1988Occoneechee
    Lawton, Jimmy1986Occoneechee
    Layland, Francis H1970Occoneechee
    Laymon, Randy2007Occoneechee
    Lear, Roger E1986Occoneechee
    Leister, Keith2008Occoneechee
    Lewis, Wade1964Occoneechee
    Liberty, Carol2005Occoneechee
    Liberty, Harold2009Occoneechee
    Lilley, Robert M1971Occoneechee
    Linder, Jerry1984Occoneechee
    Littrell, Robert L1994Occoneechee
    Lloyd, Lawrence2013Occoneechee
    Lombardo, Lance2013Occoneechee
    Long, Nick2007Occoneechee
    Long, Susan1998Occoneechee
    Lord, Arthur E1966Occoneechee
    Lortz, George1977Occoneechee
    Lowdermilk, Edward Tom1991Occoneechee
    Lytle, Charles F1982Occoneechee
    Mackorell, James T1982Occoneechee
    Mahammit, T P1933Occoneechee
    Makepeace, Raymond1950Occoneechee
    Mann, Tommy1961Occoneechee
    Mansfield, Frank1961Occoneechee
    Manson, Frank2005Occoneechee
    March, Charles1972Occoneechee
    Marchburn, Shelly1974Occoneechee
    Marks, Laurence2004Occoneechee
    Marshall, Marvin O1978Occoneechee
    Martin, Dr J Wayne1968Occoneechee
    Martyschenko, Nicholas1985Occoneechee
    Mason, V C1948Occoneechee
    Massey, Dr Sam1964Occoneechee
    Maupin, Anthony W1992Occoneechee
    Maupin, Armistead J1960Occoneechee
    McCallum, James R1971Occoneechee
    McClinton, James Jr1992Occoneechee
    McCollough, Hon W1959Occoneechee
    McCoy, Patricia2000Occoneechee
    McCracken, F W1951Occoneechee
    McCrimmon, Warren1990Occoneechee
    McDavid, Stephen2009Occoneechee
    McDonald, Edward R1975Occoneechee
    McDonald, Rodney M1994Occoneechee
    McDonald, Sharon2000Occoneechee
    McFarland, Fred Jr1965Occoneechee
    McGraw, James R1989Occoneechee
    McIntire, Alma2000Occoneechee
    McIver, W Glenn1938Occoneechee
    McKee, Henry Jr2013Occoneechee
    McKeithan, Sanford W1968Occoneechee
    McKellar, F N1984Occoneechee
    McKellar, George2013Occoneechee
    McKenzie, B Donald1990Occoneechee
    McKenzie, Billy Gordon1968Occoneechee
    McKinnon, William N2001Occoneechee
    McLamb, E D Jr1984Occoneechee
    McLaurin, U P1952Occoneechee
    McLawhorn, Carl2008Occoneechee
    McLean, Dr Clifton C1981Occoneechee
    McManus, Larry2005Occoneechee
    McMichael, Kari2010Occoneechee
    McMillan, Robert L1972Occoneechee
    McNamara, John2008Occoneechee
    McNeil, Elizabeth2006Occoneechee
    McNeill, J Alexander1981Occoneechee
    McPhaul, John A1978Occoneechee
    McPherson, W P1947Occoneechee
    Medlin, W E2000Occoneechee
    Menoger, Gen Pearson1955Occoneechee
    Merritt, Paul R1962Occoneechee
    Merritt, Steve1996Occoneechee
    Meyer, Ann1999Occoneechee
    Meyers, Harold D1938Occoneechee
    Miller, Ed2000Occoneechee
    Miller, Pamela M2001Occoneechee
    Miller, W R1964Occoneechee
    Miller, William1962Occoneechee
    Mills, Dr Joseph N Jr1952Occoneechee
    Mitchell, Sanford W1963Occoneechee
    Mizell, Kenneth L1993Occoneechee
    Moody, Betty Parker1988Occoneechee
    Moody, Hugh A1988Occoneechee
    Moon, William A1989Occoneechee
    Moore, A T1943Occoneechee
    Moore, Hon Dan K1968Occoneechee
    Moore, Ira Bernard1969Occoneechee
    Moore, Kenneth L1984Occoneechee
    Morley, Betty1982Occoneechee
    Morris, J Glenn1955Occoneechee
    Moye, Jesse R1976Occoneechee
    Munn, William N1980Occoneechee
    Murphy, Richard L W1968Occoneechee
    Myers, Frances T1971Occoneechee
    Myers, L W Jr1960Occoneechee
    Myers, Thomas Loren1989Occoneechee
    Neas, Lucas2013Occoneechee
    Newby, Parks2010Occoneechee
    Newby, Paul2010Occoneechee
    Nicholson, Dennis1987Occoneechee
    Nicks, Eugenia1988Occoneechee
    Noel, Dr David1963Occoneechee
    Noel, Dr W W1949Occoneechee
    Norton, Allyn S1961Occoneechee
    Nunnally, Douglas E III1992Occoneechee
    Oakley, Dr Ward1999Occoneechee
    Oliver, George J1995Occoneechee
    Olsen, Shirley2004Occoneechee
    O'Quinn, Bryon J1996Occoneechee
    Ormsby, John G1960Occoneechee
    Orr, E Roscoe1963Occoneechee
    Overcash, Chester1967Occoneechee
    Owens, Lewis N1972Occoneechee
    Padgette, Ronnie2000Occoneechee
    Page, J Carl1961Occoneechee
    Pardue, Catherine1983Occoneechee
    Paret, Milner P1931Occoneechee
    Parham, John Abner1971Occoneechee
    Parker, Lee A1996Occoneechee
    Parler, Glenn2009Occoneechee
    Parrish, Doyle2010Occoneechee
    Partney, Richard1963Occoneechee
    Paskiewicz, Robert Jr1999Occoneechee
    Pate, Howard B Jr1983Occoneechee
    Pattee, Floyd2006Occoneechee
    Pattee, Harold E1975Occoneechee
    Pattee, Phyllis A1982Occoneechee
    Patterson, Donald R1993Occoneechee
    Patterson, O F1962Occoneechee
    Peacock, Carver J1970Occoneechee
    Pendergraft, Sara1987Occoneechee
    Pendleton, Gary2001Occoneechee
    Perkins, Fred Orva1966Occoneechee
    Perkinson, James B1958Occoneechee
    Phillips, H Glenn1963Occoneechee
    Phillips, Steve2009Occoneechee
    Phipps, Judge Luther J1959Occoneechee
    Pinkston, Charles S1955Occoneechee
    Pippen, Leora1976Occoneechee
    Pittard, Lee Roy1964Occoneechee
    Pittard, Lee R Jr1985Occoneechee
    Pledger, A C1954Occoneechee
    Poickett, Dick1979Occoneechee
    Polli, Joseph2013Occoneechee
    Poole, J Gregory Jr1976Occoneechee
    Poole, Lonnie C Jr2002Occoneechee
    Pope, Paul Jr1999Occoneechee
    Porter, W N1958Occoneechee
    Porter, Warren1987Occoneechee
    Preston, Dr Edward1954Occoneechee
    Proctor, Dr Reginald J1966Occoneechee
    Pruitt, Paul L1986Occoneechee
    Purser, David2001Occoneechee
    Putnam, Terry2007Occoneechee
    Quarles, W H Jr1949Occoneechee
    Radosta, Dino2013Occoneechee
    Ragland, James Ike1979Occoneechee
    Ramsey, W Dan1977Occoneechee
    Ray, Rev Robert J1983Occoneechee
    Raymond, Bruce2011Occoneechee
    Reames, Joe1974Occoneechee
    Reed, LTC Raymond C1977Occoneechee
    Reed, Theodore D W1990Occoneechee
    Reeves, Charles M III1991Occoneechee
    Rehm, E O1940Occoneechee
    Reiber, Frederick Edwin1968Occoneechee
    Reinhardt, Charles2003Occoneechee
    Reiny, Dr W T1938Occoneechee
    Renegar, Earnest2013Occoneechee
    Resch, E A1953Occoneechee
    Ressenguie, George L1961Occoneechee
    Reynolds, Elliott B Sr1970Occoneechee
    Reynolds, Ross H1942Occoneechee
    Rhodes, Robert C Jr1998Occoneechee
    Ribet, Lee Frank1965Occoneechee
    Richards, E N1968Occoneechee
    Riley, Carl1978Occoneechee
    Ripperon, Lyman A III1982Occoneechee
    Ritter, Harold D1971Occoneechee
    Roberts, John2000Occoneechee
    Robinson, Fred1989Occoneechee
    Robinson, Harry1997Occoneechee
    Robinson, Herman1978Occoneechee
    Robinson, Dr Preznell R1979Occoneechee
    Rodden, Tyrus1975Occoneechee
    Rodenhizer, Harry Jr1962Occoneechee
    Rodenhizer, Harry E III1994Occoneechee
    Rogers, Cliff2014Occoneechee
    Rogers, Gerald W1982Occoneechee
    Rogers, LRCR Thomas1984Occoneechee
    Rooker, Nancy1984Occoneechee
    Rose, Janet1996Occoneechee
    Rose, Roger W1994Occoneechee
    Rowe, Arthur1969Occoneechee
    Rowe, Davis2003Occoneechee
    Rumbo, Jim1965Occoneechee
    Russell, Jan G1987Occoneechee
    Russell, John1985Occoneechee
    Russell, Marvin O Sr1999Occoneechee
    Russell, Moses1985Occoneechee
    Sample, Orlanda2007Occoneechee
    Sandling, Joseph E1960Occoneechee
    Sanford, Hon Terry1962Occoneechee
    Sargent, Sgt Steve1983Occoneechee
    Sasser, Carroll1971Occoneechee
    Saton, W W1963Occoneechee
    Satterwhite, James B1986Occoneechee
    Sawyer, Bonner D1948Occoneechee
    Schaefer, Brownie D1981Occoneechee
    Scheer, George F1966Occoneechee
    Schmidt, Donald1994Occoneechee
    Schmidt, Linda H1992Occoneechee
    Schmoeger, Ralph1978Occoneechee
    Schooler, J M1944Occoneechee
    Schooler, James2011Occoneechee
    Scroggs, Harold C1981Occoneechee
    Schweinforth, Earl1962Occoneechee
    Scott, Kenneth1964Occoneechee
    Seitz, Lt Gen R J1974Occoneechee
    Seitz, William E1988Occoneechee
    Shaw, William M1937Occoneechee
    Sheckels, James A1991Occoneechee
    Shelburne, C Daniel1968Occoneechee
    Sibbet, Lawrence S1965Occoneechee
    Sibley, Donald M1981Occoneechee
    Siegl, Christopher2003Occoneechee
    Simerly, Scott2014Occoneechee
    Simmons, Harry R1993Occoneechee
    Simmons, Jan1997Occoneechee
    Sites, Charles Sr1974Occoneechee
    Sloan, O Temple Jr1972Occoneechee
    Slocumb, John A1996Occoneechee
    Sloggy, John2012Occoneechee
    Sloggy, Vivian2008Occoneechee
    Sloop, Kevin2012Occoneechee
    Smith, Charles P1979Occoneechee
    Smith, Claude1970Occoneechee
    Smith, Judith1998Occoneechee
    Smith, Robert E1964Occoneechee
    Smith, Willie A1979Occoneechee
    Sneed, Dr Thomas Q1967Occoneechee
    Snipes, Coy N1942Occoneechee
    Sober, LT Col C W1958Occoneechee
    Souders, Barry1982Occoneechee
    Spence, Staley1962Occoneechee
    Spilman, Louis Jr1983Occoneechee
    Spivey, John S1958Occoneechee
    Spivey, Robbie2010Occoneechee
    Stalker, H Thomas1998Occoneechee
    Stanback, Albert L1957Occoneechee
    Steed, Howell H1957Occoneechee
    Stewart, Norbert H1993Occoneechee
    Stewart, Stephen2003Occoneechee
    Stewart, W A1968Occoneechee
    Stone, John W1978Occoneechee
    Stone, Larry1981Occoneechee
    Storm, Steve1951Occoneechee
    Stryffeler, Harry1998Occoneechee
    Sullivan, Billy M1985Occoneechee
    Sullivan, Charles S1965Occoneechee
    Summers, Jim2010Occoneechee
    Swanson, H Lee1979Occoneechee
    Swift, Barry2001Occoneechee
    Talley, Harry2009Occoneechee
    Taws, Edward T Jr1972Occoneechee
    Taylor, Fred T1963Occoneechee
    Taylor, Rev Nixon1946Occoneechee
    Taylor, Robert Jr2006Occoneechee
    Taylor, Tim2011Occoneechee
    Taylor, Tom2003Occoneechee
    Taylor, Y A1977Occoneechee
    Teer, Nello L Jr1963Occoneechee
    Terrell, W B1954Occoneechee
    Terry, Robert E1993Occoneechee
    Thomas, J Rex1985Occoneechee
    Thomas, Van1965Occoneechee
    Thomason, Bonner H1959Occoneechee
    Thomason, Samuel J Jr1963Occoneechee
    Thompson, Charles Jr2002Occoneechee
    Thompson, Clyde C Jr1978Occoneechee
    Thompson, M Hugh1969Occoneechee
    Thorn, Gary2004Occoneechee
    Thune, Howard W1996Occoneechee
    Thurnau, William B1993Occoneechee
    Tichinel, Charleen1975Occoneechee
    Tilley, Deanna D1972Occoneechee
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    Tyndall, Col Robert D1966Occoneechee
    Tysinger, Hal1967Occoneechee
    Unruh, Sherry2002Occoneechee
    Valachovic, Fred1983Occoneechee
    Vickers, Hubert D1977Occoneechee
    Vickers, Victor V1956Occoneechee
    Vinson, Dr Fred A Jr1985Occoneechee
    Vinson, Larry1979Occoneechee
    Vogt, Ralph2013Occoneechee
    Wadsworth, James E1955Occoneechee
    Walsh, Edward2002Occoneechee
    Ward, Judy1999Occoneechee
    Ward, Paul S1967Occoneechee
    Warlick, Dr R V1966Occoneechee
    Waterson, Chaplain1967Occoneechee
    Watkins, George2003Occoneechee
    Watkins, Dr George T1938Occoneechee
    Weathers, Raymond1962Occoneechee
    Weaver, Howard1982Occoneechee
    Webb, Eugene1997Occoneechee
    Webb, Ralph S1978Occoneechee
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    Wells, Gene Jr2004Occoneechee
    Wells, James F1934Occoneechee
    Werley, Ron1999Occoneechee
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    Wheeless, Russell W1961Occoneechee
    Whitaker, William G1995Occoneechee
    White, Carl1963Occoneechee
    White, N B1953Occoneechee
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    Wicker, Jimmie W1979Occoneechee
    Wiggins, Deborah2010Occoneechee
    Wilcoxon, Raymond J1991Occoneechee
    Wilkinson, Dr C T1952Occoneechee
    Williams, Ann1973Occoneechee
    Williams, Arthur Jr2006Occoneechee
    Williams, Edward H Jr1995Occoneechee
    Williams, Helen L1990Occoneechee
    Williams, Irvin W1996Occoneechee
    Williams, P A1950Occoneechee
    Williams, R W1980Occoneechee
    Williford, Eddie1972Occoneechee
    Williford, Dr J K1969Occoneechee
    Wilson, Graham2011Occoneechee
    Wilson, Dr R N1931Occoneechee
    Witherspoon, H K1940Occoneechee
    Wolf, Isabel1973Occoneechee
    Womack, Buck J1979Occoneechee
    Womack, James L1994Occoneechee
    Woodall, Charles R Jr1987Occoneechee
    Woodall, Dr Dewitt C1957Occoneechee
    Woodson, Robert B1958Occoneechee
    Woodward, J Allen1992Occoneechee
    Workman, James Jr2012Occoneechee
    Wyman, Dr L1946Occoneechee
    Wynne, Spencer A1975Occoneechee
    Yates, Jesse R1976Occoneechee

    Girl Scouts:

    Girl Scouts began in North Carolina about 1914, but it is unknown where that particular troop was located. A troop at Southern Pines was started in 1918 and it's mission seemed to be to aid the war effort. During the 1930s, Girl Scout Troops sprung up throughout the state. Councils were organized around the urban areas. Small councils consolidated and North Carolina had 8. Consolidations of councils nationwide led to North Carolina only having four councils.


    CouncilOffice LocationDate OrganizedOther Info
    Catawba Valley CouncilHickory Merged into Peaks to Piedmont Council 2009
    Coastal Carolina CouncilGoldsboro Merged into Coastal Pines Council 2007
    Coastal Pines CouncilRaleigh2007 
    Colonial Coast CouncilChesapeake, VA  
    Hornets' Nest CouncilCharlotte1935 
    Peaks to Piedmont Council 2009
    Pines of Carolina CouncilRaleigh Merged into Coastal Pines Council 2007
    Pioneer CouncilGastonia Merged into Peaks to Piedmont Council 2009
    Pisgah CouncilAsheville Merged into Peaks to Piedmont Council 2009
    Tarheel Triad CouncilColfax Merged into Peaks to Piedmont Council 2009


    CampLocationCouncilDateOther Info
    Dale Earnhardt Environmental Leadership CampusOak SpringsHornets' Nest Dale Earnhardt Foundation contributed to this property
    Camp Ginger CascadesCaldwell Co
    Near Lenoir
    Peaks to Piedmont1963 
    Camp Golden ValleyGolden Valley
    Rutherford Co
    Pioneer1971Sold 2015
    Now Defiant Whiskey Event Venue and Retreat
    Camp GrahamKerr LakeCoastal Pines 155 acres
    Camp HardeePamlico River
    Near Washington
    Coastal Pines 95 acres
    Camp Holly HutSalisburyHornets' Nest  
    Keyauwee Program CenterSophiaPeaks to Piedmont1945 
    Camp Mary AtkinsonJohnston CoCoastal Pines 262 acres
    Camp Mu-Sha-NiRichmond CoCoastal Pines 843 acres
    Camp PisgahBrevardPeaks to Piedmont1953160 acres
    Camp RotaryGastoniaPioneer Council now a Christian Camp known as Crowders Ridge Camp & Retreat

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