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State Motto: Esse quam videri ("To be, rather than to seem")
State Song: "The Old North State"
State Flower: Dogwood
State Bird: Cardinal
State Colors: the red and blue of the NC and US flags
State Toast: "The Tar Heel Toast"
State Tree: Longleaf Pine
State Shell: Scotch Bonnet
State Mammal: Eastern Gray Squirrel
State Salt Water Fish: Red Drum/Channel Bass
State Insect: European Honey Bee
State Gemstone: Emerald
State Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle
State Rock: Granite
State Beverage: Milk
State Historical Boat: Shad boat
State Language: English
State Dog: Plott Hound
State Military Academy: Oak Ridge Military Academy
State Tartan: Carolina Tartan
State Vegetable: Sweet Potato
State Red Berry: Strawberry
State Blue Berry: Blueberry
State Fruit: Scuppernong Grape
State Wildflower: Carolina Lily
State Christmas Tree: Fraser Fir
State Carnivorous Plant: Venus Flytrap
State Folk Dance: Clogging
State Popular Dance: Carolina Shag
State sport: NASCAR

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Yamasee War
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