Attorney Generals

Attorney GeneralTook OfficeLeft Office
Avery, Waightstill17771779
Iredell, James17791782
Moore, Alfred17821791
Haywood, John17921795
Baker, Blake17951803
Seawell, Henry18031808
Fitts, Oliver18081810
Miller, William18101810
Burton, Hutchins Gordon18101816
Drew, William P18161824
Taylor, James F18251828
Jones, Robert H18281828
Saunders, Romulus M18281834
Daniel, John Reeves Jones18351841
McQueen, Hugh18411842
Whitaker, Spier18421846
Stanly, Edward18461848
Moore, Bartholomew F18481851
Eaton, William Jr18511852
Ransom, Matt W,18531855
Batchelor, Joseph B18551856
Bailey, William H18571857
Jenkins, William A18571862
Rogers, Sion Hart18631868
Coleman, William M18681869
Olds, Lewis P18691870
Shipp, William M18701873
Hargrove, Tazewell L18731877
Kenan, Thomas S18771885
Davidson, Theodore F18851893
Osborne, Frank I18931897
Walser, Zeb V18971900
Douglas, Robert D19001901
Gilmer, Robert D19011909
Bickett, Thomas W19091917
Manning, James S19171925
Brummitt, Dennis G19251935
Seawell, Aaron A F19351938
McMullan, Harry19381955
Rodman, William B Jr19551956
Patton, George B19561958
Seawell, Malcolm B19581960
Bruton, T Wade19601969
Morgan, Robert B19691974
Carson, James H Jr19741955
Edmisten, Rufus L19751985
Easley, Michael F19932001
Cooper, Roy A2001Present

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