Ferries were a means of moving across the many rivers that criss-cross North Carolina. While North Carolina was yet a colony, small ferries operated by local families to connect communities. Today, the ferries that still exist are part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division. Most of the ferries that still exist operate among islands along the Outer Banks.

  • Big Bridge Ferry
    See Blossom's Ferry.

  • Blossom's Ferry
    Located on the Cape Fear River along the line between Pender and New Hanover Counties. Jackson Wood purchased property in 1866 with a note that "the ferry known as Big Bridge Ferry" was included in the property. Wood and his nephew John operated the ferry until 1882 when they sold the property to Margaret Sophia Blossom. The Blossoms ran the ferry until her husband Samuel died in 1926. At that time a bridge was built and the ferry was no longer needed. Archealogical evidence of the area suggests there were two ferries at that location.

  • Braswell's Ferry
    Established in 1765 on the Cape Fear. It is noted in Randolph County court minutes for road work.

  • Chamber Ferry
    In Orange County, a petition to discontinue Chamber Ferry Road in 1834.

  • Ellis Ferry
    Located in Cleveland County crossing the Broad River towards South Carolina. No remnants remain.

  • Elwell Farry
    A cable ferry crossing the Cape Fear River connecting the communities of Carvers Creek and Kelly in Bladen County. The ferry was started in 1905 by Walter Hayes Russ and his brother John Roland Russ. Ferry now managed by NCDOT.

  • Ennett's Ferry
    See Snead's Ferry.

  • Gwinn Ferry
    William Gwinn established a ferry at the Shallow Ford on Haw River in 1790. Mentioned in Randolph County court minutes

  • Hill's Ferry
    Whitmel Hill operated a ferry on his land in what was Bertie and Martin Counties across Roanoke River near the community of Palmyra. Records indicate a ferry at that location in 1733, before Hill was born. Hill's grandson, Whitmel Hill Anthony operated a large warehouse and shipping business near that location. Remains of the warehouse were still visible in the 1930s. The ferry was used for troop movement in the Revolutionary War and Civil War. No bridge was built at this site.

  • Parker's Ferry
    A cable ferry crossing the Meherrin River in Hertford County. The free ferry is managed by NCDOT.

  • Rosters Ferry
    Mentioned in Randolph County road work court minutes in 1764.

  • Roysters Ferry
    Mentioned in Randolph County 1765 court minutes concerning road work.

  • Samuel Shaw Ferry
    This ferry was located on Haw River at the mouth of Back Creek in 1789.

  • Sans Souci Ferry
    The Sans Souci Ferry is a cable ferry operating across Cashie River. Free ferry that has been in operation since 1800s. Managed by NCDOT.

  • Snead's Ferry
    Snead's Ferry is a present-day community in Onslow County. Orginally known as Ennett's Ferry, after Edmund Ennett who began operating a ferry on the New River in 1728. In 1759, there were two ferries in operation, one on each side of the river. Robert Snead operated the ferry on the north side of the river. Carolina Pearson propelled the ferry until it was replaced by a bridge in 1939. The community was a key element on the Post Road between Suffolk, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Terry's Ferry
    Over North Hyco River, also known as Col Terry's Ferry. Mentioned in Randolph County court minutes regarding roadwork in 1763.

  • Trollingers Ferry
    Located on Haw River. Mentioned in Randolph County court minutes regarding roadwork in 1764.

  • Tryon Ferry
    Located in Orange County on Deep River. Mentioned as early as 1813.

  • Waddell Ferry
    Located in Orange County on Deep River.

  • Woody's Ferry
    Located on the Haw River. Mentioned in the Randolph County court minutes in 1764.

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