Halifax Resolves

Halifax Resolves was the official stance of North Carolinians in breaking ties with England. On 12 Apr 1776, 83 delegates met in Halifax and wrote these resolutions. This is considered officially the first step towards independence by any state. In May 1775, the Committee of Safety met in Charlottetown (present-day Charlotte) and there are two conflicting documents supposedly written. For information about those, please go to Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

The Select Committee taking into Consideration the usurpations and violences attempted and committed by the King and Parliament of Britain against America, and the further Measures to be taken for frustrating the same, and for the better defence of this province reported as follows, to wit,
It appears to your Committee that pursuant to the Plan concerted by the British Ministry for subjugating America, the King and Parliament of Great Britain have usurped a Power over the Persons and Properties of the People unlimited and uncontrouled; and disregarding their humble Petitions for Peace, Liberty and safety, have made divers Legislative Acts, denouncing War Famine and every Species of Calamity against the Continent in General. That British Fleets and Armies have been and still are daily employed in destroying the People and committing the most horrid devastations on the Country. That Governors in different Colonies have declared Protection to Slaves who should imbrue their Hands in the Blood of their Masters. That the Ships belonging to America are declared prizes of War and many of them have been violently seized and confiscated in consequence of which multitudes of the people have been destroyed or from easy Circumstances reduced to the most Lamentable distress.
And whereas the moderation hitherto manifested by the United Colonies and their sincere desire to be reconciled to the mother Country on Constitutional Principles, have procured no mitigation of the aforesaid Wrongs and usurpations, and no hopes remain of obtaining redress by those Means alone which have been hitherto tried, Your Committee are of Opinion that the house should enter into the following Resolve to wit,
Resolved that the delegates for this Colony in the Continental Congress be impowered to concur with the delegates of the other Colonies in declaring Independency, and forming foreign Alliances, reserving to this Colony the Sole, and Exclusive right of forming a Constitution and Laws for this Colony, and of appointing delegates from time to time (under the direction of a general Representation thereof) to meet the delegates of the other Colonies for such purposes as shall be hereafter pointed out.

Delegates who unanimously passed the resolution:

Abbott, Henry		Pasquotank County			Alexander, John McNitt	Mecklenburg County
Alston, William		Bute County				Alston, Willis		Halifax County
Amis, Thomas		Bladen County				Ashe, John		New Hanover County
Ashe, Samuel		New Hanover County			Atherton, Jeptha	Northampton County
Battle, Elisha		Edgecombe County			Beasly, John Bap	Chowan County
Benbury, Thomas		Chowan County				Blackhouse, John	Carteret County
Blount, Charles		Perquimans County			Blount, Jacob		Craven County
Boddie, Nathaniel	Edgecombe County			Boyd, Thomas		Pasquotank County
Bradford, John		Halifax County				Bright, Simon		Dobbs County
Brown, William		Town of Bath				Bryan, John		Craven County
Bryan, Needham Jun	Johnston County				Bryan, William		Craven County
Burgess, Dempsey	Pasquotank County			Burke, Thomas		Orange County
Butler, John		Orange County				Cain, Elisha		Chatham County
Campbell, Farquard	Cumberland County			Campbell, John		Bertie County
Caswell, Richard	Dobbs County				Childs, John		Anson County
Colvill, Muturan	Blaaden County				Coor, James		Craven County
Corrie, Archibald	Tyrrell County				Council, Arthur		Town of Campbellton
Council, James		Bladen County				Cowper, John		Beaufort County
Crawford, John		Anson County				Cuming, William		Pasquotank County
Dent, William		Guilford County				Devane, John		New Hanover County
Dickson, William	Duplin County				Doty, Benajah		Onslow County
Eaton, Charles		Granville County			Edmunds, Howell		Northampton County
Gee, Drury		Northampton County			Gorrill, Ralph		Guilford County
Gray, Thomas		Duplin County				Hancock, Joseph		Hyde County
Harnett, Cornelius	Town of Wilmington			Harper, Jeduthan	Chatham County
Harvey, Miles		Perquimans County			Harvey, Thomas		Perquimans County
Hatch, Lemuel		Craven County				Hawkins, Philemon	Bute County
Haywood, William	Edgecombe County			Hewes, Joseph		Town of Edenton
Hill, Green		Bute County				Hill, Whitmill		Martin County
Hinton, John		Wake County				Hogan, James		Halifax County
Hollingsworth, John	New Hanover County			Hooper, William		Wake County
Hunt, Memucan		Granville County			Hunter, Thomas		Chowan County
Irwin, Henry		Edgecombe County			Irwin, Robert		Mecklenburg County
Jarvis, Samuel		Currituck County			Jaycocks, Charles	Bertie County
Johnston, John		Bertie County				Johnston, Samuel	Chowan County
Johnston, William	Town of Hillsborough			Jones, Allen		Northampton County
Jones, Joseph		Pasquotank County			Jones, Thomas		Chowan County
Jones, Tignal		Wake County				Jones, Willie		Town of Halifax
Jordan, John		Hyde County				Kinchen, John		Orange County
King, John		Onslow County				Lamb, Gideon		Currituck County
Lane, Joel		Wake County				Latham, Rotheas		Hyde County
Lemon, Duncan		Edgecombe County			Locke, Matthew		Rowan County
Lockhart, Samuel	Northampton County			Love, Daniel		Anson County
McAlister, Alexander	Cumberland County			McCoy, Alexander	Cumberland County
McKenzie, Kenneth	Martin County				McKinnie, William	Dobbs County
Miller, Geo		Dobbs County				Mitchell, George	Onslow County
Moore, Charles		Perquimans County			Mosely, Sampson		New Hanover County
Nash, Abner		Town of Newbern				Nisbet, David		Town of Salisbury
Norman, John		Onslow County				Ormond, Roger		Beaufort County
Parmely, Benjamin	Hyde County				Penn, John		Granville County
Perkins, Solomon	Currituck County			Person, Thomas		Granville County
Person, William		Bute County				Pfifer, John		Mecklenburg County
Picket, James		Anson County				Rains, Henry		Johnston County
Ramsay, Ambrose		Chatham County				Rand, John		Wake County
Respis, Thomas Jun	Beaufort County				Richardson, Nathaniel	Bladen County
Robeson, Thomas		Bladen County				Robson, William		Pitt County
Rochester, Nathaniel	Orange County				Rosser, Joshua		Chatham County
Rutherford, Griffith	Rowan County				Rutherford, Thomas	Cumberland County
Ryan, James		Currituck County			Salter, Edward		Pitt County
Saunders, James		Orange County				Shepard, Solomon	Carter County
Shepherd, Abraham	Dobbs County				Sherrod, Thomas		Bute County
Simpson, John		Pitt County				Skinner, William	Perquimans County
Smith, David		Cumberland County			Smith, Samuel Jun	Johnston County
Smythwick, Edward	Martin County				Southerland, Ransome	Guilford County
Spencer, Samuel		Anson County				Spicer, John		Onslow County
Sumner, David		Halifax County				Sumner, Robert		Hertford County
Taylor, John		Granville County			Thompson, John		Chatham County
Thompson, William	Carter County				White, James		Currituck County
Wiggins, Thomas		Martin County				Williams, Joseph John	Halifax County
Williams, William	Martin County

Pursuant to which the following persons appeared, subscribed the Test, and took their seats in Congress:

Alexander, John McNitt			Alston, Willis			Alston, William			Battle, Elisha
Benbury, Thomas				Blount, Jacob			Boyd, Thomas			Bradford, John
Brown, William				Bryan, John			Campbell, John			Coor, James
Council, Arthur				Council, James			Cowper, John			Devane, John
Gee, Drury				Gray, Thomas			Hancock, Joseph			Harvey, Miles
Hawkins, Philemon			Haywood, William		Hill, Green			Hinton, John
Hogan, James				Hunt, Memucan			Irwin, Henry			Irwin, Robert
Jarvis, Samuel				Johnston, Samuel		Jones, Allen			Jones, Thomas
Jordan, John				King, John			Locke, Matthew			Mitchell, George
Norman, John				Perkins, Solomon		Person, Thomas			Person, William
Pfifer, John				Rand, John			Respis, Thomas Jun		Richardson, Nathaniel
Robson, William				Rutherford, Griffith		Ryan, James			Salter, Edward
Shepherd, Solomon			Skinner, William		Spicer, John			Sumner, David
Taylor, John				Thompson, John			Thompson, William		White, James
Williams, Joseph John			Williams, William

Mr Allen Jones proposed for President Samuel Johnston, Esq, who was unanimously chosen, and conducted to the Chair, and James Green Jun, was appointed Secretary, Francis Lynaugh and Evan Swann Doorkeepers, during the continuance of the Congress.

Mr Bradford presented a petition from the inhabitants of the town of Halifax, setting forth that Willie Jones, Esq, who was elected a delegate for said town, is appointed by the Continental Congress Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern Department, in consequence of which appointment he had gone to Fort Charlotte, in Georgia, whereby the said town was unrepresented, praying leave to elect a delegate to sit and vote in Congress in the absence of the said Willie Jones, Esq.

Resolved, That the freeholders of the said town of Halifax meet on the 5th day of this instant, and elect a proper person to sit and vote in Congress until the return of the said Willie Jones, Esq.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten o'clock.

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