America's Civil War

The Civil War was a bloody war with brother fighting against brother, father against son and neighbor against neighbor. Although many will tell you that this was a war over slavery, that was only the tip of the iceberg. The North and South were two very different socio-economic entities. The South was primarily agricultural, producing large amounts of raw materials. Those in the South wished to sell their raw materials to the highest bidder, England. The North, while having some agriculture, was primarily industrial, turning cotton in to clothing, and desired to purchase the raw materials from the South without the competition of England. In addition, the emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves that lived within the boundaries of the seceded states, it did not affect the slaves who resided elsewhere. An interesting note is that General Ulysses Grant had slaves and those slaves weren't freed until 1867. The North was not innocent when it came to segregating because of ethnicity. The North segregated people who were Native American, Irish, Jewish, Asian, and so on. Both North and South had separate units for those of color and for the Irish. Not only was there the differences in economics between the North and South, but there was also political issues. The southern states began seceding from the Union when their rights were removed. At that point, the southern states created and became the Confederate States of America. War was declared to bring the states that had seceded for losing their rights back to the Union. Four years, thousands of deaths and dismemberments, torn families, scorched land, destroyed property and the southern states were brought back into the fold. However, for many, Reconstruction was worse. The South had to be punished for leaving. Reconstruction was a time when those seeking to get rich off of the misfortunes of others descended upon the south. In time, peace was restored. The Reconstruction Period essentially lasted until 1945, eighty years. But has time healed the wounds left over 150 years ago?

While touring many of the battlefields in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennesse, the terrain is very hilly. Imagine being a young soldier from an area of relatively flat terrain being told to march over the Blue Ridge Mountains to reach the Shenandoah. Imagine being a young woman in late teenage years watching her beau march off to war, a young man with high hopes, expecting to return in a few weeks. In a society that uses so much digital media, imagine the length of time between letters. The anticipation of what news a letter would bring. Imagine being a mother with young children, trying to manage your farm, get your crops planted and having troops ride through your fields, take your horses or cattle and being left with nothing. Imagine the father, too old to go himself, who sends his son on the brink of manhood, only to receive a letter that begins "It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you....". While the war is over, there are people who have carried on the heartbreak and tragedy of this war into third and fourth generations. Let this site be a place to share the stories that were handed down so that the healing can begin and those people who make up this nation can become one again, a true melting pot.

Please remember that as a new nation, the Confederate States of America made treaties with several tribes and while some of these "Indian Wars" were considered separate military engagements, because of assorted treaties, or the consideration of them, they are included in this list of battles. While the end has already been determined, it is impossible sometimes not to think about how everything could have been different. If the Confederacy had won either Gettysburg or Vicksburg, France was ready to acknowledge them as a new nation. Great Britain may have followed. Lincoln, through diplomats, had cautioned Great Britain that they would stop grain shipments if they acknowledged the Confederate States. Would it have turned into a world war had one European country acknowledged the Confederate States? Would we now need passports to cross the Mason-Dixon line? What about states that didn't secede, but who supported the Confederacy, like Maryland and Delaware? Would more of the tribes have joined in the fight with the Confederacy? Just one change could have altered many lives and today, life as we know it, would probably be a lot different. Also, please note that while the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse 9 Apr 1865, the last battle was fought in May...and it was a Confederate victory.

This site serves to provide accurate information about the governments, lives, battles and anything else we can find to assist genealogy researchers as well as history lovers. Since this encompasses a large territory, please look for unit rosters and information about individuals on the appropriate sister site. Where the information is available, we will try to list units involved in the battles. Because much of the information comes from many different sources, lists of units may not be complete. Please help to make this site as comprehensive and complete as possible. If you have further information to share, please email us. Please note, no attempt at political correctness is made. Accuracy is pursued instead. Also, please note that some of the names are different depending on which side you were on. For example, Antietam for the Union and Sharpsburg for the Confederate.
There is one other point to make about this site. There are many photographs -- museum exhibits, battlefields, signage. Photographs taken at museums tend to be distorted. Museums look to preserve artifacts, not make them easy to photograph. Many exhibits are encased in glass, which reflects, have limited lighting, and the photographs demonstrate that. Most museums do not allow flash photography and with the items in glass, the reflections would have been worse. Please accept these images as a sense of the exhibit. Viewing the exhibit yourself would be better.

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Battle of Fort Sumter12 Apr 1861South Carolina
Battle of Gloucester Point7 May 1861Virginia 
Battle of Sewell's Point18-19 May 1861Virginia 
Battle of Aquia Creek29 May - 1 Jun 1861Virginia 
Battle of Philippi Races3 Jun 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Pig Point5 Jun 1861Virginia
Battle of Big Bethel10 Jun 1861Virginia
Battle of Boonville17 Jun 1861Missouri
Battle of Cole Camp19 Jun 1861Missouri
Battle of Mathias Point27 Jun 1861Virginia
Battle of Hoke's Run2 Jul 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Carthage5 Jul 1861Missouri
Battle of Rich Mountain11 Jul 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Corrick's Ford13 Jul 1861Virginia (now West Virginia
Battle of Blackburn's Ford18 Jul 1861Virginia
First Battle of Bull Run/Manassas21 Jul 1861Virginia
Battle of Mesilla25 Jul 1861New Mexico Territory
Battle of Athens5 Aug 1861Missouri
Battle of Wilson's Creek/Oak Hills10 Aug 1861Missouri
Battle of Charleston19 Aug 1861Missouri
Battle of Kessler's Cross Lanes26 Aug 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries28-29 Aug 1861North Carolina
Battle of Dry Wood Creek2 Sep 1861Missouri
Battle of Carnifex Ferry10 Sep 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Cheat Mountain12-15 Sep 1861Virginia (now West Virginia)
First Battle of Lexington13-20 Sep 1861Missouri
Battle of Liberty17 Sep 1861Missouri
Battle of Barbourville19 Sep 1861Kentucky
Battle of Canada Alamosa24-25 Sep 1861New Mexico Territory
Battle of Greenbrier River3 Oct 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) 
Battle of Cockle Creek5 Oct 1861Virginia
Battle of Santa Rosa Island9 Oct 1861Florida
Battle of the Head of Passes12 Oct 1861Louisiana
Battle of Ball's Bluff21 Oct 1861Virginia
Battle of Camp Wild Cat21 Oct 1861Kentucky
Battle of Fredericktown21 Oct 1861Missouri
First Battle of Springfield25 Oct 1861Missouri
Battle of Belmont7 Nov 1861Missouri 
Battle of Port Royal7 Nov 1861South Carolina
Battle of Ivy Mountain8 Nov 1861Kentucky
Battle of Round Mountain19 Nov 1861Indian Territory
Battle of Chusto-Talasah9 Dec 1861Indian Territory
Battle of Camp Alleghany13 Dec 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) 
Battle of Rowlett's Station17 Dec 1861Kentucky 
Skirmish at Blackwater Creek19 Dec 1861Missouri
Battle of Dranesville20 Dec 1861Virginia
Battle of Chustenahlah26 Dec 1861Indian Territory
Battle of Mount Zion Church28 Dec 1861Missouri
Battle of Cockpit Point3 Jan 1862Virginia 
Battle of Hancock5-6 Jan 1862Maryland 
Battle of Roan's Tan Yard8 Jan 1862Missouri
Battle of Middle Creek10 Jan 1862Kentucky
Battle of Mill Springs19 Jan 1862Kentucky
Battle of Fort Henry6 Feb 1862Tennessee
Battle of Roanoke Island7-8 Feb 1862North Carolina
Battle of Elizabeth City10 Feb 1862North Carolina
Battle of Fort Donelson11-16 Feb 1862Tennessee
Battle of Valverde20-21 Feb 1862Arkansas
Battle of Pea Ridge7-8 Mar 1862Arkansas
Battle of Hampton Roads9 Mar 1862Virginia 
Battle of New Bern14 Mar 1862North Carolina
First Battle of Kernstown23 Mar 1862Virginia
Battle of Glorieta Pass26-28 Mar 1862New Mexico Territory 
Battle of Stanwix Station30 Mar 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of Shiloh6-7 Apr 1862Tennessee
Battle of Fort Pulaski10-11 Apr 1862Georgia
Battle of Island Number 1028 Feb - 8 Mar 1862Missouri
Battle of Peralta15 Apr 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of Picacho Pass15 Apr 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of South Mills19 Apr 1862North Carolina 
Battle of Fort Macon23-26 Mar 1862North Carolina
Battle of Forts Jackson and St Phillip18-28 Apr 1862Louisiana
Battle of New Orleans25 Apr - 1 May 1862Louisiana
Siege of Yorktown5 Apr - 4 May 1862Virginia 
Battle of Williamsburg5 May 1862Virginia 
First Battle of Dragoon Springs5 May 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of Eltham's Landing7 May 1862Virginia 
Battle of McDowell8-9 May 1862Virginia
Second Battle of Dragoon Springs9 May 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of Drewry's Bluff15 May 1862Virginia
Battle of Princeton Courthouse15-17 May 1862Virginia (now West Virginia
Battle of Whitney's Lane19 May 1862Arkansas
Battle of Tucson20 May 1862New Mexico Territory
Battle of Front Royal23 May 1862Virginia
First Battle of Winchester25 May 1862Virginia
Battle of Hanover Courthouse27 May 1862Virginia
First Battle of Pocotaligo29 May 1862South Carolina
Siege of Corinth29 Apr - 30 May 1862Mississippi
Battle of Seven Pines31 May - 1 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of Tranter's Creek5 Jun 1862North Carolina
Battle of Memphis6 Jun 1862Tennessee
First Battle of Chattanooga7-8 Jun 1862Tennessee
Battle of Cross Keys8 Jun 1862Virginia
Battle of Port Republic9 Jun 1862Virginia
Battle of Secessionville16 Jun 1862South Carolina
Battle of Saint Charles17 Jun 1862Arkansas
Battle of Simmon's Bluff21 Jun 1862South Carolina
Battle of Oak Grove25 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of Beaver Dam Creek26 Jun 1862Virginia
Battle of Gaines' Mill27 Jun 1862Virginia
Battle of Garnett's & Golding's Farm27-28 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of Savage's Station29 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of White Oak Swamp30 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of Glendale30 Jun 1862Virginia 
Battle of Tampa30 Jun - 1 Jul 1862Florida
Battle of Malvern Hill1 Jul 1862Virginia
Battle of Hill's Plantation7 Jul 1862Arkansas
First Battle of Murfreesboro13 Jul 1862Tennessee
Battle of Apache Pass15-16 Jul 1862New Mexico Territory 
Battle of Baton Rouge5 Aug 1862Louisiana
Battle of Kirksville6-9 Aug 1862Missouri
First Battle of Donaldsonville9 Aug 1862Louisiana
Battle of Cedar Mountain9 Aug 1862Virginia
First Battle of Independence11 Aug 1862Missouri
Battle of Compton's Ferry11 Aug 1862Missouri
Battle of Lone Jack15-16 Aug 1862Missouri
Battle of Fort Ridgely21-22 Aug 2862Minnesota
Battle of New Ulm19 & 23 Aug 1862Minnesota 
First Battle of Rappahannock Station22-25 Aug 1862Virginia 
Battle of Manassas Station Ops25-27 Aug 1862Virginia
Battle of Thoroughfare Gap28 Aug 1862Virginia
Second Battle of Bull Run/Manassas28-30 Aug 1862Virginia
Battle of Richmond30 Aug 1862Kentucky
Battle of Chantilly1 Sep 1862Virginia 
Battle of Birch Coulee2 Sep 1862Minnesota
Battle of Charleston13 Sep 1862Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of South Mountain14 Sep 1862Maryland
Battle of Crampton's Gap14 Sep 1862Maryland
Battle of Harpers Ferry12-15 Sep 1862Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg17 Sep 1862Maryland 
Battle of Munfordville17-18 Sep 1862Kentucky
Battle of Iuka19 Sep 1862Mississippi
Battle of Shepherdstown19-20 Sep 1862Virginia (now West Virginia)
Battle of Wood Lake23 Sep 1862Minnesota
First Battle of Sabine Pass24 Sep 1862Texas
First Battle of Newtonia30 Sep 1862Missouri
Battle of Saint John's Bluff1-3 Oct 1862Florida
Second Battle of Corinth3-4 Oct 1862Mississippi
Battle of Galveston Harbor4 Oct 1862Texas
Battle of Hatchie's Bridge5 Oct 1862Tennessee 
Battle of Perryville8 Oct 1862Kentucky 
Second Battle of Pocotaligo22 Oct 1862South Carolina
Battle of Old Fort Wayne22 Oct 1862Indian Territory
Battle of Georgia Landing27 Oct 1862Louisiana
Skirmish at Island Mound27-29 Oct 1862Missouri
Battle of Clark's Mill7 Nov 1862Missouri
Battle of Cane Hill28 Nov 1862Arkansas
Battle of Prairie Grove7 Dec 1862Arkansas
Battle of Hartsville7 Dec 1862Tennessee
Battle of Fredericksburg13 Dec 1862Virginia
Battle of Kinston14 Dec 1862North Carolina
Battle of White Hall16 Dec 1862North Carolina 
Battle of Goldsboro Bridge17 Dec 1862North Carolina
Battle of Jackson, Tennessee19 Dec 1862Tennessee
Battle of Chickasaw Bayou26-29 Dec 1862Mississippi
Battle of Parker's Cross Roads31 Dec 1862Tennessee
Battle of Stones River31 Dec 1862 - 2 Jan 1863Tennessee 
Battle of Galveston1 Jan 1863Texas
Second Battle of Springfield8 Jan 1863Missouri
Battle of Arkansas Post9 Jan 1863Arkansas
Battle of Hartville9-11 Jan 1863Missouri
Bear River Massacre29 Jan 1863Washington Territory
Battle of Dover3 Feb 1863Tennessee
Battle of Fort McAllister5 Mar 1863Georgia
Battle of Thompson's Station5 Mar 1863Tennessee
Battle of Fort Anderson13-15 Mar 1863North Carolina
Battle of Kelly's Ford17 Mar 1863Virginia
Battle of Vaught's Hill20 May 1863Tennessee
Battle of Brentwood25 Mar 1863Tennessee
Battle of Washington, North Carolina30 Mar - 20 Apr 1863North Carolina 
First Battle of Charleston Harbor7 Apr 1863South Carolina
First Battle of Franklin10 Apr 1863Tennessee
Battle of Suffolk11 Apr - 4 May 1863Virginia 
Yazoo Pass Expedition3 Feb - 12 Apr 1863Mississippi
Battle of Fort Bisland12-13 Apr 1863Louisiana
Battle of Irish Blend14 Apr 1863Louisiana
Battle of Vermillion Bayou17 Apr 1863Louisiana
Battle of Cape Girardeau26 Apr 1863Missouri
Battle of Grand Gulf29 Apr 1863Mississippi
Battle of Snyder's Bluff29 Apr - 1 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Day's Gap30 Apr 1863Alabama
Battle of Crooked Creek30 Apr 1863Alabama 
Battle of Chancellorsville30 Apr - 6 May 1863Virginia
Battle of Port Gibson1 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Chalk Bluff1-2 May 1863Arkansas
Second Battle of Fredericksburg3 May 1863Virginia
Battle of Salem Church3-4 May 1863Virginia
Battle of Raymond12 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Jackson14 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Champion's Hill16 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Big Black River Bridge17 May 1863Mississippi
Battle of Plains Store21 May 1863Louisiana
Battle of Milliken's Bend7 Jun 1863Louisiana
Battle of Brandy Station9 Jun 1863Virginia 
Second Battle of Winchester13-15 Jun 1863Virginia
Battle of Aldie17 Jun 1863Virginia 
Battle of Middleburg17-19 Jun 1863Virginia 
Battle of LaFourche Crossing20-21 Jun 1863Louisiana
Battle of Upperville21 Jun 1863Virginia 
Battle of Hoover's Gap24-26 Jun 1863Tennessee
Battle of Portland Harbor27 Jun 1863Maine
Second Battle of Donaldsonville28 Jun 1863Louisiana
Battle of Goodrich's Landing29-30 Jun 1863Louisiana 
Battle of Hanover30 Jun 1863Pennsylvania 
Battle of Sporting Hill30 Jun 1863Pennsylvania 
Battle of Carlisle1 Jul 1863Pennsylvania 
Battle of Cabin Creek1-2 Jul 1863Indian Territory
Battle of Gettysburg1-3 Jul 1863Pennsylvania
Battle of Hunterstown2 Jul 1863Pennsylvania 
Battle of Fairfield3 Jul 1863Pennsylvania
Siege of Vicksburg18 May - 4 Jul 1863Mississippi
Battle of Helena4 Jul 1863Arkansas
Battle of Boonsboro8 Jul 1863Maryland 
Siege of Port Hudson21 May - 9 Jul 1863Louisiana
Battle of Corydon9 Jul 1863Indiana
Battle of Funkstown10 Jul 1863Maryland 
Battle of Fort Wagner11 Jul 1863South Carolina
Battle of Williamsport6-16 Jul 1863Maryland 
Battle of Kock's Plantation12-13 Jul 1863Louisiana
Draft Riots13-16 Jul 1863New York 
Battle of Grimball's Landing16 Jul 1863South Carolina 
Battle of Honey Springs17 Jul 1863Indian Territory
Battle of Fort Wagner/Morris Island18 Jul 1863South Carolina
Battle of Buffington Island19 Jul 1863Ohio
Battle of Manassas Gap23 Jul 1863Virginia 
Jackson Expedition5-25 Jul 1863Mississippi
Battle of Big Mound24-25 Jul 1863Dakota Territory
Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake26 Jul 1863Dakota Territory
Battle of Salineville26 Jul 1863Ohio
Battle of Stony Lake28 Jul 1863Dakota Territory 
Second Battle of Fort Sumter17 Aug - 9 Sep 1863South Carolina
Second Battle of Charleston Harbor17 Aug - 8 Sep 1863South Carolina 
Second Battle of Chattanooga21 Aug - 8 Sep 1863Tennessee
Battle of Lawrence23 Aug 1863Kansas
Battle of Bayou Meto27 Aug 1863Arkansas
Battle of Devil's Backbone1 Sep 1863Arkansas
Battle of Whitestone Hill3-5 Sep 1863Dakota Territory
Second Battle of Sabine Pass8 Sep 1863Texas
Battle of Bayou Fourche10 Sep 1863Arkansas
Battle of Davis' Cross Roads10-11 Sep 1863Georgia
Battle of Chickamauga19 Sep 1863Georgia
Battle of Blountsville22 Sep 1863Tennessee
Battle of Stirling's Plantation29 Sep 1863Louisiana
Battle of Baxter Springs6 Oct 1863Kansas
Battle of Blue Springs10 Oct 1863Tennessee
First Battle of Auburn13 Oct 1863Virginia
Second Battle of Auburn14 Oct 1863Virginia 
Battle of Bristoe Station14 Oct 1863Virginia
Battle of Fort Brooke16-18 Oct 1863Florida
Battle of Buckland Mills19 Oct 1863Virginia
Battle of Pine Bluff25 Oct 1863Arkansas
Battle of Wauhatchie28-29 Oct 1863Tennessee
Battle of Bayou Bourbeaux3 Nov 1863Louisiana
Battle of Collierville3 Nov 1863Tennessee
Battle of Droop Mountain6 Nov 1863West Virginia
Second Battle of Rappahannock Station7 Nov 1863Virginia
Battle of Campbell's Station16 Nov 1863Tennessee
Third Battle of Chattanooga23-25 Nov 1863Tennessee
Battle of Ringgold Gap27 Nov 1863Georgia
Battle of Fort Sanders29 Nov 1863Tennessee
Battle of Mine Run27 Nov - 2 Dec 1863Virginia 
Battle of Bean's Station14 Dec 1863Tennessee
Battle of Mossy Creek29 Dec 1863Tennessee
Battle of Canyon de Chelly12-14 Jan 1864Arizona Territory
Battle of Dandridge17 Jan 1864Tennessee
Battle of Athens26 Jan 1864Alabama
Battle Of Fair Garden27 Jan 1864Tennessee 
Battle of Morton's Ford6-7 Feb 1864Virginia 
Battle of Middle Boggy Depot13 Feb 1864Indian Territory
Battle of Meridian14-20 Feb 1864Mississippi
Battle of Olustee20 Feb 1864Florida
Battle of Okolona22 Feb 1864Mississippi
First Battle of Dalton22-27 Feb 1864Georgia
Battle of Walkerton2 Mar 1864Virginia
Battle of Fort DeRussy12-14 Mar 1864Louisiana
Battle of Laredo18 Mar 1864Texas
Battle of Paducah25 Mar 1864Kentucky
Battle of Elkin's Ferry3-4 Apr 1864Arkansas
Battle of Mansfield8 Apr 1864Louisiana
Battle of Pleasant Hill9 Apr 1864Louisiana
Battle of Prairie D'Ane9-13 Apr 1864Arkansas
Battle of Fort Pillow12 Apr 1864Tennessee
Battle of Blair's Landing12-13 Apr 1864Louisiana
Battle of Salyersville13-14 Apr 1864Kentucky
Battle of Plymouth17 Apr 1864North Carolina
Battle of Poison Spring18 Apr 1864Arkansas
Battle of Monett's Ferry23 Apr 1864Louisiana
Battle of Marks' Mills25 Apr 1864Arkansas
Battle of Jenkins' Ferry30 Apr 1864Arkansas
Battle of the Wilderness5 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of Albemarle Sound5 May 1864North Carolina 
Battle of Port Walthall Junction6-7 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Cloyd's Mountain9 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Swift Creek9 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of Cove Mountain10 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Chester Station10 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of Yellow Tavern11 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Rocky Face Ridge7-13 May 1864Georgia
Battle of Resaca13 May 1864Georgia 
Battle of New Market15 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Proctor's Creek12-16 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Mansura16 May 1864Louisiana
Battle of Adairsville17 May 1864Georgia
Battle of Yellow Bayou18 May 1864Louisiana
Battle of Ware Bottom Church20 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House8-21 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of Wilson's Wharf24 May 1864Virginia
Battle of North Anna23-26 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of New Hope Church25-26 May 1864Georgia
Battle of Pickett's Mill27 May 1864Georgia
Battle of Haw's Shop28 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Dallas28 May 1864Georgia
Battle of Totopotomoy Creek28-30 May 1864Virginia 
Battle of Old Church30 May 1864Virginia
Battle of Cold Harbor31 May - 12 Jun 1864Virginia
>Battle of Piedmont5 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Old River Lake6 Jun 1864Arkansas
First Battle of Petersburg9 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Brices Crossroads10 Jun 1864Mississippi
Battle of Cynthiana11-12 Jun 1864Kentucky
Battle of Trevilian Station11-12 Jun 1864Virginia
Second Battle of Petersburg15-18 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Lynchburg17 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of CSS Alabama19 Jun 1864France
Battle of Kolb's Farm2 Jun 1864Georgia
Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road21-24 Jun 1864Virginia 
Battle of Saint Mary's Church24 Jun 1864Virginia 
Battle of Staunton River Bridge25 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain27 Jun 1864Georgia
Battle of Marietta6 Jun - 3 Jul 1864Georgia
Battle of Sappony Church28 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Ream's Station29 Jun 1864Virginia
Battle of Monocacy Junction9 Jul 1864Maryland
Battle of Fort Stevens11-12 Jul 1864District of Columbia
Battle of Camden Point13 Jul 1864Missouri
Battle of Tupelo14-15 Jul 1864Mississippi
Battle of Cool Spring18-19 Jul 1864Virginia
Battle of Rutherford's Farm20 Jul 1864Virginia
Battle of Peachtree Creek20 Jul 1864Georgia
Battle of Atlanta22 Jul 1864Georgia
Second Battle of Kernstown24 Jul 1864Virginia
Battle of Killdeer Mountain26 Jul 1864Dakota Territory
Battle of Ezra Church28 Jul 1864Georgia
First Battle of Deep Bottom27-29 Jul 1864Virginia
Battle of the Crater30 Jul 1864Virginia
Battle of Brown's Mill30 Jul 1864Georgia
Battle of Fort Smith31 Jul 1864Arkansas
Battle of Folck's Mill1 Aug 1864Maryland 
Battle of Utoy Creek5-7 Aug 1864Georgia 
Battle of Moorefield7 Aug 1864West Virginia
Second Battle of Dalton14-15 Aug 1864Georgia
Second Battle of Deep Bottom14-20 Aug 1864Virginia
Battle of Guard Hill16 Aug 1864Virginia 
Battle of Gainesville17 Aug 1864Florida
Battle of Globe Tavern18-21 Aug 1864Virginia
Battle of Lovejoy's Station20 Aug 1864Georgia
Second Battle of Memphis20 Aug 1864Tennessee
Battle of Summit Point21 Aug 1864West Virginia 
Battle of Mobile Bay23 Aug 1864Alabama
Second Battle of Ream's Station25 Aug 1864Virginia
Battle of Smithfield Crossing25-29 Aug 1864West Virginia 
Battle of Jonesborough31 Aug - 1 Sep 1864Georgia
Battle of Berryville3-4 Sep 1864Virginia 
Third Battle of Winchester19 Sep 1864Virginia
Battle of Fisher's Hill21-22 Sep 1864Virginia
Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle23-25 Sep 1864Alabama
Battle of Fort Davidson27 Sep 1864Missouri
Battle of Marianna27 Sep 1864Florida
Battle of Chaffin's Farm29-30 Sep 1864Virginia
Battle of Peebles' Farm30 Sep - 2 Oct 1864Virginia
Battle of Saltville1-3 Oct 1864Virginia
Battle of Allatoona5 Oct 1864Georgia
Battle of Darbytown7 Oct 1864Virginia
Battle of Tom's Brook9 Oct 1864Virginia
Battle of Darbytown Road14 Oct 1864Virginia
Battle of Glasgow15 Oct 1864Missouri
Second Battle of Lexington19 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Cedar Creek19 Oct 1864Virginia
Raid on St Albans19 Oct 1864Vermont
Battle of Little Blue River21 Oct 1864Missouri
Second Battle of Independence22 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Byram's Ford22-23 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Westport23 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Marais des Cygnes25 Oct 1864Kansas
Battle of Mine Creek25 Oct 1864Kansas
Battle of Marmiton River25 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Decatur26-29 Oct 1864Alabama
Battle of Boydton Plank Road27-28 Oct 1864Virginia 
Battle of Fair Oaks27-28 Oct 1864Virginia
Second Battle of Newtonia28 Oct 1864Missouri
Battle of Johnsonville4-5 Nov 1864Tennessee
Battle of Bull's Gap11-13 Nov 1864Tennessee
Sherman's March to the Sea16 Nov - 21 Dec 1864Georgia
Battle of Griswoldville22 Nov 1864Georgia
Battle of Columbia24 Nov 1864Tennessee
First Battle of Adobe Walls25 Nov 1864Texas 
Attacks in New York City25 Nov 1864New York 
Battle of Buck Creek Head28 Nov 1864Georgia
Battle of Sand Creek29 Nov 1864Colorado Territory
Battle of Spring Hill29 Nov 1864Tennessee
Battle of Honey Hill30 Nov 1864South Carolina
Second Battle of Franklin30 Nov 1864Tennessee
Battle of Waynesboro4 Dec 1864Georgia
Third Battle of Murfreesboro5-7 Dec 1864Tennessee
First Battle of Fort Fisher7-27 Dec 1864North Carolina
Second Battle of Fort McAllister13 Dec 1864Georgia
Battle of Nashville15-16 Dec 1864Tennessee
Battle of Marion17-18 Dec 1864Virginia
Second Battle of Saltville20-21 Dec 1864Virginia
Battle of King's Hill24 Dec 1864Tennessee
Battle of Dove Creek8 Jan 1865Texas
Second Battle of Fort Fisher15 Jan 1865North Carolina
Battle of Broxton Brigade2 Feb 1865South Carolina 
Battle of Rivers' Bridge3 Feb 1865South Carolina
Battle of Hatcher's Run5 Feb 1865Virginia
Battle of Aiken11 Feb 1865South Carolina 
Battle of Fort Buchanan17 Feb 1865Arizona Territory
Battle of Fort Myers20 Feb 1865Forida
Battle of Wilmington22 Feb 1865North Carolina
Battle of Waynesboro2 Mar 1865Virginia
Battle of Natural Bridge6 Mar 1865Florida
Battle of Wyse Fork7-10 Mar 1865North Carolina
Battle of Monroe's Cross Roads10 Mar 1865North Carolina 
Battle of Averasborough16 Mar 1865North Carolina 
Battle of Bentonville19-21 Mar 1865North Carolina
Battle of Fort Steadman25 Mar 1865Virginia
Battle of Lewis' Farm29 Mar 1865Virginia
Battle of White Oak Road31 Mar 1865Virginia
Battle of Dinwiddie Court House31 Mar 1865Virginia
Battle of Five Forks1 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Selma2 Apr 1865Alabama
Third Battle of Petersburg2 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Sutherland's Station2 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Namozine Church3 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Amelia Springs5 Apr 1865Virginia 
Battle of Rice's Station6 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Saylor's Creek6 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of High Bridge6-7 Apr 1865Virginia 
Battle of Cumberland Church7 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Spanish Fort27 Mar - 8 Apr 1865Alabama
Battle of Appomattox Station8 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Fort Blakely2-9 Apr 1865Alabama
Battle of Appomattox Courthouse9 Apr 1865Virginia
Battle of Morrisville13-15 Apr 1865North Carolina
Battle of West Point16 Apr 1865Georgia
Battle of Columbus16 Apr 1865Georgia
Battle of Anderson1 May 1865South Carolina 
Battle of Palmito Ranch12-13 May 1865Texas

* Denotes a battle in which neither side truly won

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