Granville Grants

In 1729, George Carteret, Earl of Granville, elected not to sell his share of the Province of North Carolina back to the Crown, like the other heirs to the Lord Proprietors. This land existed generally as a 60-mile wide strip south of the Virginia line to the Mississippi River. There were many complaints about the grants, due to the lack of ethics on the part of the record keepers and the exorbitant fees being charged.

NameNumberDate EnteredNumber AcresLocationOther Info
Adams, Archibald8610 Apr 1760700Beaufort 
Adams, Mathew015964 Sep 1751100Tyrrell 
Adams, Robt024451 Feb 1753400RowanIssued 9 Jan 1761
Adcock, John05456 Sep 1753600Granville 
Akin, Joseph011261761700Orange 
Alexander, Joseph0159715 Apr 1760486Tyrrell 
Alexander, Mark0429 Mar 1751640Anson 
Alford, Goodrich026821 Feb 1753640Edgecombe 
Alford, Goodrich026726 Oct 1751300Edgecombe 
Alford, Lodwick054712 Nov 1760700Granville 
Allen, Robert05461761
Allen, William010521760700Northampton 
Allen, William010511760700Northampton 
Allison, Andrew051752640Anson 
Allison, James0629 Mar 1751320Anson 
Allison, James011271762700Orange 
Allred, John01128115 Mar 1755640OrangeEntry #154
Alsobrook, John08131760700Halifax 
Alsobrook, John08121760640Halifax 
Alston, John02692 Mar 1750 Edgecombe & Granville 
Alston, John011291760700Orange 
Alston, Phillip01646   Resurvey
Alston, Phillip054830 Mar 1749380Granville 
Altum, William06573 Mar 1752640Granville 
Amerson, William027019 Dec 1761700Edgecombe 
Ammons, Thomas027217 Jan 1757640Edgecombe 
Amon, John027112 Jun 1749400Edgecombe 
Anderson, James012547 Sep 1754641OrangeEntry #207
Anderson, William093131 Oct 1754430JohnstonIssue Date 8 Jan 1761
Entry #366
Andrew, Moses0727 Dec 1750350Anson 
Andrews, William02733 Aug 1751640Edgecombe 
Anthony, John054913 Aug 1760700Granville 
Archdeacon, William0878 Aug 1760640Beaufort 
Armfield, Isaac0144620 Jul 1753640Rowan 
Armfield, Jacob011301761700Orange 
Averitt, David08810 Feb 1761700Beaufort 
Avin, Joseph011321763350Orange 
Awtry, Cornelius011331757480Orange 
Backlar, Ezekiel08927 Jan 1751 Beaufort 
Bagget, John055029 Mar 1763512Granville 
Baggett, Abraham010531750100Northampton 
Baker, Henry019529 Jan 1760640Chowan 
Baker, John05519 Dec 1751640Granville 
Baker, Thomas013223 Oct 1751 Bertie 
Baker, Thomas013123 Oct 1751 Bertie 
Baldwin, William02781762700Edgecombe 
Baldwin, William090 691Beaufort 
Baldwin, Wm & Grant, Zebulon0144913 Nov 175650Rowan 
Bailey, David09321762700Johnston 
Bailey, John08141760700Halifax 
Bailey, John02741761700Edgecombe 
Bailey, John02751760700Edgecombe 
Bailey, William02771760700Edgecombe 
Bailie, Andrew0144723 Sep 1761700Rowan 
Baley, Richard027626 Apr 1757641Edgecombe 
Baly, Robert0159826 Mar 1761144Tyrrell 
Ballinger, Henry014648 Jan 1754294Rowan 
Banister, William015991761640Tyrrell 
Banks, David011341762700Orange 
Banner, Henry05633 Mar 1752640Granville 
Barbe, John Sr011351762700Orange 
Barefoot, John02791762262Edgecombe 
Barefoot, John021819 Mar 1762 Dobbs 
Barker, Joel0105428 Apr 1753 Northampton 
Barker, Thomas011362 Sep 1761700Orange 
Barnes, Jacob02801760700Edgecombe 
Barnes, James08161763700Halifax 
Barnes, James08151761700Halifax 
Barnes, John02191761 & 1762700Dobbs 
Barnes, John013311 Sep 1759640Bertie 
Barnes, Thomas09261760571Hertford 
Barnes, William028119 Mar 1750300Edgecombe 
Barnet, James05521752200Granville 
Barnet, Joseph011381760200Orange 
Barnett, Joseph011371761700Orange 
Barns, Brinsley0113920 Mar 1754640OrangeEntry #19
Barradial, Jos01--19 Jan 1750248Bertie 
Barran, Thomas02821762700Edgecombe 
Barron, Thomas02831751600Edgecombe 
Bass, Isaac02841760640Edgecombe 
Bass, John028522 Feb 1758590Edgecombe 
Bass, Thomas02207 Sep 1761700Dobbs 
Bateman, Thomas016001760640Tyrrell 
Bates, Augustin055427 Jan 1761700Granville 
Bates, Augustin055310 Nov 1758405Granville 
Battle, Elisha02861759640Edgecombe 
Bauldry, William011501761300Orange 
Baum, Morris01577 Sep 1763430Currituck 
Beaden, Sarah055615 Nov 1750300Granville 
Beal, John0114010 Jul 1755238Orange 
Beasley, James09331761700Johnston 
Beasley, Thomas014242 Nov 1761700Pitt 
Beaver, George0829 Mar 1751300Anson 
Beard, Andrew0144821 Sep 1759640Rowan 
Beckworth, Henery02877 Nov 1750400Edgecombe 
Bedingfield, John Sr09341761700Johnston 
Belcher, Beverley02881762700Edgecombe 
Beefle, Paul014518 Jan 1754640Rowan 
Beeson, Richard0145029 Oct 1756555Rowan 
Beezley, Henry011411762700Orange 
Belk, John09351761700Johnston 
Belk, John09361761700Johnston 
Bell, Arthur08171759700Halifax 
Bell, John028921 Aug 1756640EdgecombeEntry #239
Bell, Thomas0145223 Feb 1761640Rowan 
Bell, Thomas05571752640Granville 
Benbury, John019612 Sep 1757640Chowan 
Benton, Aphroditis016411 Nov 1753175Chowan 
Benton, James02906 Feb 1758550EdgecombeEntry #103
Benton, Samuel055911 Jan 1760429Granville 
Benton, Samuel056025 Oct 1751400Granville 
Benton, Samuel05581752400Granville of Johnston 
Best, John0928 Dec 1751640Anson 
Birch, John05617 Feb 1761416Granville 
Black, Gavin056215 Sep 1760470Granville 
Blackburn, John08181762700Halifax 
Blackley, James0114420 Oct 1761700Orange 
Blain, George0106 Aug 1751640Anson 
Blalock, John0114526 Apr 1753300Orange 
Blanchard, Aaron0140925 Oct 1751150PerquimonsEntry #2
Blanton, John081930 Apr 176078Halifax 
Bledso, John09371763298Johnston 
Bohannon, Duncan09381762700Johnston 
Bohannon, Duncan011469 Sep 1755 OrangeEntry #28
Bohannon, Duncan011471760450Orange 
Bohannon, John0144-26 Dec 1754640OrangeEntry #50
Boggen, William056425 Jun 1751400Granville 
Boilston, William011491762700Orange 
Bollin, Alexr011315 May 1757458OrangeEntry #137
Bond, John02911761700Edgecombe 
Bond, Richard01971756300  
Bonner, Thomas Sr & Jones, Simon0911 Sep 1753640Beaufort 
Bonner, William0160125 Oct 1761640Tyrrell 
Booker, John011511760375Orange 
Booker, John011521760600Orange 
Boomer, John013781760225Pasquotank 
Boon, Jacob011531762582Orange 
Boone, Benjamin01118 Feb 1751640Anson 
Boone, George014535 Aug 1761640Rowan 
Boone, John01454-- Oct 1761700Rowan 
Booth, Daniel011541 Jul 1761700Orange 
Bost, William0145516 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Boswell, Joshua01410175250Perquimans 
Bowden, John05651 Jan 1759417Granville 
Bowden, William056621 Nov 1761700Granville 
Bowie, James011561762700Orange 
Bowie, James05731752640Granville 
Boyakin, Jesse029226 Jul 1752160Edgecombe 
Boykin, John010551763232Northampton 
Boyd, John0115820 Jun 1753483OrangeEnty #29
Boyd, William011591 Nov 1763431Orange 
Bracewell, Jacob Jr02941760700Edgecombe 
Bracewell, Richard011601760640Orange 
Bracewell, William02971760700Edgecombe 
Braden, Alex014601762700Rowan 
Braden, Alexander0145722 Jan 1762145Rowan 
Bradford, Philemon0163913 Jan 1761700Granville 
Bradford, Philimon05675 May 1756610Granville 
Bradley, Joseph01056176150Northampton 
Bradley, Richard0145628 Oct 1758640Rowan 
Braley, John0145811 Sep 1754640Rowan 
Brandon, James014596 May 1758640Rowan 
Brandon, John Sr01318 Feb 1750640Anson 
Brandon, John01229 Mar 1751320Anson 
Brantley, Edward08201760640Halifax 
Brantley, Joseph011611762100Orange 
Brantley, Philip08211759700Halifax 
Braswell, Arthur02931761700Edgecombe 
Braswell, Jacob02961761700Edgecombe 
Braswell, Jacob02951761700Edgecombe 
Braswell, William02981761700Edgecombe 
Braxon, William011436 Jan 1755262OrangeEntry #67
Breden, Robert0116213 Jul 1763310Orange 
Brewer, Oliver011631762700Orange 
Bridges, David0146228 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Bridges, John05694 Jun 1760700Granville 
Bridges, Joseph011648 Feb 1750640Orange 
Bridges, Samuel02991760700Edgecombe 
Bridgers, James056820 Apr 1762700Granville 
Briggs, Thomas020023 Jan 1750350Chowan 
Bright, Samuel01581752105Currituck 
Brinkley, Robert08221761700Halifax 
Brinkley, Robt05703 Nov 1750400GranvilleAcres in parentheses 240
Brinkley, Robert030013 May 1756640EdgecombeEntry #155
Brinniger, Adam014632 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Briton, Charles03011762700Edgecombe 
Brogdan, James05711752640Granville 
Brooks, John011659 May 1755600OrangeEntry #38
Brown, Henry03021 May 1758250EdgecombeEntry #125
Brown, James057224 Oct 1750400Granville 
Brown, John09221 Mar 1747400Beaufort 
Brown, John057429 Oct 1751300Granville 
Brown, John05731752640Granville 
Brown, John08231760700Halifax 
Brown, John09391762700Johnston 
Brown, William09321 Mar 1747/8300Beaufort 
Brown, William082431 Jun 1759640HalifaxEntry #52
Brunner, George0146111 Oct 1759640Rowan 
Bryan, George03039 Jul 1750150Edgecombe 
Bryan, Morgan Jr01517 Oct 1751640Anson 
Bryan, Needham013512 Feb 1752640Bertie 
Bryan, Needham08251759640Halifax 
Bryan, Samuel0160231 Aug 1761700Rowan 
Bryan, William030428 Apr 1753640Edgecombe 
Bryant, Morgan0141752550Anson 
Bryant, Needham09403 Aug 1754640JohnstonEntry #283
Buck, Isaac0941 Oct 1748640Beaufort 
Bues, William0161752640Anson 
Bull, Thomas08281760700Halifax 
Bull, Thomas Jr08271760700Halifax 
Bull, Thoms Jr08261759640Halifax 
Bullard, William09411760600Johnston 
Bullin, Conrad0146524 Feb 1761700Rowan 
Bullock, Charles09421762700Johnston 
Bullock, Richard011661752640Orange 
Bumpass, John011579 Apr 1761700Orange 
Bunch, Jesse019811 Dec 1753640Chowan 
Bunch, Julius01993 Apr 1761700Chowan 
Bunch, Paul09431752600Johnston 
Bundy, Josiah014111760200Perquimons 
Bunn, Benjamin03055 Jan 1753542EdgecombeEntry #9
Burgamy, William0116719 Sep 1759640Orange 
Burk, James0146628 Oct 1758440Rowan 
Burn, Sampson08291761700Halifax 
Burnett, Mathew030628 Dec 1751/2200Edgecombe 
Burney, John030726 Apr 1753640EdgecombeEntry #44
Burrell, Robert03091755112Edgecombe 
Burt, John03101750300Edgecombe 
Burwell, Robert01168  Orangere-survey
Burwell, Robert030811 Mar 1755 Edgecombe 
Busbey, John057513 Aug 1760700Granville 
Butcher, Mrs Mary09512 Apr 1753100Beaufort 
Butler, Elisha0142522 Jun 1763490Pitt 
Butler, Robert05767 Jan 1757552Granville 
Buzbe, John09441762700Johnston 
Buzbe, Thomas09471760700Johnston 
Buzbe, Thomas09451761700Johnston 
Buzbee, Thomas09461760700Johnston 
Byrd, Thomas05771 Jan 1763200Granville 
Byrd, William013624 Dec 1751640Bertie 
Cade, Stephen022312 Oct 1762700Dobbs 
Cade, Stephen022216 Jul 1762700Dobbs 
Cade, Stephen022116 Jul 1762700Dobbs 
Cade, William09481762520Johnston 
Cain, James03111760700Edgecombe 
Caler, James0968 Apr 1751996Beaufort 
Campbell, Joshua015931 May 1755400Currituck 
Cane, Hardy094924 Oct 1752640Johnston 
Cane, James031220 Oct 1753640EdgecombeEntry #7
Cannon, Edward0105720 Nov 1751381Northampton 
Cannon, Daniel0146711 Aug 1753640Rowan 
Cannon, Thomas0146826 Apr 1761700Rowan 
Capps, Francis Assn06033 Nov 1750400Granville 
Car, Andrew01818 Feb 1750640Anson 
Carder, William05791751320Granville 
Carinton, John011691760700Orange 
Carkeet, Mary06844 Feb 1750100Tyrrell 
Carmichael, William0117027 Oct 1752330Orange 
Carr, David0117120 Jul 1763553Orange 
Carr, David01730 Sep 1751157Anson 
Carr, William01818 Feb 1750640Anson 
Carruth, Walter09501747200Johnston 
Carson, John0147121 Sep 1759250Rowan 
Carson, William0147224 Jan 1761700Rowan 
Carter, James0147314 May 1753640Rowan 
Carter, Tinch011724 Oct 1755210OrangeEntry #65
Cary, James09511762700Johnston 
Caswell, Richard022411 May 1756640Dobbs 
Caswell, Richard011741752320Orange 
Catchem, Jacob058010 Nov 1762630Granville 
Cathey, John0146912 Oct 1758640Rowan 
Cathy, Alexander0194 Nov 1752640Anson 
Cavin, Samuel014708 Oct 1760700Rowan 
Chandler, Jesse058130 May 1761700Granville 
Chapman, William0105820 Apr 1752425Northampton 
Charton, William0117621 Jan 1755450OrangeEntry #21
Charton, William0117511 Dec 1753700OrangeEntry #32
Childers, James09521762700Johnston 
Churton, W0117716 May 1752640Orange 
Churton, William058210 Sep 1751400Granvilleremoved to Orange Co
Claton, Benone011791760500Orange 
Clayon, Benone0117823 Apr 1761500Orange 
Clayton, John01611760250Currituck 
Clayton, John016017 Jul 1760250Currituck 
Cline, Bostian0147416 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Clinton, Edward011801762700Orange 
Cobb, Stephen022512 Oct 1762700Dobbs 
Cobb, Stephen02261 Nov 1762700Dobbs 
Cocks, John09531762700JohnstonIssued 1 Apr 1763
Cocks, Thomas058620 Apr 1753640Granville 
Cole, John011819 Jun 1763700Orange 
Cole, John Sr09541761700Johnston 
Coleman, Charles03131 Nov 1754640EdgecombeEntry #170
Coleman, Richard058312 May 1757612Granville 
Coleman, Robert031431 Jan 1753640EdgecombeEntry #30
Coleman, Stephen03151762700Edgecombe 
Colhoon, William03163 Jan 175457EdgecombeEntry #108
Collier, Robert057831 Mar 1761700Granville 
Collins, Dennis02106 Oct 1762600Cumberland 
Colwell, John03171761360Edgecombe 
Combes, Joseph011827 Nov 1757370OrangeEnty #8
Connell, David03181762700Edgecombe 
Conner, Charity08301761700Halifax 
Conner, James08311760247Halifax 
Conner, James031926 Apr 1753640Edgecombe 
Conner, James03201761250EdgecombeOn Tosnot Swamp
Conner, James09711 Jun 1753640Beaufort 
Conner, James0162310 May 1762247Tyrrell 
Conner, James0160317 Nov 1760300TyrrellAcres in parentheses 247
Conner, Lewis08321762700Halifax 
Conner, William03211752122Edgecombe 
Cook, Abraham05849 Mar 1758700Granville 
Cook, Benjamin058511 Feb 1761700Granville 
Cook, John010591761700Northampton 
Cook, Thomas058712 May 176312Granville 
Cook, Thomas058827 Mar 1760700Granville 
Cooke, Jonas02281762700Dobbs 
Cooks, James02276 Feb 1761561Dobbs 
Cooper, John03227 Nov 1757640Edgecombe 
Cooper, Nathaniel0160415 Apr 1751200Tyrrell 
Copeland, Nicholas011831760700Orange 
Copeland, Nicholas011841762700Orange 
Copeland, Nicholas0118510 May 1761700Orange 
Corbin, Francis0160524 Sep 1760640Tyrrell 
Corley, Robert011861761700Orange 
Cory, Nathaniel011731762700Orange 
Cotes, John03231761700Edgecombe 
Cotton, Alex & Arthur02011752 Chowan 
Cotton, Thomas010601760700Northampton 
Cowin, Wm0147523 Apr 1759640Rowan 
Cox, Samuel011875 Aug 1758430OrangeEntry #155
Cox, William0118811 Sep 1753640OrangeEntry #37
Craford, James0118927 May 1752640Orange 
Craver, Andrew0206 Nov 1750585Anson 
Crawford, Henry0106124 Jan 175-640NorthamptonEntry #36
Creage, William011901 Oct 1754640Orange 
Creeson, Abraham02111 Jan 1758508Anson 
Cusick, Edward0147612 Mar 1755604Rowan 
Daniel, Robert016066 Nov 1752640Tyrrell 
Darley, John0137916 May 1760388Pasquotank 
Daughtree, Bryan010621760700Northampton 
Daughtry, Bryan010631760568Northampton 
Davidson, George02227 May 1752403Anson 
Davidson, John011914 May 1754640OrangeEntry #13
Davis, Arthur08331762700Halifax 
Davis, David011921762700Orange 
Davis, Evan0147820 Dec 1752168Rowan 
Davis, John011931762700Orange 
Davis, Joseph0147723 Jul 1761700Rowan 
Davis, Peter058917 Dec 1760700Granville 
Davis, Samuel08341760300Halifax 
Davis, Thomas08351759700Halifax 
Davis, Thomas08361759700Halifax 
Davis, Thomas08371759700Halifax 
Davis, Thomas05905 May 1755640Granville 
Davis, Thomas059124 Jun 1761700Granville 
Davis, Thomas05928 Jun 1761670GranvilleIssued: 6 Feb 1762
Davis, Thomas05938 Jun 1761700Granville 
Davis, Thomas03241761700Edgecombe 
Davis, William0138012 Jul 1751252Pasquotank 
Davison, George02329 Mar 1751640Anson 
Dawson, John010641762162Northampton 
Day, Peter0594  Granville 
Deane, Richard03251761700Edgecombe 
Deason, Benjamin0119431 Oct 1751300Orange 
Deberry, John Jr0101651761700Northampton 
Debord, George059524 Feb 1761700Granville 
Debord, George059621 Dec 1760700Granville 
Debord, John011761  Issued 1 Aug 1762
Delk, Jacob09551762700Johnston 
Delk, Samuel09561762700Johnston 
Deloach, Samuel03261763700Edgecombe 
Deloach, Samuel03271762700Edgecombe 
Deloach, William03281763700Edgecombe 
Deloshmat, John0148023 Jul 1761700Rowan 
Dennis, John011951760700Orange 
Denny, William0119610 Jun 1757640OrangeEntry #249
Denton, Samuel059726 Mar 1760600Granville 
Dew, John03295 May 1752250Edgecombe 
Dickens, Benjamin08381762700Halifax 
Dinkins, Joshua08401761700Halifax 
Dills, John014799 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Dixon, Henry011971758640Orange 
Dixon, Joseph011981762700Orange 
Dixon, Joseph08391761700Halifax 
Dixon, Solomon011991762700Orange 
Dixon, Solomon012001762700Orange 
Doak, John012011762700Orange 
Doane, John0120221 Nov 1762700Orange 
Dobbin, Hugh0120723 May 1752640Orange 
Dobbin, Hugh0120613 Jan 1752640Orange 
Dobbin, Hugh012051755408Orange 
Dobbin, Hugh012041757532Orange 
Dobbin, Hugh0120319 Jul 1753640OrangeEntry #21
Dobbin, James014811 Jun 1761700Rowan 
Doctern, Jacob0141321 Jan 1752 Perquimons 
Donnell, Robt0148216 Jan 1760700Rowan 
Doolittle, Joseph012081761700Orange 
Dorman, Benjamin03301761700Edgecombe 
Dorman, Mitchel08411761700Halifax 
Dormand, Michael033125 Apr 1754640EdgecombeEntry #137
Douger, John01629 Mar 1754275Currituck 
Dozer, John & Kimball, Benj05981 Nov 1751600Granville 
Drake, Francis05371758237Edgecombe 
Drake, Francis03327 May 1757640EdgecombeEntry #8
Drake, Nathaniel03331760700Edgecombe 
Drake, William05999 Aug 1756640GranvilleIssued 8 Mar 1760
Draughan, James01372 Feb 1750500Bertie 
Drew, John023113 Oct 1762500Dobbs 
Drew, John023013 Oct 1762700Dobbs 
Drew, John022913 Oct 1762700Dobbs 
Driver, Thomas09571762700Johnston 
Driver, Thomas033422 Jun 1751400Edgecombe 
Duckinfield, Nathl0161718 Jan 1750 TyrrellEstate of
Dugger, Wm060030 Oct 1752640Granville 
Duggons, William021748200  
Duke, Robert060214 Apr 1760700Granville 
Duke, William060429 Dec 1762175Granville 
Duke, William060515 Feb 1760300GranvilleIssued 9 Mar 1761
Duke, William060115 Jan 1762700Granville 
Dunagan, Thomas012091762700Orange 
Dunn, Jacob03361761700Edgecombe 
Dunn, John03351761700Edgecombe 
Durdan, Elisha010661760700Northampton 
Durdan, Jethro01067  Northampton 
Durdino, William023215 Oct 1762500Dobbs 
Ealbeck, John034030 Apr 1754675Edgecombe 
Easley, John060610 Nov 1762500Granville 
Easley, John06071 Jan 1763320Granville 
Eason, Joshua012101761700Orange 
Eaton, Chas Rust060930 Jul 1760550GranvilleIssued 5 Aug 1761
Eastwood, Israel060819 Jan 1761270GranvilleIssued 1 Mar 1762
Edmondson, John08421760640Halifax 
Edmondson, Thomas03371754560Edgecombe 
Edwards, Cullen08431761700Halifax 
Edwards, Cullen010681762700Northampton 
Edwards, John012111760700Orange 
Edwards, John0242 Apr 1750640Anson 
Edwards, John061029 Dec 1762450Granville 
Edwards, John09581755480Johnston 
Edwards, John0180231 Oct 1754400JohnstonEntry #365
Edwards, John Jr0106910 Dec 1751 Northampton 
Edwards, Joseph061110 Feb 1761700Granville 
Edwards, Richard03381752300Edgecombe 
Edwards, Richard03391761700Edgecombe 
Edwards, William010701758285Northampton 
Elbank, John08441760700Halifax 
Elbank, John08451760700Halifax 
Elbeck, Montfort03415 Feb 1752640Edgecombe 
Elbeck, Montfort08461761700Halifax 
Elbeck, Montfort08471759700Halifax 
Elkins, John034216 Apr 1754262EdgecombeEntry #131
Ellis, Even01483 294RowanIssued 21 Dec 1761
Ellis, John061213 Dec 1760700Granville 
Ellis, John08481761700Halifax 
Ellis, John08491762700Halifax 
Ellison, Joseph0121319 Jan 1753200Orange 
Elwick, Darwin061417 Sep 1760700GranvilleIssued 9 Jul 1761
Elwick, Darwin061322 Sep 1758680GranvilleIssued 2 Dec 1760
Embry, Joseph09591760700Johnston 
Erwin, George0149017 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Etheridge, John016427 Feb 1760640Currituck 
Etheridge, John016316 Oct 1760700Currituck 
Evans, Charles Jr034325 Apr 1751600Edgecombe 
Evans, John08501760700Halifax 
Everett, James08511762700Halifax 
Everton, Daniel013819 Apr 1757100PasquotankEntry #289
Exum, John03441760700Edgecombe 
Faison, James0107122 Nov 175051Northampton 
Fanning, Thomas0148424 May 1762700Rowan 
Farmer, Isaac034510 Apr 1753400EdgecombeEntry #37
Farrer, John061518 Jan 1750500GranvilleIssued 12 Jun 1754
Faulkner, John034628 Feb 1755183EdgecombeEntry #182
Ferguson, Andrew0148624 Sep 1761440Rowan 
Ferguson, Andrew0148724 Sep 1761580Rowan 
Ferguson, John0148524 Sep 1761700Rowan 
Ferguson, John0121414 Sep 1756640OrangeEntry #276
Ferrell, John061630 Apr 1753200Granville 
Ferrie, William07978 Mar 1758490Granville 
Ferril, John061717 Feb 1761700Granville 
Figures, Bartholomew010721753813Northampton 
Flemming, Peter0148912 Dec 1758640Rowan 
Fletcher, William03471751600Edgecombe 
Floyd, John09919 Jun 1760300Beaufort 
Folk, William0169717 May 1759300TyrrellEntry #45
Folsom, Nathaniel03491760700Edgecombe 
Folsom, Nathaniel03481760700Edgecombe 
Fooshee, Charles0121515 Feb 1754640OrangeEntry #9
Forbes, John016511 Jun 1761400Currituck 
Forbes, John016611 Jun 1761700Currituck 
Forbish, George02517 Oct 1752636Anson 
Forbus, John014916 Aug 1760400Rowan 
Ford, Thomas06181753 & 1761640 & 700Granville 
Ford, William023313 Apr 1762700Dobbs 
Foreman, William03511761700Edgecombe 
Fort, Elias03521751 & 1752640Edgecombe 
Fort, John03531760700Edgecombe 
Franse, Henry0148816 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Freeman, Gabriel012167 Nov 1757640OrangeEntry #15
Fulkerson, James012171761700Orange 
Fuller, Brittain085222 Dec 1756640HalifaxEntry #90
Fuller, Britton09611761700Johnston 
Fuller, Ezekiel06191762700Granville 
Fuller, Samuel062011 Aug 1760264Granville 
Fuller, Samuel062113 Feb 1763360Granville 
Fuller, Samuel062211 Mar 1760700Granville 
Fullerton, David0266 Nov 1750640Anson 
Fulsom, Ebenezer010022 Jun 1756640Beaufort 
Fulsome, Nathaniel035024 Apr 1756640EdgecombeEntry #166
Funderburg, Henry0149225 May 1753360Rowan 
Furree, Isaac02730 Aug 1751639AnsonIssued 22 Jan 1761
Fussell, Thos06237 Mar 1758640Granville 
Futral, William0107423 Mar 1754640Northampton 
Futrell, Benjamin010731760300Northampton 
Gainer, James016474 Nov 1760700Tyrrell 
Gamble, James0149313 Jun 1754280Rowan 
Gamble, Robert02810 Apr 1752640Anson 
Gannt, Zebulon0293 Nov 1752640Anson 
Gatling, John0107528 Oct 1758433NorthamptonEntry #279
Gee, Charles0107629 May 1758 NorthamptonEntry #254
George, David Jr012181762700Orange 
Giles, William014941757; 1760700 & 640Rowan 
Gill, Thomas08531760700Halifax 
Gillam, William Jr010781761700Northampton 
Gillespie, Elizabeth0149517 Sep 1756275Rowan 
Gilliam, Jesse010772 Sep 1755640NorthamptonEntry #59
Givins, Edward03020 Sep 175-640Anson 
Glisson, Abraham014261761400Pitt 
Godwin, David09621762700Johnston 
Godwin, Edmund09631760700Johnston 
Goff, Henry012191 Nov 1752500Orange 
Gold, Joseph062431 May 1751640Granville 
Good, Edward035424 Oct 1757379EdgecombeEntry #46
Good, Thomas035525 Apr 1757274EdgecombeEntry #57
Goodbread, Philip012201761700Orange 
Goodheart, Christopher0311751400Anson 
Gower, John09641761700Johnston 
Graham, Richard03629 May 1752400Anson 
Grant, Zebulon & Baldwin, Wm0144913 Nov 175650Rowan 
Grave, Thomas012211763467Orange 
Graves, William06257 May 1763360Granville 
Graves, William012231762360Orange 
Gray, Nathl0137712 May 1760500Pasquotank 
Greaves, Thomas0122220 Jul 1763700Orange 
Green, John062628 Apr 1753640Granville 
Green, Joseph06284 Sep 1750640Granville 
Green, Thos06279 Aug 1751640Granville 
Green, William035619 Jul 1750640Edgecombe 
Grice, Moses03571762700Edgecombe 
Griffeth, Joseph18 Feb 1750630Anson 
Griffin, Efinetus016441760640Tyrrell 
Griffin, Hardy03581761700Edgecombe 
Griffin, Jones0122414 Aug 1763672Orange 
Grigg, William06295 Sep 1753640Granville 
Grimsley, John03591754218Edgecombe 
Hackney, Joseph063025 Feb 1760291Granville 
Hagan, James0149621 Apr 1752520Rowan 
Haggat, John03824 Dec 1751640Anson 
Haggins, John014971762700Orange 
Haggler, John03710 Feb 1752128Anson 
Haley, David0122529 Jul 1761421Orange 
Hall, Hugh014991762700Rowan 
Hall, James014981 Sep 1753640Rowan 
Hall, John03601761700Edgecombe 
Hall, Wm063127 Oct 1752640Granville 
Haltam, William0129530 Dec 1752640Orange 
Hambleton, Wm09651760200Johnston 
Hammonds, Jesse08541761700Halifax 
Hampton, James012263 Mar 1752640Orange 
Hancock, Samuel06329 May 1760700Granville 
Hardie, Thomas063410 Jun 1763700Granville 
Hardin, Robert0343 May 1750640Anson 
Hardison, Jasper016081751500Tyrrell 
Hardison, John016095 Jan 1761640Tyrrell 
Hardwick, James063317 Apr 1760700Granville 
Hardy, Benjamin08551759700Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh03631753143Edgecombe 
Hardy, Hugh036225 Nov 1753280Edgecombe 
Hardy, Hugh08611760700Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh08591760 Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh08601760600Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh08561759640Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh085728 Oct 1761600Halifax 
Hardy, Hugh08581760700Halifax 
Hardy, Isaac010110 Dec 175657Beaufort 
Hardy, Joseph & Snoad, Henry01162 Oct 1751640Beaufort 
Hardy, Samuel03652 May 1753640Edgecombe 
Hardy, Samuel03646 May 1752640Edgecombe 
Hare, Bryant063530 Apr 1753300Granville 
Hare, Moses03662 Mar 1753400Edgecombe 
Harp, Edward09661762700Johnston 
Harp, Emanuel09671761700Johnston 
Harper, James08621759640Halifax 
Harrel, John Jr01383 Dec 1751 Bertie 
Harris, Arthur010804 Mar 1751600Northampton 
Harris, Arthur0107926 Feb 1751/2400Northampton 
Harris, George & Mooring, John014271761700Pitt 
Harris, Gillum06365 Jun 1761700Granville 
Harris, John016366 Feb 1762IndentureGranville 
Harris, John016376 Feb 1762456GranvilleIndenture
Harris, Lewis06389 Sep 1760700Granville 
Harris, Lewis06393 Nov 1750640Granville 
Harris, Nathl06406 Dec 1758641GranvilleIssued 28 Nov 1760
Harris, Richd064127 Nov 1752640GranvilleIssued 1 May 1757
Harris, Samuel0150017 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Harris, Thomas063718 Mar 1760700Granville 
Harris, Thomson0122723 Jan 1755420OrangeEntry #218
Harris, Timothy01428  Pitt 
Harris, Timothy010216 Nov 1751640Beaufort 
Harris, William010326 Dec 1760700Beaufort 
Harry, John03330 Jan 1752640Anson 
Hart, Arthur036713 Mar 1758341Edgecombe 
Hart, Hardy010811761175Northampton 
Hart, Henry010821760278Northampton 
Hart, Henry08631761700Halifax 
Hart, Nathaniel012281762700Orange 
Hart, Thomas047412 Jun 1749150Edgecombe 
Hart, Thomas012303 Oct 1763690Orange 
Hart, Thomas0123126 Jun 1763480Orange 
Hart, Thomas0123220 Sep 1763583Orange 
Hartso, Philip012291760500Orange 
Hastings, Henry012331 Nov 1752300Orange 
Hatcher, William03681761700Edgecombe 
Hawkins, John06485 Dec 1753400Granville 
Hawkins, Jno064525 Oct 1756640GranvilleIssued 11 Oct 176-
Hawkins, John064415 Oct 1761700GranvilleIssued 1 Aug 1762
Hawkins, John064327 Apr 1753500Granville 
Hawkins, John06426 Aug 1763620Granville 
Hawkins, Philemon0164015 Dec 1760700Granville 
Hawkins, Philemon06471756 & 1752640Granville 
Hawkins, Philemon064618 Mar 1761700Granville 
Hawkins, Pinkman09681762722Johnston 
Hawkins, Wm064920 Apr 1753640Granville 
Hay, Ruben023424 May 1762700Dobbs 
Hayes, Samuel010831762400Northampton 
Haynes, Francis B08641759640Halifax 
Hays, James016101 May 1761700Tyrrell 
Haywood, John0123420 Jun 1753640OrangeEntry #30
Haywood, Col John065031 Jan 1754400Granville 
Haywood, Sherwood012357 Nov 1757640OrangeEntry #11
Haywood, William03701761700Edgecombe 
Haywood, William036928 Sep 1754100Edgecombe 
Haywood, William06511752 & 1754400 & 200Granville 
Hazlewood, Randolph06522 Apr 1761700Granville 
Headspeth, Eyres065312 Jan 1763290Granville 
Hearn, John09691760700Johnston 
Hedgpeth, Peter03711760700Edgecombe 
Hembree, David065430 Oct 1752400Granville 
Henderson, Vilet0150120 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Hendricks, Jabesh08651759640Halifax 
Hendricks, Jabesh03741760640Edgecombe 
Hendricks, Joshua03726 Apr 1757640EdgecombeEntry #72
Hendricks, William03731761700Edgecombe 
Henley, Jesse013821760500Pasquotank 
Henly, John0150228 Sep 1761700Rowan 
Hennington, Jonathan010422 Jun 1760100Beaufort 
Hewn, John0150312 Jun 1761700Rowan 
Hicks, Robert065530 Jul 1760700Granville 
Hicks, Robert0163826 Oct 1752350GranvilleIndenture
Hickson, Wm0138320 Feb 1755 PasquotankEntry #77
Hightower, Austin0123718 Nov 1761700Orange 
Hill, Abraham09701763700Johnston 
Hill, Abram02021758150Chowan 
Hill, Green010841760700Northampton 
Hill, Henry09271760700Halifax 
Hill, Isaac02351762   
Hill, Isaac023623 May 1762700Dobbs 
Hill, John013916 Jul 1761700Bertie 
Hill, Nicholas012367 Dec 1754360OrangeEntry #214
Hill, Richard016429 Mar 1762700Cumberland 
Hill, Robert065628 Jan 1755640GranvilleEntry #174
Hill, Thomas08661761640Halifax 
Hill, Thomas03616 May 1756640EdgecombeEntry #99
Hill, Whitnell08671762700Halifax 
Hill, William03791763700Edgecombe 
Hilliard, Elias03751759700Edgecombe 
Hilliard, Jacob03761760700Edgecombe 
Hilliard, William037723 Apr 1754640EdgecombeEntry #133
Hilliard, William037823 Apr 1754600EdgecombeEntry #132
Hilliard, William0108528 Feb 1755 Northampton 
Hinnant, John09711762700Johnston 
Hinton, John09731760700Johnston 
Hinton, John09721760700Johnston 
Hinton, William09741761600Johnston 
Hise, George03226 Nov 1750425Anson 
Hockley, Samuel038031 May 1753640EdgecombeEntry #19
Hogan, James086818 Sep 1760370Halifax 
Hoget, Phillimon0150420 Jul 1756366Rowan 
Hoget, William0150510 May 1759649Rowan 
Holdman, Isaac01506 700Rowan 
Holladay, Samuel01611May 1762700Tyrrell 
Holland, Otho01671751 Currituck 
Holliman, David09761761700Johnston 
Holliman, William09771762700Johnston 
Holmes, John015086 May 1758640Rowan 
Holmes, John0150725 Mar 1762330Rowan 
Holsenpack, Derick012383 Jun 1763397Orange 
Holton, William06573 Mar 1752640Granville 
Holway, Nehemiah0150921 Oct 1761700Rowan 
Holwell, Zephaniah0161224 Sep 1760640Tyrrell 
Holyfield, Ralph09751762700Johnston 
Holyfield, Ralph012391760700Orange 
Honey, Thomas09781 Nov 1752640JohnstonEntry #5
Hood, Arthur03811755640EdgecombeEntry #185
Hopper, William0151110 Sep 1761700Rowan 
Horn, James05401762700Edgecombe 
Horn, John08691763 Halifax 
Horn, Richard03821751160Edgecombe 
Horn, William038310 Feb 1756290EdgecombeEntry #158
Horne, Thomas010871757345Northampton 
Horsford, Jonathan0735  GranvilleDeed
Horton, John Bland09791762700Johnston 
Horton, Joshua09801751640Johnston 
Houghton, Joshua09811761700Johnston 
House, George014023 Jan 1753 Bertie 
Howard, Grover065825 Sep 1760700Granville 
Howard, John06598 Sep 1763415Granville 
Howard, John0151222 Oct 1761522Rowan 
Howell, Henry010861761700Northampton 
Howell, John023723 Jul 1762700Dobbs 
Howell, Joseph03841761700Edgecombe 
Howell, Joseph021129 Jan 1760 Hyde 
Howell, Robert014119 Oct 1751200Bertie 
Howlett, Wm0124126 Jun 1755189OrangeEntry #21
Hows, William08701759700Halifax 
Hudspeth, Giles066016 Oct 1760700Granville 
Huey, Henry015136 May 1758640Rowan 
Hugh, Henry0164519 Jan 1759647Rowan 
Hughes, Edward0151423 Dec 1752300Rowan 
Hughs, Charles012401761700Orange 
Huneycut, John09831762700Johnston 
Hunnecut, William09841760500Johnston 
Hunnycut, Augustine09821760700Johnston 
Hunt, John05391762700Edgecombe 
Hunt, Jonathan0151019 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Hunt, Thomas066124 Oct 1750214Granville 
Hunter, John012429 Jun 1752500Orange 
Hunter, Theophilus09871762700JohnstonIssued 1 Apr 1763
Hunter, Theophilus098631 Mar 1752640Johnston 
Hunter, Theophilus09851760700Johnston 
Hunter, Thomas03918 Feb 1750640Anson 
Hurley, Amos010881761700Northampton 
Hurley, Amos02381 Mar 1761348Dobbs 
Husband, Hermon012431762700Orange 
Husbands, Herman015154 Nov 1754640Rowan 
Husbands, Hermon0124415 Mar 1755640OrangeEntry #157
Hutchins, Wm066212 Nov 1755640GranvilleIssued 9 Nov 1757
Hutchons, Thomas016817 Oct 1760700Currituck 
Irbey, William03851751300Edgecombe 
Irby, William038615 Sep 1758640EdgecombeEntry #209
Irby, William038714 Oct 1758620EdgecombeEntry #268
Ireland, William015161762700Rowan 
Jackson, Isaac066315 Aug 1751640Granville 
James, Absalom01056 Mar 1760300Beaufort 
Jarvis, Thomas016927 May 1761 Currituck 
Jeffreys, Osborn012468 Mar 1753640OrangeEntry #41
Jeffreys, Osborn0124527 Oct 1752640Orange 
Jeffreys, Osborn06657 Mar 1758680Granville 
Jeffreys, Osborn06644 Feb 1760700GranvilleIssued 11 Apr 1763
Jennett, Jabeth & Wm0161320 Apr 1753200Tyrrell 
Johnson, Abraham03888 Aug 1754120EdgecombeEntry #297
Johnson, Benjamin03891751200Edgecombe 
Johnson, Benjamin010896 Jan 1753200NorthamptonEntry #10
Johnson, John09881762700Johnston 
Johnson, Thomas09901761700Johnston 
Johnson, William015410 Mar 1753290Bladen 
Johnston, Abraham08711762700Halifax 
Johnston, Charles066618 Aug 1756640Granville 
Johnston, Henry0124721 Jan 1752250Orange 
Johnston, Henry040Sep 1750430Anson 
Johnston, John039012 Nov 1753150Edgecombe 
Johnston, John Jr08721761700Halifax 
Johnston, Robert04129 Jan 1750640Anson 
Johnston, Samuel023923 Jun 1763320Dobbs 
Johnston, Samuel02401762700Dobbs 
Johnston, Thomas09891761700Johnston 
Johnston, William0424 Dec 1751640Anson or Bladen 
Jolley, Jonathan014311 Feb 1760300Beaufort 
Jolley, Joseph Jr0142910 Mar 1763695Pitt 
Jolly, Joseph01065 Feb 1759400Beaufort 
Jones, Abraham08741759640Halifax 
Jones, Abraham08731760700Halifax 
Jones, Abram06672 Mar 1757640Granville or Edgecombe 
Jones, Drury03911749160Edgecombe 
Jones, Francis0124816 Dec 1754640OrangeEntry #43
Jones, Henry012491762700Orange 
Jones, Isaac09921761700Johnston 
Jones, Isaac09911761700Johnston 
Jones, James0151729 Jan 1761700Rowan 
Jones, Jarvis013864 Mar 1757547Pasquotank 
Jones, Marjor Jarvis013851760200Pasquotank 
Jones, John01250  Orange 
Jones, John013841760150Pasquotank 
Jones, John03941760700Edgecombe 
Jones, John03931 Dec 1751250Edgecombe 
Jones, John039213 Nov 1755550EdgecombeEntry #52
Jones, Joseph0151824 Mar 1757665RowanIssued 12 Jan 1761
Jones, Nathaniel0125115 Oct 1761700Orange 
Jones, Phillip09936 Dec 1755625JohnstonEntry #122
Jones, Samuel066813 May 1760698Granville 
Jones, Shuger09946 Nov 1755640JohnstonEntry #16
Jones, Simon0911 Sep 1753640Beaufort 
Jones, Sugar066915 Mar 1752640Granville 
Jones, Sugar099511 May 1756200JohnstonEntry #129
Jones, Thomas06701762700Granville 
Jones, William02031751100Chowan 
Jones, William08751761700Halifax 
Jordan, Arthur067125 Jan 1762590Granville 
Jordan, Benjamin010901761700Northampton 
Jordan, Cornelius03951761700Edgecombe 
Jordan, George0109110 May 1761700Northampton 
Jordan, James09961762700Johnston 
Jordan, Joshua03961 Dec 1751326Edgecombe 
Joyner, Joel08761759640Halifax 
Joyner, John014301 Jan 1762700Pitt 
Joyner, Thomas & Young, John09241762700Halifax 
Judkins, William014311 Jan 1762700Pitt 
Julian, Isaac012521762700Orange 
Justice, James0125315 Aug 1763675Orange 
Justiss, John010921760700Northampton 
Karr, Andrew015191 Jun 1752 Rowan 
Keith, Cornelius09971762700Johnston 
Kelley, Gregory09981760700Johnston 
Kennedy, William012551 Apr 1754640OrangeEntry #151
Kerney, Shemuel06727 Jan 1762700Granville 
Kilgore, John06732 May 1752640Granville 
Kimball, Benj067630 Oct 1752 Granville 
Kimball, Benj & Dozer, John05981 Nov 1751600Granville 
Kimball, Joseph06753 Mar 1757343GranvilleIssued 1 Dec 1760
Kimble, Jos0674 640Granville 
Kimborough, Nathl0114228 Jun 1754400OrangeEntry #173
Kincheloe, John012571757252Orange 
Kinchen, William03981761700Edgecombe 
Kinchen, William039725 Oct 1754275EdgecombeEntry #309
Kinchen, William Jr067725 Oct 1754640Granville or Edgecombe 
King, Michael010728 Nov 1755 Beaufort 
King, Thomas012581762700Orange 
Kinsey, Thomas014210 Nov 1751500Bertie 
Kirby, William012561760700Orange 
Kirkland, Richd S076630 Jan 1753640Granville 
Kirven, Laurence014321761700Pitt 
Knox, Andrew014141761500Perquimons 
Lamb, Gideon017017 Jun 1761700Currituck 
Lamb, Isaac0141527 Jun 1757 PerquimonsEntry #230
Lamb, Jacob02416 May 1757192Dobbs or JohnstonEntry #3
Lamb, Jacob02421762700Dobbs 
Lamb, Luke017121 Apr 1759640CurrituckEntry #31
Lamb, Luke0161421 Apr 1759640TyrrellEntry #32
Lamon, Duncan03991760523Edgecombe 
Lamon, Dunkin05411762700Edgecombe 
Lancaster, John067812 Aug 1760700Granville 
Landrum, John0125928 Aug 1754640OrangeEntry #177
Landsill, Jacob0152123 Jul 1761700Rowan 
Lane, David & Pearce, Joseph089031 Oct 1759680Halifax 
Lane, John08771759400Halifax 
Lane, Joseph09991761700Johnston 
Lane, Richard0126011 Jan 1762700Orange 
Langston, John067930 Jan 1754640GranvilleIssued 10 May 1755
Langston, Leonard04001762700Edgecombe 
Langworthy, Jonathan0138720 Jan 175359 1/2Pasquotank 
Lanier, John016158 Jun 1758640TyrrellEntry #155
Larter, Henry068014 Sep 1751640Granville 
Lash, Jacob0152228 Oct 1758640Rowan 
Lasseter, William040327 Nov 1752450EdgecombeEntry #8
Lassiter, Lemuel04021751700Edgecombe 
Lassiter, Tobias040110 May 1757418EdgecombeEntry #18
Grant #1
Latham, Rothias021423 Feb 1760300Hyde 
Latham, Rothias021231 Jan 1763402Hyde
E Side of Broad Creek
Latham, Rothias021315 Sep 1762700Hyde 
Latta, James0126123 Jul 1763144Orange 
Lawrence, Elisha0152324 Sep 1756450Rowan 
Lawson, Hugh0152427 May 1756552Rowan 
Laxon, Thomas0133324 Dec 1754381OrangeEntry #217
Leavens, Nicholas P013131762700Orange 
Lee, Arthur05421762700Edgecombe 
Lee, James010001762700Johnston 
Lee, James010011762700Johnston 
Lee, James012633 Mar 1752600Orange 
Lee, Jesse08781761700Halifax 
Lee, Jesse08791761700Halifax 
Lee, John0126411 Jan 1752640Orange 
Lee, John02438 Sep 1761700Dobbs 
Lee, Joshua04041 May 1752600Edgecombe 
Lemmon, Henry0133623 Sep 1759246Orange 
Lenard, Valentine015251762700Rowan 
Lewis, Enoch012653 May 1756640OrangeEntry #169
Lewis, Enoch0126230 Sep 1754640OrangeEntry #14
Lewis, George01088 May 1749180Beaufort 
Lewis, John0443 Nov 1752105Anson 
Lewis, Richard0435 Nov 1751285Anson 
Lewis, Thomas0161614 Oct 1752200Tyrrell 
Linch, John012721762700Orange 
Linchecome, Gideon011552 Oct 1756640OrangeEntry #223
Lindley, James012661762665Orange 
Lingle, Lawrence0152625 Oct 1761572Rowan 
Linley, Thomas Sr012671755640OrangeEntry #21
Linville, Thomas0126821 Mar 1752200Orange 
Linville, William0152728 Apr 1753640Rowan 
Littel, Thomas010922 Jul 1760100Beaufort 
Little, Thomas0143328 Sep 1761700Pitt 
Lloyd, Frederick012695 Sep 1763693Orange 
Lloyd, Thomas012701761700Orange 
Lock, John015282 Mar 1753640Rowan 
Logan, Patrick068123 Feb 1761700Granville 
Long, John0127125 Jul 1761700Orange 
Long, Mathew015207 Jun 1761700Rowan 
Lowe, Thomas0682  GranvilleIssued 8 May 1755
Lowe, Thomas012731761700Orange 
Lowrance, Daniel0152910 Mar 1762301Rowan 
Loyd, Thomas Jr0127417 Jan 1754640OrangeEntry #4
Loyd, Thomas0134315 May 1753640OrangeEntry #10
Luckey, Robert015305 Sep 1760700Rowan 
Lurry, Capt John017218 Jun 1761700Currituck 
Mabrey, Francis068930 Oct 1752640Granville 
Mabry, Francis012823 Jan 1756640Orange 
Mabry, Francis069019 Sep 1761582GranvilleIssued 1 Mar 1762
Mabry, Francis06881751640Granville 
Mabry, George08801762700Halifax 
Mace, William04121761700Edgecombe 
Maddry, James0109316 Jul 1761 Northampton 
Maddry, Richard069120 Mar 1760700Granville 
Malderley, John0109427 Nov 1751300Northampton 
Mangum, Arthur0128312 Jun 1763357Orange 
Mangum, William041315 May 1755640EdgecombeEntry #47
Mann, Thomas04141751200Edgecombe 
Manning, Moses024625 Oct 1760700Dobbs 
Marsh, John0128414 Dec 1756636OrangeEntry #276
Marshall, John06922 Apr 1752300Granville 
Martin, Benjamin02092 Oct 1755600Hyde 
Martin, George069312 Dec 1759700Granville 
Martin, John0155916 May 1757640Rowan 
Martin, William0128511 Dec 1754187OrangeEntry #14
Martin, Wm069414 Jul 1761610GranvilleIssued 1 Mar 1762
Martin, Zachariah0521750 & 1752640 & 640Anson or Bladen 
Mashborne, Mathew010954 Apr 1753167NorthamptonEntry #3
Massey, Richard010031762700Johnston 
Mateer, William0128712 Jul 1763384Orange 
Mateers, William012861759337Orange 
Mathis, Daniel0156025 Jul 1757606Rowan 
Matthews, James08811761700Halifax 
Matthews, John02481762700Dobbs 
Matthews, John02471761 & 1762700Dobbs 
Matthias, Charles08821761700Halifax 
Mattock, Joseph0128812 Dec 1754640OrangeEntry #38
Maund, William04151760700Edgecombe 
McAdoo, John0153115 May 1755640Rowan 
McCallester, James012752 Jul 1754300OrangeEntry #171
McCans, Robert015322 Oct 1753126RowanIssued 26 Jan 1761
McConnell, John015337 May 1757640Rowan 
McCorkle, Alexander015341 Dec 1761700Rowan 
McCormick, Simon015351762700Rowan 
McCulloch, Alex045 500Anson 
McCulloch, Alex040528 Oct 1751550Edgecombe 
McCullock, Alex0153631 Oct 1751640Rowan 
McCullock, John0476 Aug 1751640Anson 
McCullough, James04611 Jul 1752640Anson 
McDaniel, John040615 May 1754237EdgecombeEntry #292
McDaniel, John012767 Feb 1757640Orange 
McDowell, John04818 Feb 1750300Anson 
McFarland, John0127730 Oct 1763150Orange 
McFastern, William012784 Mar 1754400OrangeEntry #12
McGee, Solomon040719 Feb 1755200EdgecombeEntry #177
McGee, William040913 Nov 1759640Edgecombe 
McGee, William04086 Nov 1755300EdgecombeEntry #43
McGriger, John068511 Jun 1760700Granville 
McIlwean, James049  Anson 
McKelworth, John05028 Dec 1751640Anson 
McLane, Devault015373 Aug 1753360Rowan 
McLemore, Adkins06861762125Granville 
McLemore, Drury04105 May 1752300Edgecombe 
McLemore, Wright041110 Oct 1755368EdgecombeEntry #37
McLendon, Dennis024522 Jun 1761320Dobbs 
McLendon, Dennis024422 Jun 1761500Dobbs 
McMelin, Alex07571750640Granville 
McNatt, James068723 Jul 1760700Granville 
McNight, John0127926 Jun 1755640OrangeEntry #19
McNight, William0155722 Jul 1761700Rowan 
McPherson, Moses01735 Sep 1753200Currituck 
McPherson, Robert0511751400Anson 
McPherson, Wm0128018 Sep 1763162Orange 
McVey, Daniel012811762700Orange 
McWhorter, Hance0155822 Jul 1761 Rowan 
Mears, Thomas0531 Apr 1752300Anson 
Melton, Henry069519 Jan 1760700Granville 
Mendenhall, James0156120 Oct 1761700Rowan 
Mendenhall, Mordecai015531 Oct 1751640Bladen 
Mendinghall, Mordecai05410 Apr 1752640Anson 
Mercer, Jacob02495 Jan 1761700Dobbs 
Mercer, Joseph014346 Jun 1761700Pitt 
Mertin, Gibson0696Apr 1749640Granville 
Messick, Ambrose0251  Dobbs 
Miatt, John010041750500Johnston 
Mickel, Andrew05522 Jul 1751640Anson 
Miller, Evan Jr017419 Feb 1761700Currituck 
Mills, John04171752299Edgecombe 
Mills, Robert015620 Feb 1750640Bladen 
Mitchel, Robert012891762488Orange 
Mitchell, Andrew0561751700Anson 
Mitchell, Benjamin04161760700Edgecombe 
Mitchell, Daniel069720 Jun 1754640Granville 
Mitchell, Daniel06989 Mar 1753300Granville 
Mitchell, Daniel069911 Feb 1761500Granville 
Mitchell, Daniel070011 Feb 1761700Granville 
Mitchell, George02501762700Dobbs 
Mitchell, James07011751640Granville 
Mitchell, William Jr01108 Feb 1750640Beaufort 
Mize, Joshua010051761700Johnston 
Mizell, Moses020423 Jan 1757300Chowan 
Moble, Mordecai0190630 Nov 1753400JohnstonEntry #147
Mobley, Mordecai010081 Feb 1758605JohnstonEntry #85
Mobley, Mordecai010073 Dec 1753400Johnston 
Moir, James04181761700Edgecombe 
Monson, Robert010965 Sep 1754 NorthamptonEntry #371
Montford, Joseph08841760700Halifax 
Montford, Joseph070210 Nov 1762650Granville 
Montfort, Joseph08831760700Halifax 
Moody, Thomas07039 Mar 1750400Granville 
Moor, Benton014420 Dec 175175Bertie 
Moore, Charles070419 Dec 1759700GranvilleIssued 9 Mar 1761
Moore, Edward05431762700Edgecombe 
Moore, Edward04211761617Edgecombe 
Moore, Edward04201761700Edgecombe 
Moore, Edward04191761700Edgecombe 
Moore, Epaphroditus0145 700Bertie 
Moore, James08851761700Halifax 
Moore, John070519 Jan 1761700Granville 
Moore, John0109726 Apr 1753 Northampton 
Moore, John04221761700Edgecombe 
Moore, Joseph08861761700Halifax 
Moore, Mordica070622 Mar 1760700  
Mooring, John014351762700Pitt 
Mooring, John & Harris, George014271761700Pitt 
Moreland, Francis08871761700Halifax 
Moreland, John042325 Apr 1753600EdgecombeEntry #39
Morgan, John010981760700Northampton 
Morgan, John010991760191Northampton 
Morgan, Mark012911762700Orange 
Morgan, Mark012904 Nov 1756640OrangeEntry #268
Morgan, Robert07071752, 1755 & 1761640Granville 
Morris, John04241763700Edgecombe 
Morrison, Andrew0156210 Feb 1761640Rowan 
Morrison, Andrew0156612 Feb 1762593Rowan 
Morrison, James05713 Jul 1751500Anson 
Morrison, William0156315 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Morrison, William01564 124Rowan 
Morrison, William05829 Mar 1751640 & 524Anson 
Morrison, William05919 Mar 1751640Anson 
Morrow, William0129210 Oct 1755640OrangeEntry #36
Moseley, Thomas042529 Apr 1751640Edgecombe 
Moseley, William011001761200Northampton 
Moses, Arthur01181 Jan 1752480Beaufort 
Mull, Christopher0156512 Mar 1753435Rowan 
Mullen, John0129421 Sep 1761700Orange 
Mullis, John012961762700Orange 
Munden, William014161751/2300Perquimans 
Murden, John013891760500Pasquotank 
Murden, Robert0138820 Dec 1758205PasquotankEntry #319
Murdock, John0156710 Sep 1756420RowanIssued 5 Jan 1761
Murphey, Daniel014627 Jan 1756 Bertie 
Murphey, Simon07082 Sep 1760590Granville 
Murray, Benjamin0129721 Oct 1761700Orange 
Murray, Michael070910 Jul 1749300Granville 
Murray, Thomas012981761700Orange 
Nash, Josiah013901760700Pasquotank 
Nash, Solomon13917 Oct 1758651PasquotankEntry #273
Nassery, William015698 Oct 1761700Rowan 
Nassery, William0156823 Jan 1761200Rowan 
Nation, Christopher0157030 Aug 1753 Rowan 
Nation, John0157122 Feb 1757640Rowan 
Neal, John06029 Mar 1751400Anson 
Neal, William06129 Mar 1751400Anson 
Neeley, Richard0157219 Dec 1761700Rowan 
Neill, Andrew0157323 May 1759640Rowan 
Nelson, Abraham0129930 Dec 1754356OrangeEntry #55
Nelson, David13007 Dec 1754640OrangeEntry #30
Nelson, Samuel130111 Sep 1753640OrangeEntry #34
Nelson, Thomas129323 Jul 1754430OrangeEntry #182
Nesbit, John015746 Mar 1753640Rowan 
Nesbitt, Widow0153928 May 1756640Rowan 
Neville, Benjamin04261753390Edgecombe 
Neivill, Thomas042713 Mar 1758491EdgecombeEntry #122
Newby, Thomas071023 Nov 1750246Granville 
Newsom, Moses011012 May 1752480Northampton 
Nicholson, Christopher014181761700Perquimans 
Nicholson, Christopher014171761700Perquimans 
Nicholson, James013021761700Orange 
Nicholson, James07133 Dec 1760700GranvilleIssued 28 Jul 1761
Nicholson, James07123 Nov 1760700Granville 
Nickens, Richard017517 Apr 1752300Currituck 
Nickols, Nicholas01769 Mar 1761435Currituck 
Nicks, John0621750640Anson 
Nix, Joseph07112 Jul 1761700Granville 
Nixon, Phineas011127 Dec 1752 Perquimans 
Nolleboy, James010091760700Johnston 
Norfleet, Marmaduke02061756466Chowan 
Norris, John011227 Dec 1760700Beaufort 
Norris, Joseph071418 Feb 1758649GranvilleIssued 29 Nov 1760
Norris, Joseph010101762700Johnston 
Norton, Stephen013031761700Orange 
Norwood, George0110220 Dec 1756171NorthamptonEntry #79
Nunn, William071516 May 1752400Granville 
Nunney, Griffin04281761640Edgecombe 
Nut, Robert071610 Dec 1750160Granville 
Nutt, Robert010111760700Johnston 
Odam, Richard071728 Aug 1756640Granville 
O'Dowdy, Daniel017716 Jun 1756278Currituck 
Ogilvie, William071824 Feb 1761700Granville 
Ogle, Harcules013041761700Orange 
Oglevie, William042924 Oct 1754640Edgecombe 
Oliphant, John015456 May 1758640Rowan 
Oliphant, John06329 Mar 1751640Anson 
Oliver, Alexander0161825 Mar 1755120Tyrrell 
Oliver, Richard04304 Jun 1753254EdgecombeEntry #19
O'Neal, John Sr010121763217Johnston 
Orr, Robert010131760700Johnston 
Outlaw, Ralph014727 Mar 1756640Bertie 
Overman, Nathan013928 Feb 1750200Pasquotank 
Paine, James07203 Dec 1751400Granville 
Paine, James071924 Aug 1758538GranvilleIssued 28 Nov 1760
Paine, James013057 Nov 1757640OrangeEntry #14
Parker, Alexander010146 May 1757100JohnstonEntry #40
Parker, Gabriel04311 Aug 1751300Edgecombe 
Parker, Jacob08881760700Halifax 
Parker, John0154024 Jan 1761700Rowan21 Dec 1761
Parker, Jonathan072113 May 1760700Granville 
Parker, Mary01781752125Currituck 
Parker, Richard013061762700Orange 
Parker, William08893 Oct 1758640Halifax 
Parks, Samuel013071762700Orange 
Parsons, Thomas013081762700Orange 
Paschal, Samuel072111 Mar 1763700Granville 
Paschal, Samuel072220 Apr 1753640Granville 
Paschal, Wm072313 May 1752640Granville 
Pasmore, John04324 Feb 1752640Edgecombe 
Pasmore, Joseph04331760700Edgecombe 
Patrick, William015411762700Rowan 
Patten, Jacob01015 473Johnston 
Patterson, Francis [widow of]07245 Jan 1753400Granville 
Patterson, Gilbert0131025 Sep 1761700Orange 
Patterson, John0131130 Sep 1754640OrangeEntry #13
Patterson, John0164316 Dec 1754640Orange 
Peacock, Samuel02521762700Dobbs 
Pearce, Joseph & Lane, David089031 Oct 1759680Halifax 
Pearson, Peter0154226 Feb 1762302Rowan 
Pearson, William07257 Dec 1751400Granville 
Peavey, Samuel013931760500Pasquotank 
Peirce, Thomas014817 Oct 1751640Bertie 
Pennington, Benajah0153828 May 1756340Rowan 
Perkins, John06420 Jul 1751600Anson
N side Catawba River
Perkins, Moses0154319 Feb 1761700Rowan 
Perkins, Peter013132 May 1763700Orange 
Perry, Benjamin Jr0141223 Apr 1762150Perquimans 
Perry, Burrel07277 Feb 1761700Granville 
Perry, John072815 Dec 1760700Granville 
Perry, Joseph07299 Jan 1761700Granville 
Perry, Joseph07309 Jan 1761700Granville 
Perry, Joshua07319 Dec 1755337Granville 
Perry, Nathaniel07329 Jan 1761700Granville 
Perry, Peter079517 Feb 1762635Granville 
Person, Benjamin07362 Jun 1761700Granville 
Person, Joseph0110326 Feb 1751587Northampton 
Person, Thomas07331 Apr 1763 Granville 
Person, Thomas073713 Feb 1762700Granville 
Person, Thomas013091760700Orange 
Petty, James073812 Nov 1760700Granville 
Phelps, James Jr0161911 Oct 1751300Tyrrell 
Phelps, Joseph0162122 Feb 1763 TyrrellEntry #4
Phelps, Josiah016201760640Tyrrell 
Philips, Joseph04341760700Edgecombe 
Phillips, Benjamin013241759700Orange 
Phillips, Joseph04357 Jun 1751269Edgecombe 
Pierce, James07407 Jun 1760700Granville 
Pigram, Daniel07391751 Granville 
Pitt, Walter08911761700Halifax 
Pittypool, Abraham02538 Dec 1761600Dobbs 
Plessy, Christopher0154419 Oct 1758640Rowan 
Plumer, Dr Samuel Laban017925 Apr 1752200Currituck 
Poe, Stephen013151759194Orange 
Pollock, Thomas04361753300Edgecombe 
Pool, William010161760700Johnston 
Pope, Arthur04371761700Edgecombe 
Pope, Henry010173 Feb 1754640JohnstonEntry #38
Pope, Henry089218 Feb 1760530Halifax 
Potter, Ephraim013163 Jun 1753640Orange 
Potts, Henery06529 Mar 1751480Anson 
Powel, John08931761700Halifax 
Powel, Nathaniel013171762700Orange 
Powell, Nathaniel07412 Feb 1750400Granville 
Powers, John043812 Jan 1757640EdgecombeEntry #44
Powers, Robert04391753220Edgecombe 
Prat, Jere014198 Jun 1752125Perquimans 
Prescoat, Benj018010 Apr 1760600Currituck 
Presnall, Jacob013181761700Orange 
Price, Edward010181763700Johnston 
Price, James010193 Apr 1752227Johnston 
Price, James010201762700Johnston 
Price, Mary053823 Feb 1757208EdgecombeEntry #62
Price, Thomas010211760700Johnston 
Price, Thomas010221760700Johnston 
Proctor, John04401760700Edgecombe 
Pryor, John013196 Jun 1753640OrangeEntry #78
Pryor, Luke08941760700Halifax 
Purdum, John013201760700Orange 
Rackley, Anthony074225 Apr 1751640Granville 
Rackley, John07443 Nov 1750300Granville 
Rambo, Suen0661751640Anson 
Rankin, John06718 Feb 1750640Anson 
Ray, James013211762700Orange 
Raye, James074510 Jun 1752350Granville 
Read, Alexander06828 Mar 1751640Anson 
Read, Clement015497 May 1762540Rowan 
Reavis, Samuel01104176040Northampton 
Redwine, Jno Mitchell074727 Aug 1760700Granville 
Reed, Alex0154622 Feb 1762700Rowan 
Reed, Benjamin07484 Mar 1761700Granville 
Reed, Henry08961760700Halifax 
Reed, Henry08971760700Halifax 
Reed, Henry089524 Jan 1761700Halifax 
Reed, Hugh015472 May 1761200Rowan 
Reed, John013221753640Orange 
Reed, John0749  Granville 
Reed, Samuel0154810 Feb 1761640Rowan 
Reed, William013231762700Orange 
Regan, Daniel075014 Apr 1758640GranvilleEntry #208
Regin, William02542 Jan 1762700Dobbs 
Reynolds, David0132927 Jan 1755280OrangeEntry #8
Rhodes, John013251762700Orange 
Rhodes, John013241 Nov 1752640Orange 
Rhodes, Thomas013941 Nov 1750640Pasquotank 
Rhodes, William0132626 Apr 1753640Orange 
Rich, Timothy010231760700Johnston 
Richardson, James0441175453Edgecombe 
Richardson, Thomas04421761700Edgecombe 
Richmond, William07511 Nov 1752600Granville 
Ridens, Thomas010241762700Johnston 
Ridgeon, William08981761400Halifax 
Rieves, Malichia07461 Dec 1757390Granville 
Roads, William0102512 Mar 1750640Johnston 
Robenson, Richard06911 Jan 1752640Anson or Rowan 
Roberts, Edward075231 Aug 1753400Granville 
Roberts, Isaac01420175025Perquimans 
Roberts, James075316 Jul 1761390Granville 
Roberts, William08991760700Halifax 
Robertson, Henry044313 Jun 1754640Edgecombe 
Robins, William04441761700Edgecombe 
Robins, William04451752120Edgecombe 
Robinson, Chas04461752640Edgecombe 
Robinson, John0132726 Oct 1754280OrangeEntry #268
Robinson, John011051762171Northampton 
Robinson, John01813 Apr 1761200Currituck 
Robinson, Wm0155021 Nov 1752645RowanIssued 2 Jan 1760
Rockliff, John074318 Jan 1750630GranvilleIssued 1 Dec 1760
Roe, William044725 Oct 1751291Edgecombe 
Rogers, John0110630 Jan 1755 Northampton 
Rogers, John044818 Mar 1761700Edgecombe 
Rone, Henry Sr0155116 May 1757620Rowan 
Roper, David013281757640Orange 
Rose, William04502 Jan 1751/2400Edgecombe 
Ross, Callum04511757640Edgecombe 
Ross, Francis015533 Jan 1759510Rowan 
Ross, Kellum044919 Mar 1750580Edgecombe 
Roundtree, Cader025524 Nov 1760700Dobbs 
Rountree, Chas020511 Jun 1753500Chowan 
Runalds, Dudley013301757240Orange 
Russel, Thomas018219 Feb 1759130Currituck 
Russell, William07548 Jan 1760560GranvilleIssued 9 Mar 1761
Rutherford, Patrick013318 Aug 1763122Orange 
Rutland, James010261761700Johnston 
Sample, John013321761700Orange 
Satterwhite, Joseph021626 Dec 1759 Hyde 
Saul, Benjamin0110719 Jul 1750517Northampton 
Sanders, Hardy010271760700Johnston 
Sanders, James010281760700Johnston 
Sanders, William081111 Feb 1761700Granville 
Saunders, Charles092818 Nov 1761700Hertford 
Saunderson, Joseph018315 Jul 175192Currituck 
Saunderson, Thomas018421 Feb 1751100Currituck 
Saunderson, Thomas018510 Mar 1757607Currituck 
Savage, Robert09001761700Halifax 
Sawyer, Lemuel013971 Jun 1761500Pasquotank 
Sawyer, Thomas013951756500Pasquotank 
Sawyer, Tulle013961759500Pasquotank 
Scott, Billison0110827 Nov 175365NorthamptonEntry #89
Scott, Joseph013981751 Pasquotank 
Scott, William045230 Oct 1751100Edgecombe 
Sears, Daniel0102920 Apr 1755640JohnstonEntry #30
Searcy, Reuben07553 Feb 1753640Granville 
Seayres, Robert09011763700Halifax 
Serjeant, William075620 Nov 1751640Granville 
Shaddock, Henry0110929 Sep 1756310NorthamptonEntry #222
Shaw, Timothy013341760700Orange 
Shearman, John07584 Jun 1754640Granville 
Shephard, George01131748 & 1750500Beaufort 
Sheppard, Abraham Jr025614 Oct 1761700Dobbs 
Shepperd, James015545 Feb 1752700Rowan 
Sherrill, Adam07029 Mar 1751400Anson 
Sherrill, Samuel0155519 Feb 1761700Rowan 
Sherrod, Thomas013355 Nov 1757400Orange 
Sherrod, William045325 Oct 1754640EdgecombeEntry #310
Shewmate, John010301761700Johnston 
Shingleton, John04541761700Edgecombe 
Shoaler, John014918 Dec 1751300Bertie 
Shore, Frederick0155613 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Sikes, Joseph0111017551007Northampton 
Simmerell, James0155219 Oct 1758697Rowan 
Simmons, B07571750640Granville 
Simmons, John0101311761600Johnston 
Simms, Joseph04558 Aug 1757640EdgecombeEntry #40
Simons, Robert025712 Aug 1762500Dobbs 
Simons, William016249 Nov 1752400Tyrrell 
Simons, William140011 Jun 1753640Pasquotank 
Simson, William02074 Apr 1761300Chowan 
Singleton, James04569 Nov 1756640EdgecombeEntry #249
Skinner, Evan020829 Apr 1760640Chowan 
Skinner, William045819 Jul 1750640Edgecombe 
Skinner, William04571750458Edgecombe 
Slade, Ebenezer0162524 May 1760700Tyrrell 
Small, William0140129 Dec 175860PasquotankEntry #11
Smelly, Robert011111 Mar 1753 Northampton 
Smith, Ambrose Joshua0157626 Jul 1753640Rowan 
Smith, Ambrose0157526 Jul 1753640Rowan 
Smith, Charles01867 May 1761300Currituck400 acres in parantheses
Smith, Sharles07601750 & 1752640Granville 
Smith, Drew04591 Apr 1755350Edgecombe 
Smith, Drury076128 Apr 1754640Granville 
Smith, Elizabeth011424 Dec 1756164Beaufort 
Smith, James046117 Mar 1747/8600Edgecombe 
Smith, James04601760640Edgecombe 
Smith, John076224 Oct 1750640Granville 
Smith, John0133722 Aug 1761700Orange 
Smith, Joseph0111223 Feb 1757687NorthamptonEntry #19
Smith, Lawrence011131762136Northampton 
Smith, Lawrence01141762200Northampton 
Smith, Nicholas01153 Apr 1750360Beaufort 
Smith, Samuel0103213 Jul 1754640JohnstonEntry #284
Smith, Thomas010331761700Johnston 
Smith, William076326 Feb 1753640Granville 
Snoad, Henry & Hardy, Joseph01162 Oct 1751640Beaufort 
Sorral, Samuel013383 Dec 1751300Orange 
Southerland, Alexander076430 Oct 1752640Granville 
Southerland, Wm07653 Sep 1751640Granville 
Sparkman, Jesse016261761700Tyrrell 
Sparkman, Jesse014361761700Pitt 
Sparks, Jonathan015788 Oct 1761700Rowan 
Speight, Moses025813 Mar 1761613Dobbs 
Speight, William025924 Jun 1761700Dobbs 
Speight, Wm Sr026114 Apr 1761324Dobbs 
Speight, Wm Sr02601761700Dobbs 
Spell, John046224 Feb 1753640EdgecombeEntry #30
Spell, Jones04631761700Edgecombe 
Spence, Jeremiah014021761585Pasquotank 
Spier, James04641763700Edgecombe 
Spier, John Jr014371761700Pitt 
Spiers, James0465Apr 1752600Edgecombe 
Spight, William0103424 Nov 1750640Johnston 
Spoonhour, Henry0157724 Mar 1762500Rowan 
Spruill, John016278 Nov 1755200TyrrellEntry #82
Spruill, Joseph016281 Aug 1759300TyrrellEntry #53
Stafford, Edward011723 Jul 175780Beaufort 
Stagner, John Barnet0157923 Oct 1760700Rowan 
Stallings, John07673 Jan 1760640Granville 
Stallings, John046625 Oct 1751200Edgecombe 
Standfield, John013398 Jul 1754500OrangeEntry #179
Stansil, William014381761700Pitt 
Stanton, Sylvanus0111518 Jun 1754300NorthamptonEntry #368
Staton, James09021760590Halifax 
Staton, Thomas09031759630Halifax 
Stegal, Samuel076820 Nov 1751640Granville 
Stephens, William011812 Aug 1748760Beaufort 
Stevenson, William018717 Apr 1758650Currituck 
Stewart, David0711748/9138Anson 
Stewart, James015802 May 1753640Rowan 
Stewart, Samuel Jr0729 Oct 1751646Wt Anson survey Rowan 
Stocks, Isaac011912 Mar 1750640Beaufort 
Stokes, John04691760700Edgecombe 
Stokes, Samuel0143920 Nov 1761700Pitt 
Stone, Edward07693 Dec 1751500Granville 
Stone, Edward13421760600Orange 
Storey, James09041761700Halifax 
Strahan, David07705 Mar 1754 Granville 
Straughen, Richard013411761700Orange 
Strauhan, Gilbert013406 Oct 1755400OrangeEntry #33
Streator, John04677 Aug 1753640EdgecombeEntry #11
Stricklin, Jos046828 Apr 1751320Edgecombe 
Stroud, John077127 Oct 1760525GranvilleIssued 29 Jul 1761
Stroud, John0134422 Jan 1753640Orange 
Stubblefield, John013451762700Orange 
Suffell, Robert075913 Aug 1760700Granville 
Sugg, Aquilla047028 Mar 1760700Edgecombe 
Sugg, George01202 Mar 1752640Beaufort & Edgecombe 
Sugg, Noah04711760700Edgecombe 
Sugg, William077228 Mar 1760 Granville 
Sumner, Joseph04721762700Edgecombe 
Sumner, Robert092923 Apr 1761446Hertford 
Surginor, Jacob09051761700Halifax 
Sutton, Joseph0142113 Jan 1753200Perquimans 
Swain, John Jr0162225 Oct 1751200Tyrrell 
Swearingen, Saml Jr04731761700Edgecombe :
Swinson, John Jr016296 Jun 1751579Tyrrell 
Synnot, Michael06837 Feb 1750640Granville 
Synnot, Michael0134619 Jan 1753400Orange 
Tabor, John013471760700Orange 
Talton, Thomas047528 Apr 1753184Edgecombe 
Tanner, John09061760700Halifax 
Tanner, John09071760700Halifax 
Tanner, John047614 Jun 175748EdgecombeEntry #38
Tanner, Lodovick010352 Aug 1757600JohnstonEntry #26
Tapley, Adam04771761 Edgecombe 
Tapley, Hosea0134815 Sep 1763180Orange 
Tarbutt, John04785 Nov 1755535EdgecombeEntry #41
Tarkington, Joshua016301760640Tyrrell 
Tarver, James0111624 Nov 1757184NorthamptonEntry #238
Tate, George0811751550Anson 
Tate, Samuel0158120 Jan 1762700Rowan 
Tatum, Richard09081760700Halifax 
Tatum, Richard09091760700Halifax 
Tatum, Richard047924 Feb 1753180EdgecombeEntry #31
Taub, William077310 Feb 1753650Granville 
Taylor, Arthur048116 Mar 1751640Edgecombe 
Taylor, Arthur0103614 Feb 1750500Johnston 
Taylor, Arthur Jr0480  Edgecombe 
Taylor, Benj018824 Aug 1751100Currituck 
Taylor, James0134918 May 1753320OrangeEntry #11
Taylor, James082 640Anson 
Taylor, James048212 Dec 1755640EdgecombeEntry #64
Taylor, James07744 Dec 1751500Granville 
Taylor, John048422 Jun 1751275Edgecombe 
Taylor, John04834 Jun 175196Edgecombe 
Taylor, Jonathan0144022 Jun 1763245Pitt 
Taylor, Mary09101762700Halifax 
Taylor, Thomas014033 Aug 1761175Pasquotank 
Teague, Edward Sr013501762700Orange 
Teague, William0851751310Anson 
Teat, Joseph0158222 Jul 1761700Rowan 
Teat, Joseph013515 Mar 1753640Orange 
Temble, Henning04856 Nov 1751640Edgecombe 
Templeton, James08328 May 1752400Anson 
Terrell, Hezekiah077518 May 1757620GranvilleIssued 4 Dec 1760
Terrell, Jeptha010371762700Johnston 
Terry, Stephen013521762700Orange 
Thackery, John0139929 Sep 1758354Pasquotank 
Tharrington, Thomas077627 Feb 1758640Granville 
Thomas, John016317 May 1753300Tyrrell 
Thomas, John013531762700Orange 
Thomas, John Giles010391762700Johnston 
Thomas, John Giles010381761700Johnston 
Thomas, Jonathan04881760640Edgecombe 
Thomas, Joseph04861751400Edgecombe 
Thomas, Joseph048729 Jul 1751200Edgecombe 
Thomas, Micajah04896 Apr 1757185EdgecombeEntry #52
Thomas, Micajah05441762700Edgecombe 
Thomas, Richard04901762700Edgecombe 
Thomas, Samuel011176 Apr 1753387NorthamptonEntry #1
Thompson, John049128 Mar 1750300Edgecombe 
Thompson, John04921751640Edgecombe 
Thompson, Joseph014041760500Pasquotank 
Thompson, Robert0158413 May 1756 Rowanre-survey
Thompson, Robert013541762700Orange 
Thorn, Martin04931760640Edgecombe 
Thornborough, Wm015838 Feb 1753562Rowan 
Tiner, Harris09601762 Johnston 
Tiner, Richard010401762700Johnston 
Tison, Cornelius0121 620Beaufort 
Tison, Mayson012211 Sep 1751116Beaufort 
Tison, Moses012315 Sep 1760700Beaufort 
Tomerlinson, John013551762700Orange 
Travillian, John077713 Sep 1760700GranvilleIssued 29 Jul 1761
Travis, Thomas0144118 Mar 1761300Pitt 
Trueblood, Fisher0140511 Feb 1761350Pasquotank 
Tucker, James04941761700Edgecombe 
Tucker, John049527 Oct 1751202Edgecombe 
Tucker, Joshua014421761300Pitt 
Tucker, Willobe04961761700Edgecombe 
Turner, James011191761400Northampton 
Turner, James0111827 Nov 1751640Northampton 
Turner, Thomas07789 Jun 1760700Granville 
Turner, Thomas08418 Feb 1750640Anson 
Twitty, Henry07793 Dec 1763320Granville 
Tyler, John01503 Jan 1757 Bertie 
Upshaw, William078021 May 1760650GranvilleIssued 23 Jul 1761
Utley, William013561762700Johnston 
Vail, Jeremiah07427 Feb 1752640Anson 
Vance, James012522 Jul 1760522Beaufort 
Vance, James012423 Feb 1760600Beaufort 
Vaughan, Vinson011201761700NorthamptonEntry #1
Vernall, William013572 Jul 1754620OrangeEntry #166
Vickers, John04981760700Edgecombe 
Vickers, John04971760700Edgecombe 
Vickers, Ralph04991752300Edgecombe 
Vinson, William07811750600Granville 
Vizer, David0731751600Anson 
Wade, John07828 Feb 1750350 & 500Granville 
Wade, Thomas07838 Oct 1751400 & 275Granville 
Waggoner, Hans0159023 Dec 1752105Rowan 
Waggoner, Hans0159123 Sep 1752600Rowan 
Wagoner, Jacob07526 Feb 1751/2360Anson 
Waldrop, Luke078419 Apr 1753 Granville 
Walker, John0158926 Jun 1759262Rowan 
Walker, John013583 Jun 1763700Orange 
Walker, Joseph0135917 Jun 1755450OrangeEntry #17
Walker, Moses013601762700Orange 
Walker, Samuel0136110 Sep 1761700Orange 
Wall, Richard011211750400Northampton 
Wall, Thomas011221762300Northampton 
Wall, William05001761700Edgecombe 
Ward, Benj07861760 & 1761700Granville 
Ward, Benjamin078518 Mar 1760450Granville 
Ward, David05011750300Edgecombe 
Ward, John014441761700Pitt 
Ward, John026215 Apr 1761295Dobbs 
Ward, John026319 Feb 1762700Dobbs 
Ward, John05031760700Edgecombe 
Ward, John050218 Mar 1752300Edgecombe 
Ward, Thos01897 Mar 1760450Currituck 
Ward, Thomas015114 Oct 1761700Bertie 
Warren, Henry010431763700Johnston 
Washington, Robert0112316 May 1755 NorthamptonEntry #160
Washington, Will07872 Mar 1752300Granville 
Watson, Jacob010411762700Johnston 
Watson, James010421752500Johnston 
Watson, James0136428 Nov 1751200Orange 
Watson, James Jr0136327 Jun 1763291Orange 
Watson, Mackie & Co013651761700Orange 
Waver, John026522 Jan 1762560Dobbs 
Wear, Samuel078813 Sep 1760700Granville 
Weaver, John02641762 & 1763700Dobbs 
Weaver, John Jr02666 Sep 1761700Dobbs 
Webb, James078919 Oct 1762700GranvilleIssued 24 Jan 1763
Webb, James013661761700Orange 
Wells, Absalom07903 Mar 1750628Granville 
Wells, Joseph Jr013671 Nov 1752300Orange 
Welsh, Demcey010441762700Johnston 
West, Jacob050422 Oct 1754365EdgecombeEntry #306
West, Richard013681761700Orange 
West, Richard07914 Dec 1760350Granville 
West, Robert Jr015228 Feb 1754200Bertie 
Whately, Michael07937 Nov 1759640Granville 
Wheatley, Benjamin07925 Mar 1755640Granville 
Wheatley, John019022 Apr 1760478Currituck 
Whedbee, John0142215 Jan 1757500PerquimansEntry #55
Wheelis, Benj Jr05051761700Edgecombe 
Whitaker, James09111760700Halifax 
Whitaker, John09121761700Halifax 
Whitaker, Richard09131760700Halifax 
Whitaker, Robt05062 Nov 1757603EdgecombeEntry #54
Whitaker, William05079 Jan 1758587EdgecombeEntry #32
Whitaker, William09161760130Halifax 
Whitaker, William09151761700Halifax 
Whitaker, William09141760700Halifax 
White, Samuel01423Dec 1761150Perquimans 
Whitehead, Abraham05084 Aug 1750440Edgecombe 
Whitehead, Amos013691762700Orange 
Whitehead, Arthur05091760700Edgecombe 
Whitehead, Jacob05101760640Edgecombe 
Whitehead, Tobias09171760700Halifax 
Whittington, John09181762700Halifax 
Whittle, George010451761700Johnston 
Whitton, George013701760700Orange 
Whitton, Thomas013711762700Orange 
Whitton, William05111762700EdgecombeEntry #1
Wideman, John Henry079419 Feb 1759600Granville 
Wiggins, Thomas07968 Mar 1758640Granville 
Wiggins, William05121748206Edgecombe 
Wilcox, George0158619 Dec 1761700Rowan 
Wilcox, Isaac01585 700Rowan 
Wilkinson, Israel02154 Mar 1760150Hyde 
Willey, William01372  Orange 
Williams, Arthur079812 Oct 1760700Granville 
Williams, Charles0137319 Oct 1761700Orange 
Williams, Edmund031761300  
Williams, Edward012620 Dec 1757400Beaufort 
Williams, Francis09193 May 1760640Halifax 
Williams, James077 640Anson 
Williams, James080019 Apr 1760700Granville 
Williams, John0144316 Mar 1762700Pitt 
Williams, John012729 Jan 1748/9600Beaufort 
Williams, John05141761700Edgecombe 
Williams, John05131759640Edgecombe 
Williams, John080127 Sep 1754480GranvilleIssued 2 Dec 1760
Williams, John09201760700Halifax 
Williams, John Jr080327 Mar 1760700Granville 
Williams, Jonas05151760640Edgecombe 
Williams, Joseph07991 Oct 1762400GranvilleIssued 1 Jan 1763
Williams, Pilgrim05161761700Edgecombe 
Williams, Richard07618 Feb 1759640Anson 
Williams, Richard05171760200Edgecombe 
Williams, Richard080322 Feb 1760210GranvilleIssued 4 Mar 1761
Williams, Samuel05181751300Edgecombe 
Williams, Samuel0520 640Edgecombe 
Williams, Samuel05191760700Edgecombe 
Williams, Samuel052115 Jul 1755570EdgecombeEntry #32
Williams, Samuel05229 Nov 1752640Edgecombe 
Williams, Solomon05241757 Edgecombe 
Williams, Solomon05232 May 1753400Edgecombe 
Williams, Thomas (Francis)052517 May 1757220EdgecombeEntry #126
Williams, Thomas0112426 Feb 1751640Northampton 
Williams, Thos08046 Feb 1753558Granville 
Williams, William014061751100Pasquotank 
Williams, William09211761700Halifax 
Williams, Wm07511 Nov 1752600Granville 
Williamson, Francis01915 Mar 1761250Currituck 
Williamson, James052612 Feb 1752640Edgecombe 
Willis, William012831 Jul 1759300Beaufort 
Wilson, James0158826 Mar 1762700Rowan 
Wilson, John0158726 Jan 1757640Rowan 
Wilson, Michael080515 Jan 1760700Granville 
Wilson, Nathaniel019214 Feb 1760600Currituck 
Wilson, William0193175077Currituck 
Wilson, William019427 Aug 1750200Currituck 
Wimberly, George05271759640Edgecombe 
Winbourne, William0112522 Nov 1751640Northampton 
Wingate, Michael080612 Mar 1763700Granville 
Winnis, William05281751100Edgecombe 
Winscutt, Abram015922 Jun 1762700Rowan 
Winslow, Benjamin Jr07827 Dec 1750640Anson 
Winslow, Benjamin Sr07927 Dec 1750640Anson 
Wise, Agnes05291751300Edgecombe 
Womack, Jacob0136223 Jul 1760282Orange 
Wood, Samuel015947 May 1757640Rowan 
Woods, David015936 May 1758640Rowan 
Woodward, Wm080727 Dec 176250Granville 
Woolard, John Sr016323 Sep 1751640Tyrrell 
Wooten, John012911 Jun 1760700Beaufort 
Wooten, Nehemiah01301 Jan 1761700Beaufort 
Worley, Howard08086 Mar 1750400Granville 
Worley, John05303 Nov 1752341EdgecombeEntry #4
Wright, Dionysius010461760700Johnston 
Wright, John0140722 Sep 1758 PasquotankEntry #33
Wright, Solomon05311760700Edgecombe 
Wright, Thomas0140815 Sep 1761600Pasquotank 
Wyat, Jacob092222 Nov 1757530Halifax 
Wyatt, John053219 Dec 1758640EdgecombeEntry #128
Wynns, George P09305 May 1762700Hertford 
Yancey, Jeconias05341 May 1752640Edgecombe 
Yancey, Jeconias053322 Feb 1753328EdgecombeEntry #27
Yancey, Jeconias09231759700Halifax 
Yarborough, Joshua080914 Nov 1760 Granville 
Yelverton, Jacob010471762700Johnston 
Young, Charles010481761700Johnston 
Young, John & Joyner, Thomas09241762700Halifax 
Young, Samuel08029 Feb 1752640Anson 
Young, Thomas081031 Dec 1760685Granville 
Youngblood, Jacob013751762700Orange 
Youngblood, Thomas010491760700Johnston 
Zevely, Henry015952 Feb 1754640Rowan 

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