Lieutenant Governors

The office of lieutenant governor existed with the first state constitution. However, in 1832, the office was abolished with a new constitution and the office President of the Senate was created. In 1869, with a new constitution, the office of lieutenant governor was re-created.

Lieutenant GovernorTook OfficeLeft Office
Duncan Stewart18171820
James Patton18201822
David Dickson18221824
Gerard C Brandon18241826
Abram M Scott18281832
Fountain Winston1832

President of the SenateTook OfficeLeft Office
Charles Lynch18331834
P Briscoe18341836
W Van Norman18361837
Alexander G McNutt18371838
A L Bingaman18381840
G B Augustus18401842
Jesse Speight18421843
A Fox18431844
Jesse Speight18441846
G T Swan18461848
Dabney Lipscomb18481851
James Whitfield18511854
John J Pettus18541858
James Drane18581865
John M Simonton18651869

Lieutenant GovernorTook OfficeLeft Office
Ridgley C Powers18701871
Alexander K Davis18711876
John M Stone18761878
William H Sims18781882
G D Shands18821890
M M Evans18901896
J H Jones18961900
James T Harrison19001904
John Prentiss Carter19041908
Luther Manship19081912
Theodore G Bilbo19121916
Lee Maurice Russell19161920
Homer H Casteel19201924
Dennis Murphree19241927
Clayton B Adams19281932
Dennis Murphree19321936
Jacob Buehler Snider19361940
Dennis Murphree19401943
Fielding L Wright19441946
Sam Lumpkin19481952
Carroll Gartin19521960
Paul B Johnson Jr19601964
Carroll Gartin19641966
Charles L Sullivan19681972
William F Winter19721976
Evelyn Gandy19761980
Brad Dye19801992
Eddie Briggs19921996
Ronnie Musgrove19962000
Amy Tuck20002008
Phil Bryant20082012
Tate Reeves2012Present

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