Prior to statehood, there were only two territorial treasurer generals: Abner Green took office in 1802 and Samuel Brooks finished the job, acting as the state's first treasurer.

Treasurer/th>Took OfficeLeft Office
Brooks, Samuel18171818
Schuyler, Peter18181821
Wooldridge, Samuel C18211828
Phillips, James Jr18281836
Mayson, Charles C18361838
Phillips, James Jr18381838
VanHoesen, J A18381839
Bowen, Silas18391839
Craig, S18391839
Williams, James G18391839
Curtis, Joshua S18401841
Graves, Richard S18411843
Clark, William18431847
Griffith, Richard18471851
Clark, William18511854
Hussey, Shields L18541860
Haynes, M D18601865
Weaver, W B18651865
Echols, John H18651869
Vassar, William H18691874
Holland, G H18741875
Holland, M L18751875
Hemingway, William L18751890
Evans, J J18901896
May, A Q18961900
Stowers, J R19001901
Carlisle, George W19011902
Lampton, Thad B19021904
Miller, William Jones19041908
Edwards, George Robert19081912
Stovall, Peter Simpson19121916
Taylor, John Peroutt19161920
Rodgers, Larkin Seyomer19201920
Murry, William Moseley19201924
Lowry, Ben Shem19241928
Walley, Webb19281932
May, Lewis S19321936
James, Newton19361940
May, Lewis S19401944
James, Newton19441948
May, R W19481952
James, Newton19521956
Morrow, Robert D Sr19561960
Gandy, Evelyn19601964
Winter, William19641968
Gandy, Evelyn19681972
Dye, Brad19721976
Pittman, Ed19761980
Dale, John L19801980
Cole, Bill III19801988
Bennett, Marshall19882003
Prospere, Peyton20032004
Reeves, Tate20042012
Fitch, Lynn2012Present

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