Journal of the North Carolina House of Burgesses

Tuesday, 26 Sep 1749
The Writ for Electing a Member to serve in this present General Assembly for Beaufort County, in the Room of Mr Benjamin Peyton, one of the Members for the said County, deceased, was returned, a Certicate whereof was laid before this House by the Clerk of the Crown; by which it appeared, that Mr Wyriot Ormond, was elected a Member of the said County, in the Room of the said Mr Benjamin Peyton, deceased; Pursuant thereto, the said Mr Ormond appeared, took the Oaths by Law appointed for his Qualification, subscribed the Test, and took his seat in the House accordingly.

Wednesday, 27 Sep 1749
The House met, according to Adjournment. His Excellency the Governor was pleased to Prorogue the Assembly, until Thursday, the 28th Instant; to be then held at Newbern.

Thursday, 28 Sep 1749
His Excellency was pleased to Prorogue this Assembly until Monday, the Second Day of October; to be held at Newbern.

Monday, 02 Oct 1749
The House met according to Prorogation.
Ordered, That the Clerk bring into this House the Revised Laws, which were laid before them the last Session of Assembly, by the Commissioners appointed to Revise the same. And they were laid before the House accordingly.
Mr Starkey moved, That a Committee be appointed to examine the Revisal of the said Laws, and make a Report thereof to this House; and that a Message be sent to His Majesty's Honourable Council, to appoint such Members of their Board as they shall think proper, to join the Committee of this House, for examining the said Revisal.
Resolved, That Mr Swann, Mr Starkey, Mr Lovick, Mr McLewean, Mr Marsden, Mr Bartram, Mr Herring, Mr Haywood, Mr Jones, Mr Dawson, and Mr Carruthers, be appointed a Committee of this House, to examine the said Revisal, and report the same thereto. And they are appointed accordingly.
Sent the following Message to His Honourable Majesty's Council, viz
Gentlemen of His Majesty's Honourable Council,
We have appointed Mr John Swann, Mr Starkey, Mr Lovick, Mr McLewean, Mr Marsden Mr Bartram, Mr Herring, Mr Haywood, Mr Jones, Mr Dawson, and Mr Carruthers, a Committee, to examine the Revisal of the Laws now in Force in this Province, (which were laid before this House last Session of Assembly,) in Conjunction with such of your Board as you shall think proper to appoint.
By Order, S Swann, Speaker
Sent the above Message by Mr Dawson and Mr Haywood.
Received the following Message from the Council, viz
Mr Speaker, and Gentlemen,
In Answer to your Message by Mr Dawson and Mr Haywood, we think no number less than our whole House, will be sufficient for the Purpose you mention, as we consist, at present, only of Five Members; we shall all therefore meet your Committee at the Council Chamber, as soon as you think fit.
By Order of the Upper House, R Lovett, Clerk
And then the House adjourn'd till To-morrow Morning Eight o'Clock

Tuesday, 3 Oct 1749
The House met, according to Adjournment
Mr Haywood moved, That the House adjourn till To-morrow Morning Nine o'Clock, that the Members appointed of the Committee to examine the Revisal of the Laws now in Force, may join those of the Committee of the Council, appointed by that Board for the same Purpose: Which was agreed to, Nem Con
Ordered, That the House adjourn accordingly.

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