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Mississippi Units:

1st Infantry
1st (Johnston's) Infantry
1st (Patton's) Infantry
1st (Percy's) Infantry
2nd Infantry
2nd (Davidson's) Infantry
2nd Mississippi Infantry
3rd Infantry
4th Infantry
5th Infantry
6th Infantry
7th Infantry
8th Infantry
9th Infantry
10th Infantry
11th Infantry
12th Infantry
13th Infantry
14th (Consolidated) Infantry
14th Infantry
15th (Consolidated) Infantry
15th Infantry
16th Infantry
17th Infantry
18th Infantry
19th Infantry
20th Infantry
21st Infantry
22nd Infantry
23rd Infantry
24th Infantry
25th Infantry
26th Infantry
27th Infantry
29th Infantry
30th Infantry
31st Infantry
32nd Infantry
33rd Infantry
34th Infantry
35th Infantry
36th Infantry
37th Infantry
39th Infantry
40th Infantry
41st Infantry
42nd Infantry
43rd Infantry
44th Infantry
46th Infantry
48th Infantry
1st Battalion, Infantry
2nd Battalion, Infantry
3rd Battalion, Infantry
5th Battalion, Infantry
7th Battalion, Infantry
8th Battalion, Infantry
Comfort's Company, Infantry
Cooper's Company, Infantry
Lewis' Company, Infantry
Red's Company, Infantry "Red Rebels"
1st Battalion, Sharp Shooters
9th Battalion Sharp Shooters
15th Battalion, Sharp Shooters
Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry
1st Cavalry
2nd Cavalry
3rd Cavalry
4th Cavalry
5th Cavalry
6th Cavalry
7th Cavalry
8th Cavalry
9th Cavalry
10th Cavalry
11th (Ashcraft's) Cavalry
11th (Consolidated) Cavalry
11th (Perrin's) Cavalry
12th Cavalry
18th Cavalry
28th Cavalry
38th Cavalry
Ham's Regiment, Cavalry
Power's Regiment, Cavalry
Yerger's Regiment, Cavalry
1st (Miller's) Battalion, Cavalry
3rd (Ashcraft's) Battalion, Cavalry
4th Battalion, Cavalry
6th Battalion, Cavalry
17th Battalion, Cavalry
24th Battalion, Cavalry
Garland's Battalion, Cavalry
Hughes' Battalion, Cavalry
Stockdale's Battalion, Cavalry
Street's Battalion, Cavalry
Abbott's Company, Cavalry
Bowen's Company (Chulahoma Cavalry)
Buck's Company, Cavalry
Duncan's Company (Tishomingo Rangers), Cavalry
Dunn's Company (Mississippi Rangers), Cavalry
Garley's Company (Yazoo Rangers), Cavalry
Gibson's Company, Cavalry
Hamer's Company (Salem Cavalry)
Knox's Company (Stonewall Rangers), Cavalry
Polk's Independent Company (Polk Rangers), Cavalry
Russell's Company, Cavalry
Semple's Company, Cavalry
Shelby's Company (Bolivar Greys), Cavalry
Vivion's Company, Cavalry
William's Company, Cavalry
1st Choctaw Battalion, Cavalry
1st Light Artillery
14th Battalion, Light Artillery
Bradford's Company (Confederate Guards Artillery)
Byrne's Battery, Artillery
Cook's Company, Horse Artillery
Darden's Company, Light Artillery (Jefferson Artillery)
English's Company, Light Artillery
Graves' Company, Light Artillery (Issaquena Artillery)
Hoole's Company, Light Artillery (Hudson Battery)
Kittrell's Company (Wesson Artillery), Artillery
Lomax's Company, Light Artillery
Richards' Company, Light Artillery (Madison Light Artillery)
Roberts' Company (Seven Stars Artillery), Artillery
Stanford's Company, Light Artillery
Swett's Company, Light Artillery (Warren Light Artillery)
Turner's Company, Light Artillery
Culbertson's Battery, Light Artillery
Hoskins' Battery, Light Artillery (Brookhaven Light Artillery)
Merrin's Battery, Light Artillery
Yates' Battery, Light Artillery
4th Cavalry, Militia
Hinds County Militia
1st Infantry, State Troops, 1864
1st (Foote's) Infantry (State Troops)
1st (King's) Infantry (State Troops)
2nd (Quinn's) Infantry (State Troops)
2nd Infantry, State Troops, 30 days, 1864
3rd Infantry (State Troops)
4th Infantry (State Troops)
5th Infantry (State Troops)
1st Battalion, State Troops, Infantry, 12 months, 1862-63
1st Battalion, State Troops, Infantry, 30 days, 1864
2nd Battalion, Infantry (State Troops)
3rd Battalion, Infantry (State Troops)
2nd State Cavalry
3rd Cavalry (State Troops)
1st (McNair's) Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)
1st (Montgomery's) Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)
2nd (Harris') Battalion, State Cavalry
3rd (Cooper's) Battalion, State Cavalry
Davenport's Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)
Stubb's Battalion, State Cavalry
Gamblin's Company, Cavalry (State Troops)
Grace's Company, Cavalry (State Troops)
3rd Battalion, Reserves
Berry's Company, Infantry (Reserves)
1st Cavalry Reserves
2nd Cavalry Reserves
3rd Cavalry Reserves
2nd Battalion Cavalry Reserves
3rd Battalion, Cavalry Reserves
Butler's Company, Cavalry Reserves
Mitchell's Company, Cavalry Reserves
1st Reg't Miss. Rangers- CO. E Co. K
2nd Partisan Rangers
2nd Partisans
Armistead's Company, Partisan Rangers
Rhodes' Company, Partisan Rangers, Cavalry
Smyth's Company, Partisan Rangers
Adair's Company (Lodi Company)
Adam's Company (Holmes County Independent)
Applewhite's Company (Vaiden Guards)
Barnes' Company of Home Guards
Barr's Company
Brown's Company (Foster Creek Rangers), Cavalry
Burt's Independent Company (Dixie Guards)
Camp Guard (Camp of Instruction for Conscripts)
Clayton's Company (Jasper Defenders)
Condrey's Company (Bull Mountain Invincibles) This company was actually Company K 42nd Alabama Infantry
Drane's Company (Choctaw County Reserves), Cavalry
Drane's Company (Choctaw Silver Greys)
Fant's Company
Foote's Company, Mounted Men
Gage's Company
Gage's Company (Wigfall Guards)
Gordon's Company (Local Guard of Wilkinson County)
Grave's Company (Copiah Horse Guards)
Griffin's Company (Madison Guards)
Hall's Company
Henley's Company (Henley's Invincibles)
Hightower's Company
Hudson's Company (Noxubee Guards)
Maxey's Company, Mounted Infantry (State Troops)
McCord's Company (Slate Springs Company)
McLelland's Company (Noxubee Home Guards)
Montgomery's Company of Scouts
Montgomery's Independent Company (State Troops)(Herndon Rangers)
Montgomery's Company
Moore's Company (Palo Alto Guards)
Morgan's Company (Morgan Riflemen)
Morphis' Independent Company of Scouts
Moseley's Regiment
Nash's Company (Leake Rangers)
Packer's Company (Pope Guards)
Page's Company (Lexington Guards)
Roach's Company (Tippah Scouts)
Roger's Company
Shield's Company
Standefer's Company
Stewart's Company (Yalobusha Rangers)
Taylor's Company (Boomerangs)
Terrell's Unattached Company, Cavalry
Terry's Company
Walsh's Company (Muckalusha Guards)
Wilkinson County Minute Men
Williams' Company (Gray Port Greys)
William's Company
Wilson's Company (Ponticola Guards)
Wilson's Independent Company, Mounted Men (Neshoba Rangers)
Withers' Company, Reserve Corps
Blythe's Battalion (State Troops)
Gillenland's Battalion (State Troops)
Grace's Company (State Troops)
Maxwell's Company (State Troops) (Peach Creek Rangers)
Patton's Company (State Troops)
Perrin's Battalion, State Cavalry
Red's Company (State Troops)
Stricklin's Company (State Troops)
Yerger's Company (State Troops)

Battles/Battlefields in Mississippi:

Battle of Meridian


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