Lieutenant Governors

Lt GovernorTook OfficeLeft Office
Caldwell, Tod R18681871
Brogden, Curtis H18731874
Jarvis, Thomas J18771879
Robinson, James L18811885
Stedman, Charles M18851889
Holt, Thomas M18891891
Doughton, Rufus A18931897
Reynolds, Charles A18971901
Turner, Wilfred D19011905
Winston, Francis D19051909
Newland, William C19091913
Daughtridge, Elijah L19131917
Gardner, Oliver Max19171921
Cooper, William B19211925
Long, Jacob E19251929
Fountain, Richard T19291933
Graham, Alexander H19331937
Horton, Wilkins P19371941
Harris, Reginald L19411945
Ballentine, Lynton Y19451949
Taylor, Hoyt Patrick19491953
Hodges, Luther H19531954
Barnhardt, Luther E19571961
Philpott, Harvey Cloyd19611961
Scott, Robert W19651969
Taylor, Hoyt Patrick Jr19691973
Hunt, James B Jr19731977
Green, James C19771985
Jordan Robert B III19851989
Gardner, James Carson19891993
Wicker, Dennis A19932001
Perdue, Beverly Eaves20012009
Dalton, Walter H20092013
Forest, Dan2013Present

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