United States Representatives Representing Mississippi

Mississippi has four current districts, but at one time, had eight districts. Please note that all districts were not represented in the United States Congress from the time of secession until about 1870.

District 1
CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Thompson, Jacob18471851
Nabers, Benjamin18511853
Wright, Daniel B18531857
Lamar, L Q C18571861
Harris, George E18701873
Lamar, L Q C18731877
Muldrow, Henry18771885
Allen, John18851901
Candler, Ezekiel S Jr19011921
Rankin, John19211953
Abernethy, Thomas19531973
Whitten, Jamie19731995
Wicker, Roger19952007
Childers, Travis20082011
Nunnelee, Alan2011Present

District 2

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Featherston, Winfield S18471851
Wilcox, John A18511853
Barry, William T S18531855
Bennett, Hendley18551857
Davis, Reuben18571861
Morphis, Joseph18701873
Howe, Albert18731875
Wells, Guilford18751877
Manning, Van H18771883
Chalmers, James R18841885
Morgan, James Bright18851891
Kyle, John Curtis18911897
Sullivan, William V18971898
Spight, Thomas18981911
Stephens, Hubert D19111921
Lowrey, Bill G19211929
Doxey, Wall19291941
Whitten, Jamie19411973
Bowen, David R19731983
Franklin, William Webster19831987
Espy, Mike19871993
Thompson, Bennie1993Present

District 3

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Tompkins, Patrick Watson18471849
McWillie, William18491851
Freeman, John D18511853
Singleton, Otho Robards18531855
Barksdale, William18551861
Barry, Henry18701875
Money, Hernando D18751883
Jeffords, Elza18831885
Catchings, Thomas C18851901
Henry, Patrick19011903
Humphreys, Benjamin G19031923
Humphreys, William Yerger19231925
Whittington, William Madison19251951
Smith, Frank E19511963
Williams, John Bell19631968
Griffin, Charles Hudson19681973
Montgomery, Sonny19732009
Pickering, Chip19972009
Harper, Gregg2009Present

District 4

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Davis, Jefferson18451846
Ellett, Henry T18471847
Brown, Albert G18471853
Harris, Wiley P18531855
Lake, William A18551857
Singleton, Otho R18571861
McKee, George C18691873
Niles, Jason18731875
Singleton, Otho R18751887
Anderson, Chapman L18871891
Beeman, Joseph H18911893
Money, Hernando D18931897
Fox, Andrew F18971903
Hill, WIlson S19031909
Sisson, Thomas U19091923
Busby, T Jeff19231935
Ford, Aaron L19351943
Abernethy, Thomas19431953
Williams, John Bell19531963
Winstead, W Arthur19631965
Walker, Prentiss19651967
Montgomery, Gillespie V19671973
Cochran, Thad19731979
Hinson, Jon19791981
Dowdy, Wayne19811989
Parker, Mike19891999
Shows, Ronnie19992003
Taylor, Gene20032010
Palazzo, Steven2010Present

District 5

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Quitman, John A1858
McRae, John Jones18581861
Perce, Legrand Winfield18701873
McKee, George Colin18731875
Hooker, Charles E18751883
Singleton, Otho Robards18831887
Anderson, Chapman L18871891
Beeman, Joseph Henry18911893
Williams, John Sharp18931903
Byrd, Adam M19031911
Witherspoon, Samuel Andrew19111915
Venable, William Webb19161921
Collins, Ross A19211935
Dunn, Aubert C19351937
Collins, Ross A19371943
Winstead, W Arthur19431963
Colmer, William M19631973
Lott, Trent19731989
Smith, Larkin I18981989
Taylor, Gene19892003

District 6

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Lynch, John R18731877
Chalmers, James R18771882
Lynch, John R18821883
VanEaton, Henry18831887
Stockdale, Thomas18871895
Denny, Walter18951897
Love, William18971898
McLain, Frank18981903
Bowers, Eaton19031911

District 7

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Chalmers, James Ronald18831885
Barry, Frederick G18851889
Lewis, Clarke18891893
Williams, John Sharp18931903
McLain, Frank A19031909
Dickson, William A19091913
Quin, Percy19131932
Ellzey, Lawrence R19321935
McGehee, Dan R19351947
Williams, John Bell19471953

District 8

CongressmanTook OfficeLeft Office
Williams, John Sharp19031909
Collier, James19091933

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